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what I’ve been up to

17 May

I’ve gotten lazy with updating, but I’ve not been slacking on the tv watching front. Haah,

So, I have finished “Chaleuy Suk” as promised but sadly it never got any better and I accomplished the feat only after lots of fastforwarding. The only bright spots in the lakorn was… no surprise, Khun Atisak who was the fine gentleman to the very end. I especially loved how Atisak dealt with JKF after that man-whore got caught in bed with Seebo. I doubt the audience will be sorry to see Atisak shoot JKF like he had earlier threatened to (the if-you-make-my-sister-cry threat that big brothers are fond of making) but realistically I guess he couldn’t exactly kill the prince of Chiang-rat. Anyway, Atisak returned JKF’s family ring to him and JKF tried the stupid line of how he would only accept it back if Alisa returned it to him personally (seriously, this line is overused in dramas) and our wise and pissed off Atisak places the ring firmly in JKF’s hand and said something about how Alisa will not give him that honour (my memory’s hazy on this). That scene really made an impression on me because it shows how honourable and in-control Atisak is, able to deal with JKF appropriately without ever lowering himself to be on JKF’s level.
As for the actual lead characters, Yothin and Alisa … I can’t remember much about their love story! I checked out a bit of Ken’s new lakorn “Weewa Wah Woon” and it looks alright, but it hasn’t been enough to hook me in. Might get back to it later if I’m bored enough. Meh, that wraps up lakorns for now.

Other stuff that I’m following
-「新参者」(Shinzanmono), a Japanese detective drama starring Abe Hiroshi as the eccentric new detective in town with a penchant for taiyaki. Abe Hiroshi really works such offbeat characters and though I wouldn’t exactly term the show ‘lighthearted’, there are enough funny moments to keep me entertained.
-「さらい屋五葉」(Saraiya goyou) , a new anime set in the Edo-period about a fumbling ronin who gets reluctantly involved with a gang of kidnappers. The drawing style is different from what you’re used to see in animes but I love this style of art and the characters, the background, the details, they’re all gorgeous to behold. The pacing of the story is slow, with attention given to everyday activities like preparation of food, smoking a pipe etc, but I like the leisurely, almost lazy feel of the anime … watching it always reminds me of watching the sun set while sipping a cup of hot green tea.
– “White Collar” You’ll need to stretch your imagination a little for each case-of-the-week, but hey, pretty boy Matt Bomer as Neal is enough of a distraction and I’m totally digging the bromance between Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal. The trust issues, the bickering, the I’ve-got-your-back moments, the seamless teamwork … and it helps to have funny lines too. 😉

《尊贵的囚犯》 之亮眼配角

8 Feb

If I just looked at his picture, I wouldn’t consider Dome particularly handsome but he wins many many brownie points for his manliness in “Chaleuy Suk”.

I love Joy’s look in CS.

Chaleuy Suk (2)

6 Feb

phew, cleaning my room in preparation for CNY took up way more time than I expected!

Anyway, Chaleuy Suk’s subs aren’t coming out as quickly as I’d expected and I’m only in the middle of ep3. Hmm, I really wanted to like this lakorn for P’Ann’s sake but I’m not falling head over heels for it yet.

Athisak: As of now, the highlight of CS remains the very manly Khun Chai Athisak! I love how he’s so calm and collected when faced with insults from Yoothin and he simply brushes it aside with a nonchalant smile whereas Alisa always raises to the bait and starts a war of words with Yoothin which she seems to lose most of the time. Ha, I’m turning into a Athisak fangirl but I pay more attention when he’s onscreen … and I love his voice!

Alisa: sigh, I’m finding Alisa kinda bland. She’s the typical ‘da xiao-jie (Young Mistress)’ that’s a little snooty due to her status but a nice person in general. Her ill-treatment of Yoothin thus far feels more like a child throwing a tantrum and bullying someone to vent her anger than a vengeful daughter torturing the son of the family’s enemy.

Yoothin: The eye-makeup comes and goes and so does the stiff and oily ‘curry puff’ hair. Maybe Rome offended the makeup artist. XD I’m liking Yoothin’s character because he is certainly an upright and honourable man who is making the best of his situation but I must say the scriptwriter went a little overboard in trying to show his ‘honour’.
1) Yoothin was made to walk in the rain while Athisak sat on a horse on the journey to Man Pha Leung and he stumbled, struggled, huff and puff all the way while withstanding insults from Athisak. I guess the sriptwriters wanted the audience to sympathise with Yoothin but come on, Yoothin is supposed to be a war hero! Wouldn’t he have endured worse conditions during the war? Or was he fighting the war from an air-conditioned control room? The most absurd thing was, Athisak’s servant walked in the rain with them without breaking a sweat! Uhm, so the really strong person here is Athisak’s servant?
2) When Athisak and Yoothin raced on horseback, Yoothin spotted a branch blocking Athisak’s way and called out to him. Athisak falls off his horse and Yoothin rushes to help him up. Ok, fine, Yoothin is a honorable man who helps his enemies. But the way the servants were talking about it, it sounded like Yoothin risked his life to save Athisak from certain death. *rolls eyes* On one hand, Athisak is supposed to be good at this and that but in 2.5 episodes, he loses to Yoothin in everything. I know, I know, it’s to show how good the pra’ek is but I’m gonna need more convincing.

Yoothin x Alisa: This is bad. I’m not feeling anything between them. Keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a convincing development of their love later on. Actually, they have more chemistry with Athisak than with each other! 笑~ I find the brother-sister interaction really sweet and cute, love the part where Athisak and Alisa danced … which was unfortunately cut short by Yoothin’s appearance. Then when Yoothin vs Athisak, I swear sparks were flying. Yoothin, get together with Athisak already. hahaha …. joking, joking!

Chaleuy Suk (Honorable Prisoner)

26 Jan

The first episode of Ann’s new period drama “Chaleuy Suk” wasn’t as engaging as I’d hope but I suppose epi 1 was more of setting the stage for what is to come. The pra’ek abuse will start on epi 2 and hopefully it will get exciting enough to keep me watching because I really want to support Ann’s dramas!

First impressions …
Ann as Princess Alisa: Ann certainly has no lack of poise befitting a princess but nothing much from Alisa in epi 1 as yet.

Rome as Yothin: I’m having trouble taking Rome seriously as a manly and brave general, 就好嫩的样子! Maybe it’s the hair, the clothes, or what looks suspiciously like eye makeup on him, but one way or other, his current look bothers me. I spot a shirtless Rome in the preview for epi 2 and there’s a hot bod beneath the ugly shirts that he’s been wearing so perhaps I might change my mind about him! Rome’s acting is alright, but he’ll need to up his game to keep up with P’Ann 😉

Joy as Phiromya: Joy looks so pretty without the Rihanna-esque wig she sported in JLR but sadly she’s still the nang’rai(kinda) here so she’ll meet with a bad end! I really like Joy as an actress tho…

Dom Hethrakul as Athisak: It’s my first time watching Dom in a lakorn and he made Athisak the most memorable character of epi 1 for me. His manliness level is x10 that of Rome’s … pity that his role will not be as big once later on.