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13 Nov


I didn’t have high expectations of Ouran High School Host Club live action because I loved the anime and didn’t think any real life actors would be able to convincingly portray my lovely host club boys. At first glance, I didn’t find the live action cast sufficiently aesthetically pleasing but I liked Kawaguchi Haruna’s Haruhi enough to want to give it a shot. 11 episodes later though, I’m actually quite pleased with the live action adaptation. It maintained the fun, anime feel with well-placed CGI effects and the cast was able to bring out the ‘flavour’ of the character they were playing with the exception of Honey and Mori. I cut Honey’s actor some slack because I think it’s near impossible to find a real life Honey and I was actually kinda wowed when he showed off some karate moves in the last episode. As for Mori, I simply regarded him as part of the backdrop most of the time.

It seems that many second-lead ship Kyouya (understandable because Daito Shunsuke totally rocked it as my darling Kyouya) with Haruhi in the drama but strangely, it made me ship Tamaki/Haruhi when I was partial to them in the anime. While watching the anime, I accepted T/H as the couple that was meant to be but I wasn’t rooting for them in particular perhaps because I was on board the Kyouya/Tamaki ship. The live action concentrated on T/H related parts and I ended up pretty touched by our baka prince and gasp, even teared a little when he said he would always find Haruhi even if he had to go up mountains or down into the seas. All in all, I had an enjoyable time with the live action and am definitely looking forward to the movie!


7 Jul

I wasn’t planning on watching “Kuroshitsuji II” ‘cos with an entirely new cast, it’s practically another anime with a similar setting but surprise, surprise, the anime production crew sprang a surprise on viewers by reviving Sebestian and Ciel! I’m not sure how the story will progress and if Sebestian/Ciel will continue to take centre stage or if this is a 2,3 episode special thing to placate the fangirls but anyhow, having them appear again is already more than I had expected so I’m pleased. 🙂 The new young master/demon pairing of Alois and Claude isn’t doing anything for me now. From the patchy bits that was shown in epi 1, Alois went through some pretty shitty things but that still doesn’t negate the fact that he’s psycho and me no like child-psychos. Claude… well, he reminds me too much of William. Sebby and Ciel are wayyyyy much more love… please stick around longer in season 2!!!

Lakorn wise, I think I’m gonna start on “Suay Rerd Cherd Sod (I’m hot, perfect and single)” once more subbed episodes come out. I’ve never watched any of Janie’s lakorns but judging from the teaser, it seems like the sort of drama that I’d like. The title is already LOL-worthy. haah.


15 May

Yes, I’m back in the Bleach fandom again! Being impatient as I am, I can never last the whole stretch for long running animes so I end up going back and forth as they progress. With Bleach, even though I try to pick up where I left off the last time, I always end up back at the Soul Society arc. The later episodes (fillers aside) seem to lack the spark that initially attracted me to Bleach… certainly there are still episodes that give insight into the characters’ past/subsequent growth and I enjoy those but overall, too many fights and too little actual progress in the plot for my liking.

That said, going back to the beginning with the benefit of hindsight lets me appreciate the characters more. After the “Turn back the pendulum” episodes, my love for Urahara and Shinji just upped by a bajillion levels. XD As a IchiRuki fan, my faith in them was slightly swayed by the raging debate going between the IchiRuki and IchiHime camps. But as I walk with them through the SS arc again, the strength and depth of their relationship becomes so apparent that I wonder what I was worried about.

a wonderful post that tracks IchiRuki’s journey through the manga … don’t you deny the love!

Trinity Blood part 2

2 Feb

Trinity Blood has a very promising premise but it was ruined by the lousy pacing and arrangement of the plot. It plodded along for the first half of the series, then suddenly stepped on the accelerator in the middle and just when you thought it was getting good, it screeches to a halt. I was tempted to throw a cushion at my TV when the credits started rolling for epi 24 because it was such a lame ending!

It wasn’t just the general pacing of the plot that was bad, the way the scenes shifted was also very choppy. There’s a lack of flow in the story-telling and many times I found myself going “huh?? that was that?”. The use of barely-there flashbacks to tell Abel’s history was confusing to say the least and they didn’t explain anything.

There were plenty of interesting side characters but they don’t get enough screen time for any proper character development to take place, which is really a pity. But then again, looking at the sort of character development the main characters got, I guess I shouldn’t have had any expectations for the AX sidekicks. And don’t even get me started on how the wonderfully wicked villians went to waste. They took the trouble to set up the scene for Cain’s appearance and all he did was walk around blowing things and people apart before engaging in a ‘final battle’ with Abel that lasted all of 3 minutes. Then at the end of it all, there was no conclusion to their battle.

Despite all it’s shortcomings, I rather enjoyed the 2nd half of the anime after Ion was introduced. Ion was actually a relatively well developed character and I could see him growing and learning as the anime progressed.

I believe Trinity Blood could have been salvaged if it was extended beyond 24 episodes and more time given to flesh out the various characters. I’m getting started on the Trinity Blood manga and hopefully I won’t be disappointed this time round. I read that Esther’s character in the manga/novel is a quite different from her potrayal in the anime? Maybe I’d like her more this time round!

Trinity Blood review

26 Jan

I guess I should stop doing previews for my posts because I always end up getting distracted by something else and those posts seldom materialise. I was working hard on quotes from Godchild and I am still intending to do another post on that manga but uhm, it might take some more time.

My distraction this time round is in the form of the anime Trinity Blood. I was looking forward to watching it because of the beautiful scans that I’ve seen of the anime. Hmmm, it was as visually stunning as I expected and there were no lack of bishounens running around (bless my fangirl heart). But having said that, I was disappointed by the plot and the pacing of the story. It just wasn’t good story-telling. If I hadn’t gone to spoil myself for the plot and characters, I would have some trouble with following the relationship between different characters and organizations (e.g. what exactly are Methuselahs/Crusniks, how they came about). I’m already halfway through the anime but I’ve yet to feel any emotional attachment to the characters beyond the usual “omg he’s SO KAKKOII!!” fangirl spazzes that I’m prone to.

Abel Nightroad – I was suitably impressed by his power in Crusnik form but he doesn’t make me tick. It almost annoys me when he goes around telling everyone that he’s “on their side” or “their friend”… I guess I still prefer a little exclusitivity when it comes to the heroe’s affections. I understand that Abel is trying to make up for his past sins but at times I find him over-compensating. Am I being too 厳しい on Abel-kun?

Esther Blanchett – Ok, she flat out annoys me. A silly woman that I have no patience for.

Caterina Sforza – She’s the type of strong-willed female characters that I fancy.

Hugue de Watteau – The only character that has me going doki doki. XD I’ll be completely honest … I like him because he 1)is beautiful 2)kicks ass 3)broods 4)cooks 5)looks like he has an angsty backstory (like hello, he has scars all over his torso). Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much airtime. I was filled with hope when he got his own episode (epi 6 Sword Dancer) because I thought that made him a major enough character and there’ll be another episode where it delved into his backstory. But if what I read so far is correct, he only has cameo appearances for the rest of the anime.

Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer + Dietrich von Lohengrin – They are so deliciously evil and they certainly spice up the show with their appearances. I just have a thing about evil people coming together to destroy the world (thinks Sark and Lauren). Emotions like love, trust, reliance, loyalty … I’m sure it means nothing to them. Yet, I keep believing that no one can live without these in their lives completely and so, when it comes to such ‘evil to the core’ characters, I think that somewhere beneath the darkness in their souls that they may actually crave such emotions. And who better to provide solace than a fellow ‘evil’? Haa, I wonder if all that made sense… anyhow, the possibilities are endless between those 2.

Let me end off with some links. While the anime didn’t turn out to be that great, at least the art was good. So do check out the galleries if you like pretty characters!

Trinity Blood artbook scans

Contra Mundi a non-English site but it’s easy to navigate. Plenty of screen shots/scans/illustrations to be found in the multimedia section.

animepaper Plenty of scans from various sources but I can only look at the thumbnails and drool. You have to ‘buy’ the scans by using ‘papers’ on the site but you gotta earn the ‘papers’ through submitting scans/wallpapers.


28 Mar

Finally finished “Ouran High School Host Club”. I started watching without any expectations … slightly resisting it even? Haaa, but somehow the characters managed weasel their way into my heart and made me care for them by the end of 26 episodes. I enjoyed this anime a lot, with its hilarious parodies, fun characters and great art. It’s a crack anime with no real progress in the plot. The anime revolves around the antics of the host club members and it delves a little into their respective backgrounds in the later half of the anime. Go watch it!

Thoughts about the characters

Papa Tamaki:
I’m not sure why it took me almost half the series to start liking Tamaki. It wasn’t that I disliked him at the start, but he was just this baka character that was the source of comic relief. But by now, he definitely has a spot in my heart.
As the Baka Lord, Tamaki’s “Inner Mind Theatre” is hilarious and it’s fun seeing Kyouya or the twins teasing him about Haruhi. Like what Kyouya said, Tamaki is a “pure idiot”. But it’s this “pure idiocy” that enabled Tamaki to reach out to members of the host club and make friends with them when others could not. He didn’t back down when faced with the invisible barriers errected by Kyouya or the twins. Or maybe he was just too dense to notice those barriers. XD

Mama Kyouya:
I loved him by the 2nd episode. He’s just my kind of character, manipulative intelligent, cool and he wears glasses! In my opinion, he has the best lines in the anime, probably because he always says it with a deadpan expression. I love the episode “そして鏡夜は出会った” … especially the last scene with the flower “breaking out” of the frame …

Hatachiin Twins:
After Kyouya, they are my most loved characters in Ouran. Haaa, guess I have a thing about bad boys because the twins are merciless with their pranks. Initially I liked them because they were such fun with a bit of an edge. And … ok, I admit, like those heartshaped-eye fangirls of Ouran, I fell hook line and sinker for their “brotherly love” act. As the anime progressed, the twins were unexpectedly a source of angst. I’m more of a Kaoru fan because waddaya know, I love angst! Kaoru tries his best to pave the way for Hikaru to venture into the world out there because he knows how emotional awkward Hikaru is. It’s sad to see Kaoru look at Hikaru leaving with Haruhi, because now Hikaru’s world is no longer about Kaoru alone.

Honey and Mori:
The “Wild” type with his “lovely item”. Haaa, while my emotional attachment to them may not be as great, it’s hard not to like this pair. I love Honey’s seiyuu! The oh-so-cute voice matched with the sparkly flowers that appear around Honey … *pinches*