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The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains – HK movie

16 Oct

Yes, still on my wuxia obsession. I was just randomly youtubing for related vids of ‘Demi gods and semi devils’ when to my surprise, I saw that someone had actually uploaded the full Cantonese version of ‘The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains’. It’s an old movie very~~~ loosely based on Xu Zhu’s part of the story in DGSD – kinda like fanfiction if you will – but you get to see Brigitte Lin, Gong Li and Sharla Cheung in their prime and that’s enough to make me ignore the plot and spend a couple of hours on it whenever there’s a re-run on tv. You can catch the movie here with Eng subs.

Sharla Cheung may not be a familiar name amongst Western audiences like Brigitte Lin and Gong Li are but she’s one of my favourite wuxia actresses. She took on many iconic wuxia roles in HK movies in the 90s and while their plots were often ‘creatively adapted’ from popular novels to form a coherent story in less than 2 hours, I was seldom disappointed by the cast. To date, Sharla Cheung is still THE Zhao Min in my heart. Gigi Lai was not bad (incidentally, Gigi Lai acted as Zhou Zhi Ruo in the movie version where Sharla was Zhao Min), but Alyssa Chia and Ady An are just NO.

You Are the Apple of My Eye

20 Nov

When the credits started rolling, I turned to my friend and the first thing she said while dabbing the tears in her eyes was ‘I hate the ending!’. But for me, it was precisely the ending that made me love this otherwise standard school romance/coming-of-age movie.
Spoilers for entire movie


20 Nov

Just caught the Taiwanese movie ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’. Its set up is a little similar to ‘A Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ but I liked this one a lot more. Shall do a proper review tomorrow! Enjoy the theme song for now.


A Crazy Little Thing Called Love review

17 Oct

I watched ‘A Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ over the weekend and while it’s not a bad film by any means, I was kinda underwhelmed. Perhaps my expectations were too high because it came highly recommended by my friends and it fell short of those expectations in the end.

It was an enjoyable movie and I guess it resonated with so many people because we’ve all been there, done that. We’ve all dreamt and chased after that perfect guy/girl in our teens and have experienced the inevitable heartaches which make up our memories of youth. I for one used to walk by the classroom of my crush on purpose hoping to catch a glimpse of him or better yet, get him to notice me but sadly he remained out my reach until I graduated. Watching the movie definitely got me reminiscing my younger days and it’s easy to feel for Nam when she appears to fail yet again in winning the affections of Chon.

Cut for ending spoilers


5 Sep

is BL movie masquerading as a straight love story.

Consider this: Our main guy Ped breaks up with girlfriend Ern because his best bud Koong is also in love with her. Not that it actually helped fix the broken friendship because they remained estranged for the next two years. They meet again at a class reunion and Koong continues to ignore Ped. Unable to stand it any longer, Ped leaps on stage at the end and despite not being able to hold a note, sings their song with tears in his eyes as he sees Koong walk away. But! The camera zooms in on Koong and we see that his face is covered with tears as well … and he races back to the stage to finish the song before it all ends with the boys in an embrace.

Isn’t this kind of scene usually reserved for the main couple? Even Ern asked Ped ‘Are you gay?’ when they broke up. XD

Ok, I jest.

Ped and Ern were cute with their sweet first love story but it wasn’t as touching as I had expected seeing how it was produced by the same studio that did ‘Hello Stranger’. Not that it wasn’t an enjoyable watch. It was a hoot watching the escapades of Koong and friends and I didn’t not-like the Ped/Ern bits but it wasn’t cohesive enough to engage me emotionally.

I rate this: 3/5

A Chinese Ghost Story 2011

17 Apr

8 minute extended trailer w/out subs

I didn’t know Leslie Cheung’s 1987 classic was being remade till I saw the trailer on tv. The new version has Ning Cai Chen/Xiao Qian/Yan Chi Xia in a love triangle of sorts which will probably rile up fans of the original but since I can’t remember much of it, it doesn’t bother me. I’m not a fan of Liu Yi Fei but I have to admit she’s gorgeous and overall I’m sufficiently attracted by the trailer to consider shelling out a few bucks to catch this in the theatres.

My memory of the original movie is hazy, but this classic image of Joey Wong will pop up immediately whenever I hear the title 《倩女幽魂》. I’m curious to see how LYF stacks up.

Reign of Assassins 剑雨

27 Dec

Critics have lauded it as the best wuxia (period martial arts/swordfighing) movie since ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ but it was duly trumped at the box office by ‘Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame’.

In terms of scale of production or depth of the story/characters, I feel that RoA comes short of CTHD but it is definitely one of the finer offerings from the genre in recent years and it’s a shame it hasn’t gotten as much attention as the other blockbusters of Chinese cinema. Wuxia movies since CTHD have gone for style over substance, spending good chunks of their budgets on fancy costumes, grand sets and elaborate/long-drawn fight scenes. I like watching pretty people in pretty sets on screen, but all that grandeur isn’t going to help if there isn’t a good story holding it up. After being disappointed by one too many wuxia movies , it’s no wonder Chinese movie goers are wary of spending their money on yet another dud.

RoA reminds me of the good old wuxia novels of Louis Cha and Gu Long – stuff that accompanied me through my teenage years – perhaps a little old fashion but ever so comforting. The story is tight and the fight scenes well choreographed … RoA is best enjoyed without knowing too much about the story so that’s all I’m saying for now. It’s been a really long time since I was genuinely surprised by a plot twist!

Support it in theatres if possible but if it’s no longer screening where you are … youtube is here to help!

Hello Stranger

20 Dec

Catching the Thai movie ‘Hello Stranger’ tomorrow … I think I will like it. 😉

I’m loving the soundtrack, especially this song. I swear I’ve heard this song before but I can’t remember where. It was probably used on a fanvid for some lakorn ‘cos I’m quite sure I didn’t know this song from the original version by Klear.


19 May

I hope to get round to watching Taiwanese movie 《艋舺》(Monga) one day. The reviews have been positive and I think I will enjoy Director Niu Chen-Zer’s take on life in the Taiwan triads in the 1980s but the story looks too sad, with friends turning foes and half the characters dead at the end. I can stomach the violence and blood letting, but emotional struggles and betrayals always get to me … reminders that real life doesn’t end with a happily ever after. More than a triad story (ala “Infernal Affairs”), “Monga” is a coming-of-age story for the 5 youngsters in the ‘Prince Gang’ and these sort of movies are hard to watch because innocence lost can never be recovered, once again a painful reminder of real life.

The movie has however, introduced me to many good songs. I love the movie OST, a collection of original works and covers that are enjoyable on their own.
I also came upon this gorgeous fanmade MV using Anthony Wong’s version of 《暗涌》 (Under Current), his seductive rendition of this sad song goes really well with images from the movie.

Bangkok Traffic Love Story

10 Feb

Go check this movie out on youtube!

This movie did very well at the Thai box office and it’s not hard to see why. As with all make-belief romances, there are incredible coincidences and a unrealistically handsome pra’ek (c’mon, what are the chances of meeting a guy that looks like P’Ken in a car crash and then meeting him repeatedly at the subway?) but many women can easily identify with the worries and frustrations of Mei-Li, the lead character. It’s tough being 30 and single, more so when all your friends have gotten hitched and your parents are trying their hardest to hook you up with a random guy. When fate pushes Loong (P’Ken) her way, Mei-Li goes all out to chase after her last hope at love. All in all, a sweet and funny movie that’s definitely worth your time and it never hurts to have P’Ken on screen!

*** spoilers ahead, you have been warned! ***

There are plenty of funny and cute details in this movie, like how Mei-Li keeps breaking Loong’s stuff accidentally and the broken items are used in a touching way toward the end. Aff also guest stars as ‘Kob’, the nang’ek of a fake lakorn “Cupid’s Tears”, the dialogue of which is used as a parallel to what is actually going on in Mei-Li’s life. Kob is also later revealed to be Loong’s ex-girlfriend. I wonder if “Cupid’s Tears” is meant as a parody of lakorns because it was hilarious seeing the bitch slapping scenes which were so over the top and yet, it would not seem out of place in a typical lakorn. (Check out Cupid’s Tears Part 1 and Part 2. It’s really funny, especially when Aff grabbed the nang’rai and smashed her face on the piano keys. I was like LOL!!!)