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Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai (Love Never Dies) review

30 Jun

Never did get around to doing episode reviews for the remaining episodes of Love Never Dies even though I had screencapped them because I simply lost interest in the show once it was over. Not that I didn’t like it, oh no, I spent way too much time fangirling over it while it was airing but once I got the happily-ever-after I knew was coming, I just didn’t care to write about it anymore. But for anyone who’s contemplating watching this lakorn, I’m gonna give a quick review.

What I liked:
– Plai and Tripoom. I’ve mentioned this before in my other posts but I love how they love and trust in each other throughout the lakorn. It annoys me to no end when the main couple falls for the schemes of meddling third parties. Once or even twice fine, but it just screams of stupidity plus lack of trust when the main guy/girl keeps falling for the same tricks (why do I keep thinking of KKK). So I’m really happy NOT to see evil stepmothers, psycho ex-girlfriends or delusional guy friends. Oh yes, apart from the fact that Tripoom is a vampire who understandably has some emo issues, they are both sane, well adjusted people in love who talk through their problems.

– As much as I like how Plai and Tripoom’s love story was written, it might not have worked as well for me if it weren’t Ploy and Dome playing them. Ploy overloads on the ditziness and cuteness of Plai sometimes and Dome doesn’t have much acting chops to speak of but together, they just burn up my fangirly heart. Perhaps it’s their history in real life that helped with their chemistry on screen but whatever it is, this is a great looking pair that works.And Dome’s really hot

– The pacing is fairly brisk and I didn’t ff as much as I did for the other recent lakorns I watched.

What isn’t so hot:
– It’s a lakorn on vampires and the various vampires keep baring their teeth and growling ferociously to remind you of that fact. Yea, it’s cheesy and frankly the vampire storyline isn’t particularly intriguing. It didn’t bug me much maybe because I started watching expecting it to be lame but well, you’ve been warned.

– My interest in this lakorn hinged on the main couple, so if you’re not all that into them after a couple of episodes, you’re probably not going to enjoy the rest of the show. As much as I like how forthright Plai/Tripoom are with their feelings, the result is there is much less tension in their relationship than a typical slap-kiss or romcom lakorn. Yea, he’s a vampire blah blah blah, but you know their feelings for each other won’t waver. So this might not be your cup of tea if you like the main couple going through a mountain of hurdles before their hearts meet.

I rate this: 3/5
If I take my fangirly enthusiasm into account, I’d rate this 4/5. :p

Love Never Dies ep8

21 Apr

Phew, finally finished up episode 8.

Ram follows Plai and tries to convince her that Tripoom is a bad person and she should work for him instead. Plai is having none of it and tells him she’s perfectly happy working for Tripoom so Ram should just beat it. Ram is none too please and bares his fangs at her retreating figure to show his intention of biting her or only for dramatic effect I’m not sure, but he gets interrupted by a group of teenagers passing by so he quickly hides behind a pillar.
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getting ahead of myself but I gotta post this …

12 Apr

♥ Plai touching Tripoom’s chin in a blink-and-miss-it moment
♥ Plai complaining about Tripoom’s lack of reaction to something Uncle Ching did (?) and he obligingly gives a slightly bigger reaction and says, is this ok?
♥ Plai saying she’ll learn to cook all sorts of cuisine and half way through she suddenly remembers that Tripoom can’t eat and she says it’s ok, I can eat a lot and you can look (? not sure. I’m already amazed that I can understand this much. haa, drama watching is a good way to learn a foreign language!) ETA: not surprisingly, my understanding is a little off if the Chinese translation on baidu is anything to go by but I don’t think anyone is betting on my knowledge of Thai right? Let’s just wait for the subs to come out. 😉
♥ Tripoom giving Plai a surprise kiss on the cheek while she’s merrily talking.
♥ Tripoom saying the magic 3 words. yea, I love you too Tripoom. heeh
♥ A kiss to seal their love.
♥ Ploy having to tiptoe to kiss and hug Dome. adorable much? ^^

And they lived happily ever after. 🙂

graphics for Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai

1 Apr

RL is busier than I had anticipated so my recap for episode 8 is still work in progress.

For now, here are some signatures I made for ‘Love Never Dies’. Comments and credit appreciated!

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Love Never Dies ep 7 selected caps

29 Mar

Watching them makes me smile so much my cheeks are aching.

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Love Never Dies ep 5-6

23 Mar

Their hands touched! *giggles like a maniac*

Oh man, I just watched ep5 and 6 without subs and fangirled like crazy over every scene with Tripoom and Plai (and there were many. Thanks director!). I initially only wanted to cap the scene of their hands touching but I got carried away and capped like half of ep6… I’m in deep on this one, you think? XD

Caps plus brief summar of ep6

Love Never Dies ep1-4

22 Mar

Thoughts on Love Never Dies so far in short: DOME IS SO HOT.