The Red Mansion

15 Apr

I thought about checking out ‘Wanalee’ which is showing after ‘Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai’ in the same time slot but seems like no one is subbing it and I’m not digging the p’ek’s look so I guess that’s that. Then I looked around viki to find something else to watch and got started on Kehas See Daeng (The Red Mansion) last night (the title on viki is ‘The Red Castle’).

10 minutes in and I thought, hmmm, why does this feel so familiar … and I realise that it had the vibes of Qiong Yao’s melodramas from the 90s! The dialogues aren’t so long or ridiculous but it’s all very dreamy and old school. The main couple had a really random first meeting (or rather it’s a reunion of sorts after 15 years but they didn’t know who each other was) which I found quite jarring and Araya’s reaction to Ruj so far have been over the top and kinda illogical. What’s with the weeping and emotional outbursts just because she’s confused by his actions? Girl, you wouldn’t survive an hour with Kawee.
That said, I do like the cold older p’ek vs sweet young n’ek set up and … they are step-siblings who have been ordered to marry by their late father! Haa, how exciting is that? Only two episodes have been subbed so far though so I’ll probably set it aside first and do a marathon once it’s completed and ff through all the blah bits.

Meanwhile, my interest in Andrew Gregson has been piqued by his portrayal of Ruj so I searched for his old lakorns and Taung Pan Gammathep (Cupid’s Path) came highly recommended by Lyn. Such plots have been done to death in lakorns but I don’t mind cliché stories if they are executed properly so I might give this a shot.

3 Responses to “The Red Mansion”

  1. Sunitium February 18, 2014 at 2:39 PM #

    Ah! You’ve watched Kehad See Daeng! I’m actually re-watching this one right now although I guess you can’t really call it re-watching since I never actually finished it. lol More like I’m skimming through all the parts except for the interactions between Dr. Ruj and Khun Noi because it got so draggy with some many characters :/ But at least there was Andrew to fawn over lol

    • J February 18, 2014 at 10:02 PM #

      lol, same here, I did a ‘re-watch’ a while back determined to actually finish it but I trailed off somewhere round the middle again. I do remember the ending though so either I skipped to it the first time round or I read it somewhere.

      I did like the OTP together but like you said, the lakorn is draggy and so much time wasted on minor characters (eg I’m really not interested in the daily conversations of the aunties!). Charlie annoyed me SO MUCH, even more than the n’rai.

      • Sunitium February 19, 2014 at 1:04 AM #

        I agree, I like the OTP, but there was so much time wasted on the minor characters and ahaha Charlie annoyed me too. He was just so childish >_> and it wasn’t like for a few episodes, but for 99% of it.

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