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A love to die for

23 Aug

I struggled through a couple more episodes of Fun Rak Fun Salai but with the various relationships making less and less sense, I finally decided to throw in the towel for this one. It’s a shame really, FRFS had potential but it sputtered out after a promising start. Anyhow, I have plenty of lakorns to catch up on since I was pretty out of touch for the last couple of years so I’ve now started on Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur.


Jespipat plays Wayu, a reticent hitman with a bartending day(night) job who feeds pigeons in his spare time when he’s not out there shooting people for cash. As of ep3 we are not privy to Wayu’s past and what led him to this lifestyle but money is clearly not the motivator as he only takes enough for his living expenses and has his boss save the rest of his cut. Contract killing appears to be the only life he knows, and it’s a reclusive if occasionally violent one he leads.


On one of his regular pigeon-feeding trips at the park, Wayu meets Rin, a girl whose sketching session of the pigeons was disturbed by him throwing bird feed in their midst. Rin, a cheerful and sociable girl strikes up conversation with Wayu and as they meet again in the following days, she is like a warm breeze that has unknowingly started to blow into his cold heart. Unbeknownst to Wayu, Rin is actually the daughter of Thanatat (Willy), a drug lord and a regular patron of his services and only finds out when he sees her at the scene of his next hit. I don’t have time to delve into all the plotty bits (need to catch up on more ep!) but as of ep3 Wayu and Rin haven’t gone Romeo and Juliet yet since they are technically on the same side (for now) … only slight problem being Rin has no idea of either Wayu or her father’s actual ‘occupation’.  Continue reading

Fun Rak Fun Salai ep 1 – 3

19 Jul


From the light hearted Nang Rai Summer I moved on to Fun Rak Fun Salai which is very much sombre in tone. P’Fia’s post piqued my interest in this lakorn but after poking around it appears there’s no interest in this by any subbing groups out there so I went ahead and watched it raw, wondering if the Thai I picked up from all these years of lakorn-watching will be sufficient to see me through. So far (3 ep in) I could catch the gist of the dialogue so if even if your Thai is lakorn-level, you can still consider giving this a shot.

FRFS deals with a subject very different from what I’ve come to expect of lakorns. Charebelle our n’ek plays Meili, a young lady facing abject poverty in her hometown. I’m not sure if Meili’s hometown is in a fictional or real country bordering Thailand, but it appears to be under some kind of military control? After seeing pictures sent home by her neighbour’s daughter of cozy life in America with food aplenty, Meili decides to risk following human trafficker Jiang into Thailand and onward to the promise land of America. After an almost deadly trek across the border, Meili reaches Thailand only to find out that she has been sold into prostitution by Jiang. Meili manages to escape and is subsequently picked up by fellow illegal immigrant Chang (First) when he finds her eating leftovers from the rubbish bin outside the restaurant he works at. Though she now has an ally,  things are not all that much better for Meili because she has to escape both the triad who wants to catch her back and also the police who will deport her.  Continue reading

[Impression] Ya Leum Chan ep 1 – 3

19 Apr


The long anticipated partnership of Tik and Ann has pulled me back into drama watching with Ya Leum Chan. Tik is one of the big stars in Thai ent but the only lakorn of his I’ve watched (or rather attempted to) was ‘Wanida’. I lasted 45min maybe? The cast and costumes were so pretty but it all felt too artificial to me, like something out of a magazine shot rather than a story I could connect to. Not much of an impression of Tik there but surely he has his merits to reach his current status in show biz so I was happy to hear of the Tik/Ann pairing. The thing that made me go hmmmmmm was the storyline. It wasn’t really my kinda thing ya know but the BTS that came out made me hopeful that this power pairing could make it work. Continue reading

A fairy tale – Baan Sai Thong 2000

3 Aug

Perhaps I’ve had too much of lakorns with complicated relationships and inane plots that I needed something simple and straightforward, a good ol’ fashion fairy tale like Baan Sai Thong (Golden Sand Mansion). The first time I heard of this story was a couple of years back when Pong Nawat was rumoured to play the role of p’ek Chai Klang in a remake but that never materialised. I’m not sure of this lakorn’s history but it appears to be a very popular one that gets remade a lot? Then again that sounds like a fair number of lakorns since remakes seem to be raining down on us these days. Anyhow, I chanced upon the year 2000 version starring Num Sornram and Joy Rinalee while browsing for completed lakorns and gave it a shot on a whim.

BST’s story is pretty simple. N’ek’s Pojaman’s grandfather was wrongly accused by his brother and chased out of the family, losing his inheritance the Golden Sand Mansion. Two generations later, Pojaman  returns to the mansion after her father’s death to seek financial support from her relatives as well as to clear her grandfather’s name. She gets treated like crap by her aunt, the current ‘owner’ who feels threatened by Pojaman’s arrival as she knows that Pojaman is the rightful heir to the mansion but no worries, Pojaman has her prince charming and fairy godmother all rolled into one in the form of Khun Chai Klang (2nd Young Master).  I’m only at episode 8 (hmm, or should I say already since I marathoned thus far in 3 days? lol) but it’s not hard to guess the rest of Pojaman’s journey as she grows and triumphs to get the man and house. Sometimes though, simple is best and BST has me engaged so far.

The first couple of episodes is a little slow with the setting up of the plot and the shots can get really slow~~~mo~~~ to perhaps achieve a more dreamy effect to match the period (looks about 70s? correct me if I’m wrong)? Pojaman took like 10 minutes to walk into the main house from the mansion’s gate and yes, you are made to watch the whole process while she wanders around wide eyed with music playing! The pace picks up after Pojaman begins her stay in the mansion but it’s only after Chai Klang shows up near the end of ep4 that I moved into ‘I can’t stop and will continue watching this till my head hurts’ stage.


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How to keep a husband – Samee Tee Tra ep1

12 Jul

I’m refreshing youtube maniacally but ep15 of Global WGM is still not being uploaded! *tears at hair* Since I have some time and can’t concentrate on other shows now, let’s talk about the lakorn ‘Samee Tee Tra (The Marked Husband)’. Nope, not the one starring Ploy Chermarn and Pope Thanawat that I had written about in my drama look out post (that’s still being filmed), but the original 2001 version with Ann Thongprasom in the leading role.


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The Dream Makers impression ep 1-6

5 Jul

I’m always a little wary of the supposed blockbuster/anniversary dramas as they often fail to live up to the hype but ‘The Dream Makers’ is off to a good start. By making a drama on a tv company, mediacorp is drawing on vast resources to tell a story that has been writing itself within the company for the past 50 years and I hope the story will not disappoint in the 2nd half. There are many characters who interact with each other to spin this story so there’s no singular character/couple heading the show but there are a few central characters whom we can put into two major camps. Continue reading


29 May

I don’t follow Jdrama news much these days so I didn’t know Karasawa Toshiaki and Matsuyuki Yasuko had teamed up for ‘TAKE FIVE’ till I read a magazine column on how Jdramas are now banking on veteran artistes to pull audiences in and used it as an example. Just throwing the names at me was enough to make me wanna check it out immediately ‘cos hello, Karasawa Toshiaki, my first ever drama prince charming ? And then there’s Matsuyuki Yasuko, whose mmm, distinct acting style stops me from calling her a fantastic actress (though she is by no means a bad one) but I love her character in ‘Emergency Room 24 Hours II’ so much that I will forever like her as an actress.


The story is an interesting one: Take Five is a legendary band of thieves who only stole from bad rich people and had never hurt anyone, that is until a security guard ended up dead after an art heist went awry. The group split up after the incident and no more was heard of them. Fast foward 20 years later, Homura Masayoshi (Karasawa) a former member of Take Five is now a respected university professor and thought his thieving days to be over, only to be lured back into the trade by a mysterious old woman.

Ep1 was decent in setting up the stage and stuff but it felt like I was only given a few corner pieces of a puzzle, ya know the parts with the sky or grass which really doesn’t tell you what sort of picture you’ll get eventually and I wasn’t curious enough to want to check out the next few pieces till today. Ep2 though, tied the loose plot threads and characters together and now I’m ready to roll with the new Take Five.

Stuff I enjoyed so far (spoilers ahead): Continue reading

Kularb Rai Glai Ruk ep1 impressions

13 Apr

I’ve been meaning to check out Matt’s Kularb Rai Glai Ruk (Evil Rose Becomes Love) for some time already but hadn’t been in the mood for a lakorn with angry people so it was put off till Matt came back onto my radar with Paen Rai Phai Ruk. I needed something to fill my time while waiting for PRPR’s subs so KRGR was perfect!

kularb1 Continue reading

2nd chance for My Dear Fake Husband

13 Mar


When I checked out Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk (My Dear Fake Husband) soon after it aired, I went in expecting hijinks of the ‘What Happened in Vegas’ sort but what I got was an overbearing nang’ek engaging in petty office arguments and a mild- mannered pra’ek trying to avoid his overbearing grandma. Despite Chompoo and Rome looking great, there wasn’t any sparks between Pim and Don at their first meeting and the meandering story in ep1 didn’t look like it had a destination in mind so out the window this lakorn went.

I picked it up again last week cos I was desperate for something download-able on my iPhone to watch on my commute to work but even then ep2 was equally uninspiring and I would probably have dropped it again if not for the fact that the alternative was me staring into the space for 40mins on the train.

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Drama status: a mixed bag

17 Feb


~ On Call 36 Hours [25][HK drama]
It doesn’t bring anything new to the plate as far as plot points are concerned – if you’re a tvb regular you’d have seen them one time or another – but’On Call’ brings it all together seamlessly with the briskness and humour I have come to expect of hk dramas. It also has lots of heart and I was moved to tears at quite a few scenes from the beautiful relationships between family members, friends, lovers.
Unlike previous hk police procedurals which hurt my brain with some less than logical cases, this one’s a medical one and I gladly bought into all the foreign medical jargon and cases thrown at me. Plus there were many meaningful lessons taught through the life and death situations encountered by the doctors at the hospital and gives the viewers food for thought on life and hope. The slow burning romance between Yat Kin Tau and Yu Zai was also the highlight of the drama and I love how their relationship is based on their mutual admiration and understanding of each other’s strengths and flaws. Once I start writing on ‘On Call’, I feel like there’s so many things I want to say about the individual characters but I’ll leave that for another post. For now, I highly recommend everyone check it out here with english subs
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