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Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai (Love Never Dies) review

30 Jun

41cdd73111a092640a55a99aNever did get around to doing episode reviews for the remaining episodes of Love Never Dies even though I had screencapped them because I simply lost interest in the show once it was over. Not that I didn’t like it, oh no, I spent way too much time fangirling over it while it was airing but once I got the happily-ever-after I knew was coming, I just didn’t care to write about it anymore. But for anyone who’s contemplating watching this lakorn, I’m gonna give a quick review.

What I liked:
– Plai and Tripoom. I’ve mentioned this before in my other posts but I love how they love and trust in each other throughout the lakorn. It annoys me to no end when the main couple falls for the schemes of meddling third parties. Once or even twice fine, but it just screams of stupidity plus lack of trust when the main guy/girl keeps falling for the same tricks (why do I keep thinking of KKK). So I’m really happy NOT to see evil stepmothers, psycho ex-girlfriends or delusional guy friends. Oh yes, apart from the fact that Tripoom is a vampire who understandably has some emo issues, they are both sane, well adjusted people in love who talk through their problems.

– As much as I like how Plai and Tripoom’s love story was written, it might not have worked as well for me if it weren’t Ploy and Dome playing them. Ploy overloads on the ditziness and cuteness of Plai sometimes and Dome doesn’t have much acting chops to speak of but together, they just burn up my fangirly heart. Perhaps it’s their history in real life that helped with their chemistry on screen but whatever it is, this is a great looking pair that works.And Dome’s really hot

final 5

– The pacing is fairly brisk and I didn’t ff as much as I did for the other recent lakorns I watched.

What isn’t so hot:
– It’s a lakorn on vampires and the various vampires keep baring their teeth and growling ferociously to remind you of that fact. Yea, it’s cheesy and frankly the vampire storyline isn’t particularly intriguing. It didn’t bug me much maybe because I started watching expecting it to be lame but well, you’ve been warned.

– My interest in this lakorn hinged on the main couple, so if you’re not all that into them after a couple of episodes, you’re probably not going to enjoy the rest of the show. As much as I like how forthright Plai/Tripoom are with their feelings, the result is there is much less tension in their relationship than a typical slap-kiss or romcom lakorn. Yea, he’s a vampire blah blah blah, but you know their feelings for each other won’t waver. So this might not be your cup of tea if you like the main couple going through a mountain of hurdles before their hearts meet.

I rate this: 3/5
If I take my fangirly enthusiasm into account, I’d rate this 4/5. :p

Love Never Dies ep8

21 Apr

Phew, finally finished up episode 8.

Ram follows Plai and tries to convince her that Tripoom is a bad person and she should work for him instead. Plai is having none of it and tells him she’s perfectly happy working for Tripoom so Ram should just beat it. Ram is none too please and bares his fangs at her retreating figure to show his intention of biting her or only for dramatic effect I’m not sure, but he gets interrupted by a group of teenagers passing by so he quickly hides behind a pillar.

ep 8 seq2a
While Ram is busy hiding from kids, Maya springs a surprise attack on Plai. Like I’ve said before, I do feel sympathetic towards Maya but sorry girl, Ram is obviously not into you any more so no amount of intimidating or killing other females around him is going to help your cause. Anyhow, Plai gets roughed up good and just as Maya was about to bite her to presumably kill her by sucking her blood dry, Ram the villain comes and saves the day!

ep 8 seq3
Ram chases Maya away and gets a bit touchy with the unconscious Plai. Btw, he’s not sniffing her neck in that cap. He’s actually licking the blood from the wound that Maya caused. Hmmm. Just as Ram was about to bite Plai, she wakes up and he quickly pretends to be helpful and deny seeing a woman attack her.

ep 8 seq3b
This could easily be a scene between the main couple. :p This is slightly shippy Ram/Plai. Ram, with his ambitions and zero care for people’s lives is not good match for Plai but I do ship them a little on a purely aesthetic level. I like mah bad boys.
The synopsis said that Ram would fall for Plai and fight with Tripoom to keep Plai and his immortality and I had been interested to see how a person like Ram, who treats humans as items on his dinner menu, could fall in love but judging from the actual progress of the lakorn, I doubt Ram will ever love Plai like Tripoom does. He is definitely interested in Plai but only because 1)she doesn’t give two hoots about him 2) she chose Tripoom over him. It really is a matter of pride, not love. So I guess that ends my little dream of seeing a bad boy with no conscience angst over luurrrv.

ep 8 seq4
Tripoom finally informs Plai that breaking the curse means everyone who is currently under the curse will turn to dust, including himself. Plai is saddened and shocked by this, and after consideration, she decides to quit her job. Tripoom tells Plai that it wouldn’t make a difference because he can always find someone else to help him find the dragon dagger and Plai asks Tripoom why is he so adamant on breaking the curse? If he wanted to stop Ram and co. from harming humans, she would gladly help him burn them to ashes. You go girl. I love Plai, she’s no damsel in distress and she’s always ready to protect her man. I’m getting ahead of myself here but in episode 10 when she stands between Tripoom and Ram to protect Tripoom, I was all asdlkfjas;lkdfj.

Tripoom says he’s been living for far too long and he just wants to end this eternity that he’s stuck in. I do get where he’s coming from because the transient nature of life is what makes it precious. There wouldn’t be any value in time if you had eternity and especially not when you have to spend it alone. But to Plai, here is a man whom she has just fallen in love with and all he wants is to die asap! In a last ditch attempt to change his mind, Plai says ‘If you’re sure that there’s nothing now that makes you want to go on living, I’ll go right back to work’ but Tripoom breaks her heart by answering that yes, indeed there’s nothing in this world that makes him want to go on living.

ep 8 seq5

Both of them spend the rest of the night being emo but on this show, nothing is left simmering for too long so they both get some timely advice from the elders in their life. I especially like what Plai’s mom told her, which I would summarized as ‘live and love everyday like it’s your last, so you won’t have any regrets when it’s time to part’. Cliché maybe, but it’s definitely something we could all learn to practice in real life!

Anou’s finally realizes it’s not all fun and games being a vampire when she finds out she’s now dependent on human blood. She looks more like a serial killer here than a vampire!

ep 8 seq10
Tripoom goes to Plai’s house the next day to pick her up for work but his real intention is to tell her that he does indeed care for her. Predictably, his little confession keeps getting interrupted by barking dogs and Uncle Ching/Maha. Unpredictably though, Tripoom doesn’t wait another 5 episodes to get it out of him. As he follows Plai out of the house, he tells Plai without hesitation that he lied when he told her there was nothing he cared for in this world. He doesn’t get to say that he cared for her due to Sing’s untimely phone call but this is good enough for me because from all the intense gazing going on, I think Plai got the message.

Anou’s recent strange behavior is making Sing worried so he asks Plai to talk to Anou, thinking that perhaps it will be easier for Anou to talk to Plai as they are both girls. Sing is naturally Not Pleased when Tripoom shows up behind Plai and I kinda felt bad for Sing when he said ‘oh right, now he’s the one taking care of you, not me.’

ep 8 seq12a
Sing then leaves for a meeting and unbeknown to them, Anou’s blood lust is acting up. Just as Tripoom and Plai step into the house, Plai gets attacked by Anou but she’s easily subdued by Tripoom. After the gigantic fire blower, we get another ROFL moment when Tripoom magically produced a bottle of blood for Anou from his pocket. I was like … REALLY?? Trust me, I’ve been noticing how well Tripoom’s clothes fit him and there’s no way he could be hiding a freakin bottle of emergency blood supply in his pants!

ep 8 seq13b
Anyway, this is how the face off ends. Haa, for actual dialogue, please refer to subbed episodes.

ep 8 seq15
Two parts that I love about this scene.
Plai: Have you ever thought of turning me to your kind?
Tripoom: You’re fine just the way you are, there’s no need to change you. (Paraphrased by me)
I had expected Tripoom to give a reasons like not wanting Plai to be lonely in eternity or have to feed on blood blah blah blah, but no, he loves her just the way she is and I find this so much more romantic than any I-love-yous.
Though Tripoom doesn’t use the L word, his actions have proven over and over again how much he cares for Plai and Plai actually understands this. It’s annoying when some nang’eks are so hung up about hearing ‘I love you’ that no matter what the pra’ek does, it’s always ‘boohoo, he doesn’t love me or else why wouldn’t he say so??’. For once we get a shy main guy but Plai is all ‘it’s ok if you can’t say it, I will tell you how I feel.’ How amazing is Plai huh? Tripoom is touched by Plai’s confession and we finally get some skinship!

ep 8 seq14
But I’d have to say the sweet scene was pretty awkward. Do guys go for kisses on the cheek when terribly touched? Meh, it felt rather unnatural to me.

getting ahead of myself but I gotta post this …

12 Apr


♥ Plai touching Tripoom’s chin in a blink-and-miss-it moment
♥ Plai complaining about Tripoom’s lack of reaction to something Uncle Ching did (?) and he obligingly gives a slightly bigger reaction and says, is this ok?
♥ Plai saying she’ll learn to cook all sorts of cuisine and half way through she suddenly remembers that Tripoom can’t eat and she says it’s ok, I can eat a lot and you can look (? not sure. I’m already amazed that I can understand this much. haa, drama watching is a good way to learn a foreign language!) ETA: not surprisingly, my understanding is a little off if the Chinese translation on baidu is anything to go by but I don’t think anyone is betting on my knowledge of Thai right? Let’s just wait for the subs to come out. 😉
♥ Tripoom giving Plai a surprise kiss on the cheek while she’s merrily talking.
♥ Tripoom saying the magic 3 words. yea, I love you too Tripoom. heeh
♥ A kiss to seal their love.
♥ Ploy having to tiptoe to kiss and hug Dome. adorable much? ^^


And they lived happily ever after. 🙂

Love Never Dies ep 7 selected caps

29 Mar

ep7 seq1a
Watching them makes me smile so much my cheeks are aching.

ep7 seq5
Plai’s family wouldn’t let her go to work at Tripoom’s so he offers to come to her place and let Uncle Maha read his fortune to put them at ease. She’s hanging out her (? I don’t think her mom wears a corset bra. XD) underwear when he shows up and we get another a cute moment of them.

ep7 seq9

ep7 seq8

After a short conversation by the road side (why is there a bench there?), Plai gets up and walks away when Tripoom stops her. She does a bit of expression-control and turns around to give her best nonchalant look when he points the other way and ask ‘isn’t your house that way?’. Heeh, I’d be so embarrassed if I were Plai.

ep7 seq2
Plai asks Tripoom a series of questions regarding Uncle Maha’s reading of his fortune (I think it links them together as lovers) and she’s all happy-shy while he looks on indulgently. Aslkdjfaslkdfh. What a way to end the episode. I’m hoping for a kiss but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Ok, now that I’m done fangirling the main couple, let’s give the villains a bit of time.

ep7 seq7
Maya, you have my sympathies. Ram only treats you as toy in bed and a tool to carry out his evil plans … and you can’t even get a break from the hairstylist. Hope you can be lucky like Jenjira in ‘A Person’s Value’ and get rid of this monstrous thing on your head later in the lakorn.

ep7 seq4
In order to make Ram kill Anou, Maya purposely lets Anou witness Ram sucking the blood of a human but it ended with Ram letting Anou go and him being further pissed off with Maya. 人家被帅哥托下巴,你也被帅哥托下巴,怎么结果差那么多呢? 同人不同命呀,不是女主就只能委屈了。

Speaking of the villains, they aren’t too bright. After watching subbed epi5 and 6, it confirms that nasty Uncle Jit wants to find the antiques and destroy them. Eh, didn’t you have 5 of the antiques in the first place? Just break any one piece and you can sleep in comfort for the rest of eternity because then Tripoom won’t be able to break the curse but Ram came up with the brilliant plan of auctioning them all at once to lure Tripoom out only to have Tripoom bid all the pieces away. But hey, what’s a lakorn without a few plot holes here and there right? I’ll just concentrate on the good parts. 😉 Can’t wait for episode 8 tonight!

Love Never Dies ep 5-6

23 Mar

hands touch lnd

Their hands touched! *giggles like a maniac*

Oh man, I just watched ep5 and 6 without subs and fangirled like crazy over every scene with Tripoom and Plai (and there were many. Thanks director!). I initially only wanted to cap the scene of their hands touching but I got carried away and capped like half of ep6… I’m in deep on this one, you think? XD

*edited after watching subbed version*
Tripoom and Plai returned from Japan in ep5 and most of it was spent with Plai’s family trying to convince her that Tripoom is a murderer and/or vampire and Plai choosing to believe in Tripoom.

lnd seq7Tripoom loves watching Plai eat. There must have been like 6,7 such scenes so far of Tripoom just watching Plai eat and he’s always ‘not hungry’ when Plai asks why isn’t he eating. Anyway, they are talking over food again and Plai wants to return the Buddha statue that he gave her uncle but he refused, hence the hand touching scene. Later, he offers to pay for her mom’s eye operation and she rushes to pay so she can go home to share the news with her mom. Tripoom had already left by the time she comes back to the table, leaving the Buddha statue there.

Things ain’t going too well at Tripoom’s house. Evil Uncle shows up with his minions and beats up Tripoom’s guys because they wouldn’t tell him where the antiques are kept. The vampires in LND can only be killed by fire so Evil Uncle uses a small flame blower to threaten the butler but Tripoom shows up in time to save him. The fight moves outside where Tripoom’s guy shows up with a gigantic flame blower! I was ROFL big time at this scene. They exchange more blows and do their fang-baring-vampire-roaring routine whilst unbeknown to them, Plai shows up to return the Buddha statue. She sees them facing off and obviously flips out. Evil Uncle flies away (yea, he flew) when he notices a stranger on scene though I have no idea why. I’m sure he can easily kill a mere human. But anyway …

lnd seq6

Plai accuses Tripoom of lying to her but he reminds her he never said he wasn’t a vampire (I think. Not too sure about this line) told her to recall the conversation they had earlier. She was the one who came to that conclusion that he was 100% human and even told him that she wouldn’t be afraid of him no matter what he is. He then explains the situation to her, the curse of the cave and how they came to be vampires blah blah blah. After Tripoom’s explanation, Plai calms down and recalls their time together. She decides to continue working for Tripoom and help him recover the last 2 items to break the curse. (Plai must really be in love with Tripoom! She accepted that Tripoom was a vampire so quickly … haa, but if he was as hot as Dome, I’d be on his side too.)

lnd seq4

She gets home and hears some info from Sing regarding the investigation into the murders or Tripoom (not sure, but somehow Tripoom related) Sing talking about what Ram told him regarding Tripoom. She later calls Tripoom to inform him and it’s super cute when she says she’s worried about him and he thanks her for being worried. To up the cute quotient, Plai rolls on her bed in glee after she hangs up (she likes rolling on her bed as much as Tripoom likes watching her eat. She’s done it a few times already).

lnd seq1

The next day Plai rushes to Tripoom’s house early in the morning to start helping him. Lots of talking went on and then our nang’ek trips! And pra’ek catches her! And they look longingly into each other’s eyes! Yes, I was squeeing like mad. :p

lnd seq3

To show how accepting she is of Tripoom being a vampire, Plai even brings a glass of blood to him. They talk some more and Plai grabs Tripoom’s hand in excitement. They talk about the other vampires around and Plai comments that she wouldn’t know if a person was a vampire unless she touches their hand. *grabs Tripoom’s hand in demonstration* He teases her about taking advantage of himsomething and she turns away in embarrassment only to turn back and find his face so close to hers. Cue more intense staring.

Rest of the episode is on Ram and Ano, so no caps.

I love Tripoom and Plai so much for not being afraid to say thanks or sorry. They don’t let problems between them simmer and any unhappiness is always dealt with quickly. Like in ep 5 when they argued, he apologizes on the same day and she accepts it graciously. Of course, he does it in a teasing way by walking in on her while she’s naked in the onsen and before he leaves, he had to end it by saying he better go before his vision gets affected.

Love Never Dies ep1-4

22 Mar

Thoughts on Love Never Dies so far in short: DOME IS SO HOT.

*cough* ok, actual thinky thoughts:
The pacing is a little uneven, with the story stalling in ep 4 for the sake of showing off tourist spots in Japan. I wonder if the filming in Japan was sponsored by the Japan Tourism board or something because at times it felt like I was watching a travelogue with Tripoom helpfully explaining a particular place to Plai. I mean, I love Japan, especially Osaka, but I’m watching a lakorn here, I want to see some plot. I thought the Japan trip was a bit of a waste because it could’ve been better used as a beautiful backdrop to show development in Tripoom and Plai’s relationship but most of the time we got a MTV of them going places but Ram and Maya just showed up in Japan so maybe we’ll be getting some action in ep5.


While Tripoom and Plai were making eyes at each other in Japan, everyone else who aren’t vampires were unknowingly leading the evil vampires to Tripoom. Guess it’s not their fault for thinking Tripoom is the evil one here because Ram and co hasn’t really showed up on their radar but well, sucks to be Tripoom. He can’t even romance a girl in peace without things going wrong back at home.

Sing is the main meddler here, sneaking into Plai’s room and taking pictures of her stuff and eventually freaking out Plai’s mom and uncles by telling them that Tripoom is a murder suspect. Though I disagree with his actions, I’m surprisingly not annoyed by him. Perhaps because the villains will have to find Tripoom eventually for the story to move along, I view Sing’s meddling as a necessary plot device. Also, while like Jed, Sing is in love with his friend, who’s unfortunately not in love with him, Plai here doesn’t give Sing any ideas about taking their relationship to the next level. She tells him in no uncertain terms that they are only friends and there’s a limit to how much a friend can interfere in her life. Which leads me to my next point …

The reason why I’m so in love with this lakorn is because Tripoom and Plai make such a wonderful OTP. I find myself smiling like an idiot when watching Tripoom and Plai scenes because they are so adorable together. The cheerful Plai is a perfect fit for the cold Tripoom and they get plenty of alone-time to get to know each other without any misunderstandings from not speaking their minds or annoying 3rd parties but then those are probably not needed since the tiny fact that Tripoom is a vampire should be a sufficient obstacle for their relationship!

To be honest, Dome’s acting needs a lot more work. He basically stands around furrowing his brows and reading his lines in a monotone but thankfully, he’s playing an emotionally closed off vampire so the stiff acting isn’t too grating. Of course, it also helps that he’s easy on the eyes and we’ve been getting generous shots of him topless… probably a trick by the director to distract us from his acting? Hmmm, it’s working. It was also a smart move to pair him up with Ploy because they already have chemistry from their years of dating in the past and though they are no longer a couple now, I can still feel sparks flying between them on screen. They make a beautiful couple but apparently they broke up because Dome cheated on her so erm… yea, hope they are happy with their respective partners now!


Plai and her men. Left to right: Sing, Tripoom, Plai, evil vampire Ram.
I’m liking Ram a lot because he shows off his 6 pack as much as Tripoom does and I really wouldn’t mind when he starts fighting with Tripoom for Plai!

Ploy is really pretty in LND (bangs didn’t work for her in ‘Roses without thorns’) and it’s great to see her as nang’ek again. She was at her bitch psycho nang’rai best in 2010 but I’m happy to read that she’ll be taking on all nang’ek roles in 2011! And yay, Rabum Duang Dao is being subbed on vikii now. From what I’ve read, Ploy is evil AND mental in this and looks like plenty of over-the-top stuff will happen but I’ll still check it out for Ploy.

Other random thoughts:
Is it a rule for vampires to wear black? They are decked out in black from head to toe 99.9% of the time. Hmm, guess it got too boring so Ram bling-ed up his black suits.
Would it harm the evil vampires if the 117 antiques from the cave were destroyed? If not, wouldn’t it be easier for them to just smash up a vase or two they had in their collection and that would prevent Tripoom from completing the collection. I hope there’s an explanation for this point later in the lakorn.

Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai (Love Never Dies)

18 Mar

Wahahaha! I don’t think it was meant to be funny but I laughed out loud when Dome pushed Ploy away from him and she slammed right into the bed post! I started on this lakorn only to see Ploy in a nang’ek role (finally) and had every intention to make fun of it but I’m actually liking it *gasp*. It shouldn’t be a surprise really because I have enjoyed vampire dramas. I love love love My Date with a Vampire series and Immortal Love was pretty good too … must be ‘Twilight’ that gave the genre a bad rep. Don’t worry people, this is actually not quite a Thai version of ‘Twilight’ though it was probably marketed as such.

Anyhow, Dome/Ploy are narak maaaaaak together and I also enjoy ogling at Dome in his so-tight-the-buttons-are-gonna-pop-any-moment shirts. Oh yes, I’m definitely hooked. ❤

Ka Kaung Kon

17 Mar

I’d been marathoning Sign (excellent crime drama btw) since Monday but I thought I’d take a breather after the serial killer case was resolved in mid ep7 and went to check out Ka Kaung Kon (A Person’s Value) . The story is standard romance novel fare which was why I wasn’t keen on it to being with but once I got started, it turned out more addictive than I had counted on.

Story: Luck is a rich businessman who believes anyone, especially women, can be bought for a price. He plays around with women and the only one who has lasted beyond a year is his current squeeze Jen. Luck and our nang’ek Gluay, get off on the wrong foot and he mistakes Gluay for an easy woman that’s involved with many men at the same time, so naturally he objects when he finds out a while later that his half-brother Peemarn is in love with Gluay and wants to marry her. Luck then approaches Glauy and offers her a sum of money to leave Peemarn alone and gets refused by an angry Gluay. Things, of course, don’t end here or we wouldn’t have a lakorn. Gluay’s brother Kai got into a huge debt of 10 million baht with an underground casino and in desperation, Gluay ‘sells’ her dignity by accepting money from Luck and she enters into a fake marriage with Luck to make Peemarn give up on her for good so that he will agree to marriage with a diplomat’s (?) daughter. Hmm, I think we all know how the story goes from here. Haa.

There are so many things I could pick about the plot, like wouldn’t it be much easier to pay Gluay to marry a random guy (her friend Jed whom Luck thought was her ‘customer’ would be a convenient choice)? I would think it would be easier for Peemarn to give up on Gluay if she wasn’t parading around his property everyday and by ‘marrying’ Gluay, Luck’s relationship with Peemarn will be damaged because Peemarn would feel betrayed by the brother he respected. Or how about, if this fake marriage thing is supposed to be a secret, why is it announced to pretty much every character in the show except Peemarn? I’m surprise Peemarn didn’t overhear their conversations earlier given how everyone is always talking about it in the house!

But if you accept all the gaping plot holes as necessary plot devices to get the pra’ek and nang’ek under the same roof, you’ll find KKK a pretty entertaining lakorn. The pace is quick and most of the characters are sane, reasonable people. Well, there’s the stock money-faced secondary girl Jen who stakes claim on Luck just because she’s his sleeping partner and while her attitude is annoying, Gluay gets to show her mettle in their few face-off scenes. Gluay is a fantastic nang’ek. She’s beautiful, kind hearted, good at cooking/housework blah blah blah the usual but I love how she stands up for herself and maintains her dignity in a strong, quiet manner. Feisty nang’eks tend to equate standing up for oneself with arguing, shouting and even occasionally causing bodily harm to others (think Cherrie’s character in ‘Dessert Girl’) but being loud doesn’t mean you’re right and if you’re right, you don’t have to be loud.

I also got started on Rak Mai Mee Wan Tai, the vampire lakorn with Dome and Ploy. From the few subbed parts of ep 1 that are out, it’s actually not as lame as I thought it would be. Dome is hot, the villain vampire cousin is hot, Sing the policeman/Ploy’s childhood friend is also good-looking … what’s not to like? Some people are complaining about Ploy’s voice and how she’s too old to be playing chirpy roles but I’m fine with it. Perhaps my Ploy biasness is coming into play here but I do like her character Plai who’s cheerful and lively.

In other news, CLAMP stabbed me in the heart again with their Rou: Adayume OAD. Thank you for destroying my ship so thoroughly. Gah, I’m swearing off CLAMP stuff from now on.

Right, I shall get started on ep5 of KKK! Thanks jamieguo48 for the rec on this lakorn.

coming up …

27 Jan

The teaser for Tas Rak (Slave of Love) has got me quite excited for this period romance lakorn. Cherry plays the Princess of Chiang Noi, an independent state near Thailand who goes in search of her missing brother and Por is her trusty bodyguard who is apparently secretly in love with her. Mart is a Prince in Thailand who is also Cherry’s betrothed and Janie is a slave in a random household. Their lives cross when Cherry and Janie swaps identities to protect Cherry from her uncle’s attempts on her life.

This is my prediction from the teaser:
Mart gets to know his real betrothed Cherry as a slave girl and falls for her but he has to marry Janie since no one knows her true identity. Janie also falls for Mart and tries to break him up with Cherry but Por stops her with his ‘slave of love vs slave of jealousy’ speech and eventually Janie/Por fall for each other. Heeh, let’s see if it does pan out this way.

I think Cherry is a great actress and I want to like her lakorns but I hate ‘Apple of my eye’ with passion and her character in ‘Dessert Girl’ was annoying as hell. Hopefully it will be third time lucky with ‘Slave of Love’. I’m confident in Janie and Por’s acting but Mart … he has the looks and the built but his acting is as stiff as a tree. I’m just going to watch it with zero expectations for Mart and perhaps he will surprise me.

Another lakorn that I will be checking out is Rak Mai Mee Wan Tay (Love Never Dies). It sounds like Twilight meets Vampire Dairies with really lame effects and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole if it didn’t star Ploy as the nang’ek. She’s been playing bitchy roles for her past few lakorns so I’m looking forward to see her be nice for once!

Longer synopsis for both dramas