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Rak Leh Saneh Luang (Deceptive Love)

15 Mar

As it turns out, Por does not play twins in this lakorn. He plays half brothers, Piwat (Wat) and Phuwit (Phu), who looks exactly like each other (Brief summary of the story found here.). Not a very realistic premise but heck, if we want realism we’d be watching a documentary right?

I wanted to see more of Por and Ploy together and they did have quite a few sweet scenes together but overall, I’m not a fan of any of the characters. Still, I finished this lakorn at a breakneck speed (20 episodes in 3 days) because I want to know what happens next, so I guess the plot is still engaging enough as oppose to say “Chaleuy Suk”. I felt the same way with Kdrama “Cruel Temptations”, going through 100++ episodes in a week (with plenty of fastforward-ing) to find out how things will get resolve while not caring for the characters at all.

Wat reminds me of Lek in SSH, forced to marry a rich girl by his domineering mother in order to save their failing publishing house. But for all of Lek’s failings, he was at least faithful to his love for Tha. As for Wat … how can his ‘love’ be trusted when it’s so easily given and then betrayed? He went on and on about how much he loved Aom but as soon as they were apart, he got all touchy-feely with Dao. It would’ve been acceptable if he slowly drifted away from Aom and then fell in love with Dao but my problem with him is, he was professing his love for Aom up to the very end! Even when Aom caught him red-handed with Dao, he had the cheek to claim that he ‘never thought to stop loving Aom’. Khun Wat ka, “love” is not sleeping with another girl when your girlfriend is away! Then he decided he has to take responsibility for Dao after sleeping with her once, but strangely, he never thought to take the same responsibility after sleeping with Aom for so many times. When Dao lied to Wat that she slept with Phu, he got all sad-faced and promptly packed up and returned to Bangkok … and went straight to Aom!! He was SO obviously planning to get back with Aom but thankfully dear Aom had already gotten herself a much better man, so it’s good riddance to unfaithful Wat.

I liked Dao’s feisty character initially but I started to dislike her after she got together with Wat. It was not wrong for her to fall in love with Wat (since Wat was the one that flirted with her in the first place) but she slept with him knowing that he has a girlfriend with whom he was supposedly very much in love with. She kept saying that she did not think to get anything from Wat, but fact is, she allowed herself to become a third party in Wat/Aom’s relationship.

Phu and Ja were a cute pair but I’m just not convinced of their love. Phu was totally faithful to Ja, so some points for that, but otherwise, he was a very rude person. I can’t comprehend his intense dislike for Dao which was irrational, illogical and unreasonable. He hurled insults at Dao freely, used violence against her and even set her house on fire! All that for simply staying on the land that legally belonged to her. Even when Phu was with Ja, I felt that some of the things he said were really demeaning to women, no wonder Ja was angry with him. Being a pra’ek doesn’t mean a character should be forgiven for speaking nonsense! Ploy was very pretty as Ja and she’s a sweet girl but not much depth to her charater. Still, I’m definitely liking Ploy more and more. If only she could get more nang’ek roles!

The only character that I liked was Aom. She really loved Wat and did everything she could for their relationship only to end up being betrayed by Wat. She was understandably angry and Wat/Dao totally deserved the slaps they got. What’s great about Aom was that she recognize Wat for what he really is (a cheating bastard) and did not try to cling onto their relationship. Happy that she ended up with Mark (who played a bit part in helping Phu and Ja get together)!

I rate this: 2.5/5

Sigh, I’ve run out of larkons to watch! Please recommend me some good ones that are completed and subbed!

Rak Leh Saneh Leung quote

11 Mar

“You also have a head, you should use it to think, not just to grow your hair.”