Word of Honor musings

4 Mar

Ah, Word of Honor 山河令 . It’s been a while since a drama got me fangirling this hard, enough to get me writing again! If you aren’t watching it yet, head over to AvenueX’s video to get a summary of what the fuss is all about.

Leading man Wen Ke Xing had me hooked from the first moment he appeared, with his charming smile and shameless flirting with our other leading man Zhou Zi Xu. While he has me all heart eyes over the 10 episodes I have watched so far, the appeal of WoH for me is more than that. It’s been a long time since I had a good ol’ wuxia drama that is not yet another remake of Louis Cha’s novel. 仙侠 xian xia (genre featuring magic / deities / demons etc) has been pretty popular in the last few years, why so hard to give me more wuxia?? Ancient Detective 侠探简不知 was a pretty decent effort considering their budget constraints, though it was held back somewhat by lead couple’s acting and their relationship got a bit meh towards the end after a strong start. And my Listening Snow Tower 听雪楼 … sigh. I really enjoyed the novel collection (I even loved the novel sequel which book fans seem to hate on lol) but in the drama adaptation, the scriptwriter changed the female lead set up so much she was practically a different person and I couldn’t bear to watch the drama. Anyway, point is WoH is giving me a new jianghu to indulge in as we uncover WKX’s plan but by bit.

In terms of the characters, if the online comments are to go by everyone is losing their minds fangirling over WKX and his Ah Xu, and who could blame them? Haa, but I also love WKX’s relationship with Gu Xiang. We haven’t gotten the back story to their history in the ghost valley, but while WKX controls the rest of the ‘ghosts’ by fear, he clearly has a close and trusting relationship with Gu Xiang. If they hadn’t cross paths with ZZX, it would have been them against the world in the execution of WKX’s revenge plan and I’m glad at least WKX had the faithful Ah Xiang by his side all those years before.

While they are technically master and servant, he indulges her whims and gets big brother protective when he sees her with another guy haha.

Do you think I’m crazy? Aren’t you scared I’ll go crazy one day and kill you?

I’ll follow you even if you’re crazy. And if you kill me, I’ll follow you as a ghost!

They have probably walked a long and difficult path together to get where they are today, and Ah Xiang has embraced her master for all of his beautiful façade and hidden demons.

But for all that Ah Xiang is to WKX, she is not his equal. For that, we have ZZX.

Looking forward to see their relationship develop as more secrets come to light and for these two lost souls to find their redemption together.

Watch Word of Honor here with Eng Subs! It pains me a little to spell ‘honor’ the American way but most people are spelling it that way so … XD

One Response to “Word of Honor musings”

  1. Katie May 10, 2021 at 3:54 PM #

    Omg I love this drama, binge watched the whole series ahha 😅 It’s definitely the best BL / c-drama I’ve watched in years!

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