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2021 mid year drama updates

2 Jul

I’ve been on a drama slump in the past few years as evidence by the lack of posts here but seems like Word of Honor has turned it around! I’m still kinda on the mountain 4 months after WoH?? There’s still one reaction I’m following and also slowing listening to the 16 hours (!!!) worth of audio live stream session.

But while still camping on the mountain, I’ve had a good run with dramas in the past few months. On the non-Asian drama side, I thoroughly enjoyed WandaVision series and am curious to see how it ties in with the next Dr. Strange movie. I’m following Loki now though it’s not capturing my attention as much.

Back to Asian drama … first off we have The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作, a small production which surprised many people with the strong script and proving once again that a story is ultimately what attracts real audience (not just fans of the stars who blindly support). We finally have a drama where people actually work! People communicate with each other! Characters that are supposed to be ‘clever’ actually demonstrate their intelligence! If you are a fan of detective stories this is definitely one to check one though I must acknowledge that as much as I affirm the drama, it didn’t elicit a strong emotional response from me. Given how common it is in idol dramas these days where toxic behavior is packaged as ‘romantic’, I’m very appreciative of how Imperial Coroner shows what positive, healthy relationships looks like, both romantic and platonic, between friends and within the family. On the flip side, the drama tension is driven mostly by the plotting done by the two villains and not the internal struggles faced by the main characters. Not saying it’s a flaw for The Imperial Coroner, because for the purpose of this particular story that’s not its focus and I was happy watching the OT5 work with gusto but it didn’t move me on an emotional level. All that said, I’m still giving it a 5 star recommendation!

Then out of the blue The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃 3 dropped! If you scroll a few posts down you’ll see my last post on it back in 2017. It was a budget silly romcom which I enjoyed tremendously but even then I’m amazed they kept it up for 3 seasons. I saw a comment that said something like we’re already on season 3 but Yuwen Yue is still freezing in the river (those who watched Princess Agent will get the joke lol). Yes indeed, it’s more of the same type of comedy with nicer costumes and larger sets and while I don’t feel the urge to binge watch it like I did with the original, it’s something fun to watch while having dinner. I only watched a few episodes of S2 cos it had 2 Mo Lian Chengs from different timelines and the plot had MLC from S1 disguise himself so another actor played that character and I just wasn’t used to seeing not-Xing Zhao Lin romance Liang Jie. Fortunately in S3 we have the same actor pairing back again and I also rather enjoy seeing Liang Jie play both the fun Xiao Tan and the more serious Empress character. This will all make no sense if you haven’t been following the fantastical world of The Eternal Love haa, but hey, if you ever feel like just being a bit silly, you can start with the first season!

I checked out Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 briefly too but the story pacing and acting was a bit grating in the initial episodes. The setup is interesting though so I will probably pick it up again when I run out of dramas to watch.

And finally! The drama which prompted me to start writing this post in the first place before I got side tracked: Love and Destiny 宸汐缘 (I’ve mentioned this before but C-dramas need better English titles and stop with the Love Love Love). I’ll make a separate post (if I don’t get lazy) that goes into more detail, but for me this was kinda like the opposite of Imperial Coroner. The xianxia (fantasy) genre isn’t something I fancied to start with and the plot for LAD is pretty standard as far as xianxia drama goes but boy oh boy, the acting from the two main leads was SO GOOD that they had me invested in the OTP. And really, I suppose that’s the magic of dramas, that they can transport you into a different world to laugh and cry with fictional characters. I binged watch 60 episodes of LAD in one week (!! ok but I admit I fastforwarded a lot of side plot) and have already started to re-watch just the OTP parts. XD

Nang Rai Summer

16 Jul


Had intended to continue on the Cupid Series and maybe it’s the Singapore heat but I found myself wandering back to Nang Rai Summer for a re-watch. I first caught the lakorn almost 3 years ago when P’Fia blogged about it  but somehow my review was never completed. Too lazy or too distracted by other dramas I can’t recall but now I’m finally writing about it after my re-watch! It appears that between my first and second watch, NRS still has not been subbed in English (I watched with Chinese subs) which is a pity because it’s a lakorn that will keep you smiling all the way.

Namfon Patcharin plays twins Ploylada and Praechompoo who were separated at birth when their Aunt Soy took Prae away from their mother through trickery. With twin lakorns you somehow gotta give them disparate personalities whether they grew up together or not (refer to Exhibit (A) Fai Chon Saeng) so Ploy grows up to be a spit-fire who gives as good – or even more – as she gets whereas Prae is thorough lady. Their lives eventually cross and hijinks ensue. I’ll be lazy and point you over to P’Fia’s post for more details on the story. :p

Continue reading

Kammathep Ork Suek (Battle of Love)

9 Jul


Wow, after my very long lakorn drought I finished Kammathep Ork Suek in a day and half! This is part 2 of the Cupid Series and I actually started off watching Sorn Ruk Kammethep after reading P’Fia’s review but another character Hom caught my eye with her cheerful and slightly ditzy personality plus she looked really familiar though I couldn’t place her right off the bat. Ended up googling for her part in the series and turns out she’s Cris Horwang from Bangkok Traffic Love Story. It’s funny to see her and Ken T reunite on screen after all these years though this time as boss/staff instead of a couple. 

Peem (Ken T) is the boss of Cupid Hut, a match making agency and has offered THB1 million as reward for his group of female staff if they get themselves a boyfriend as he theories that they can be better match makers if they have actually experienced love themselves. Hunsa (Toey) is the first one of the lot to snag herself a boyfriend, a very rich one at that in form of hotel owner Tim (Boy Pakorn) which causes Hom (Cris Horwang) even more stress/motivation to find one of similar caliber. Unfortunately… the only constant male presence in her life is her taxi driver Pee (Punjan Kawin) who has been driving her to and from work since he saved her 3 years ago. Hom had gotten drunk at her university gathering and her university crush had brought her to his house and tried to be funny before she regain consciousness and escaped in panic with only her belongings and a towel to preserve her modesty. Pee’s taxi happened to be parked at the condo and saved her from the nasty guy. In the course of their escape and subsequent interaction, they realise they are both big movie fans and have their own ‘language’ in the form of movie quotes. There begins their driver/passenger relationship which has evolved into an easy friendship over the years.  Continue reading

Lhong Ngao Jun

22 Jun


LNJ is an old lakorn I watched and dropped in 2013 (ranted a bit in my 2013 lakorn list), but picked up again a few months later. I ranted (again) in my written journal after I finished it, and whilst flipping through it last weekend, I thought why not re-produce that in full here for fun? Haa, here’s my uncensored self, so fans of LNJ/ch7 might want to look away ‘cos this was definitely a lakorn I hate-watched. I write in a mix of English/Chinese so I’ve left that in too, translations added. Continue reading

Leh Ratree 2015

18 Jun


meep, I’ve been prompted to peek out from my drama blogging hibernating hole by P’Fia’s recent post on Leh Ratree 2015, which was the last lakorn I finished and enjoyed but I didn’t feel compelled enough to blog about it back then besides a short fangirly post for Jes/Gypsy who played the 2nd leads. I have not been showing up online in part due to real life stuff plus I simply have not been watching that many dramas to write about, and also I started to think that there are already so many varied and wonderful voices on the drama blogosphere that what does it matter if I do an additional post or not? As I draft this post meant for the internet audience (as oppose to jotting down my jumbled thoughts without filters or proper construction in my trusty written journal meant for my reading only) I guess the difference lies in the sense of community and sharing that comes with putting your writing out there. Fangirling doesn’t feel as fun when done alone ne? Continue reading

Forget you

22 Jun

Hello to my readers old and new, thanks for still dropping by occasionally though I have not updated in such a long time. I won’t call my current state a ‘drama slump’ because that’s when I want to watching something but nothing catches my attention. For the past couple of months I simply couldn’t summon the interest in drama watching, instead I spend my time writing endlessly in my private journal trying to write and reason my way out of a RL conundrum. Things are still a bit iffy in RL but I’m getting more of a grip emotionally (I think) and it’s time to get some enjoyment out of drama watching once again. 🙂

I started on ‘Spinsters Vs Casanovas’ a couple of weeks back and it was fab~~~ It had me laughing and crying in the first 2 episodes but somehow I got distracted and decided to pick up ‘Ya Leum Chan’ again. I had been skimming through P’Fia and Darknesslakorns recaps on it and I had a rough idea how the story played out and boy was I glad I dropped it at the beginning of ep4 when Khem started going down the loony slope. Though I didn’t care for the main couple, I really liked Eua and Gaenlong and thought why not zip through YLC for their parts since they get a happy ending? So I started watching from ep8 and continued through to the last episode before giving up at the finishing line again because I really couldn’t be bothered with watching Khem get his happily ever after. My feelings towards the story/4 main characters remained the same as my first impression of this lakorn. Continue reading

[review] Nang Fah Rai Peek

8 Feb


Working my way through Ann’s old lakorns as I wait for Ya Leum Chan to air (anyone knows when that will be??) and I recently finished Nang Fah Rai Peek (Angle Without Wings) from way back in 2004. I was actually misled into downloading this one because the Chinese app I used showed Andrew Gregson as the p’ek and how could I miss a lakorn with Andrew and Ann? I realised my mistake when the guy who kept bumping into Ann in ep1 was totally unfamiliar and looked nothing like Andrew. I was disappointed and to be honest did not fancy how the actual p’ek Andy Watchara looked but trudged on anyway since it still did have Ann as one half of the couple. By the end of it though, I actually liked the p’ek more than the n’ek! Continue reading

Sai Roong (Rainbow) review

14 Dec

Still a couple of weeks to the end of 2013 but nothing on tv has been drawing me in these days and between work and the social functions I have lined up, the only thing left on my drama plate is to work on finishing ‘On Call 2’. Yu Zai’s whole ‘losing her baby due to her cancer returning’ thing milked a few tears out of me but since she bounced back from that, ‘On Call 2’ has been muddling along, mildly entertaining but quite forgettable. Anyhoooow, I was supposed to talk about ‘Sai Roong (Rainbow)’, Ann’s old lakorn from way back in 1997 and likely my last lakorn for the year.

sr05 Continue reading

Paap Ataan review 1.0

7 Dec


Props to Paap Ataan for managing to throw me a final surprise in the last episode. I’ve seen behind-the-scenes photos from Charebelle’s instagram of her, Pong and Yayaying with a fake skeleton, which by the end of  ep16 I could infer belonged to Ting, Prayong’s loyal servant whom she chained up and left for dead to forever seal Ting’s lips on who really caused Mae Orn’s deadly fall down the stairs. When Prayong cast a spell on Chetta and trapped him in the same hidden room with Ting’s remains, a second skeleton is revealed to belong to Tan Jao Khun! Perhaps there were hints dropped on where Pratt ended up but with my limited understanding of Thai I at least didn’t pick up any and was genuinely surprised at how far Prayong went to keep Pratt with her and still would to bring her Tan Jao Khun back. I still remember how pure and lovely the young Prayong was at her first meeting with Pratt, how her eye lit up when looking at him, how they promised to wait for each other but ultimately they loved themselves the most. So even after marrying Mae Orn, Pratt still swears his love to Prayong while taking Gade as his side wife thus hurting all three women and Prayong chose to destroy everyone that stood in her way of possessing Pratt, even if that includes the man himself. Their soured, twisted relationship isn’t something I root for as an audience but it was a story well told. The good guys/bad guys camp are often so clearly defined in lakorn world that it’s refreshing to see shades of grey in the protagonists. Continue reading

Anko Kon Ruk Strawberry

14 Nov


That’s it, I’m checking out of Anko Kon Ruk Strawberry. The teasers got me excited and I wanted so much to like this for Ken and Chompoo that I hung on for 4 full episodes. On the surface it should work considering it’s nicely produced, with decent acting all round and complete with shadows of all my favourite rom-coms. Yet, it’s not. Let’s count the reasons why. Continue reading