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Likit Sanaeha thoughts

20 May


I lasted 14 episodes out of 20 but really I should’ve dropped it much earlier ‘cos while Likit Sanaeha (Fated Love) is supposedly a romantic comedy, I fail to see how it’s either romantic or funny. The story centres around brothers Non (Kong) and Yod (Great) who get off on the wrong foot (feet? since there’re 2 of them) with sisters Yeewa (Marsha) and Yayee (Matt) respectively but slowly they fall in love after getting to know each other. You know, the usual romcom procedure.

Non and Yeewa’s situation is made a lil’ more complex as they are both trapped in a loveless marriage to really rotten people, bound by their young children to continue the façade of a happy family. Non and Yeewa are nice, decent people and loving/responsible parents to their children which did make me root for them in the beginning but by gawdddddd, why did the scriptwriters have to waste so much screen time on their lousy spouses? Non’s wife is a money-faced slut and Yeewa’s husband is a money-faced manwhore, point established quite enough by ep5 so if they aren’t going to change at all, please just save me the pain of having to ff their bits every single episode. You can probably spot 2 more problems with LS from my previous sentence: the rais are flatter than a piece of paper and there ain’t no character development. While Non and Yeewa’s relationship did progress, the dynamics and conflicts in the 2 families are recycled every few episodes and the most exasperating bit was seeing them allow their good-for-nothing other halves to walk all over them. Yes, I understand that they don’t want to hurt their kids but it’s obvious to them and everyone around that they had married the sort of people who would gladly take a yard when you give them an inch. I can take manipulative, vindictive, selfish or if I’m in a good mood maybe even stupid but I cannot for the life of me stand shameless people. That’s probably why Ma’s boyfriend Dick in ‘Phoo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma’ annoyed me the most amongst the crowd of lakorn villains but at least in that lakorn once Ma saw Dick for who he really was, she firmly put him in place whereas Non/Yeewa were constantly ‘oh I have to bear with this shit for my kids’. I know it’s never easy when children are involved but I’d to see a little more fight in my pra’nangs.


The reason why I even started watching LS was for Great/Matt and their chemistry remains intact but that’s about the only good thing I have to say about Yod/Yayee’s romance. As LS is a 2 couple lakorn, Yod/Yayee’s scenes were already halved but again the scriptwriter thinks it’s a good idea to try the audience’s patience by constantly having Yod’s air-headed ex Pearly get between them … not with any particularly smart schemes but simply following Yod everywhere and gluing herself to Yod. I already didn’t have much of an opinion of Yod for even pining after a woman as silly as Pearly after they broke up but ok, at least he wised up and went for Yayee. Problem is, he appears to be struck by some kind of mysterious disease that renders him dumb when Pearly is around because why can’t Yod just flippin’ TELL Pearly to her face that he’s so over her and he loves Yayee now so please go away??? He always allows Pearly to hang around and be a bitch then when the pissed off Yayee stalks aways Yod just shakes Pearly off to chase after Yayee. Every blardy time. It gets so tiring to watch after a while. Well, it is possible that Yod will finally have the good sense to do that in the last episode but I can’t be bothered to stick around for it.

In general LS is a everyday-life kind of drama, no secrets to unveil, no conspiracies to foil, no particular objectives to be met so it gets boring after a while and sadly the OTPs didn’t compensate for the lack of action. If I sounded too rage-y in my review, it’s not entirely the lakorn’s fault. Had a bad day at the office and watching the exasperating ep14 on the way home earlier just made it worse. Now I need to go watch clips of ‘Num Baan Rai Gub Wanjai Hi-So’ and eat some chocolate while I’m at it to put myself back in a good mood.

Kularb Rai Glai Ruk review

16 Apr

Phew, haven’t marathon a lakorn in such a short time in a while. Episode 7 was absolutely swoon worthy with Nat and Chon getting stranded on an island where Chon got chances aplenty to flirt with Nat. Unfortunately when they are back in Bangkok and one step away from sealing their love, the rais went into action to stop this lakorn from ending there and then them getting together. Thip played the I’m-preggers-with-your-kid card to force Chon into marriage while Thaen (I think that’s his name?) continued poisoning Nat’s mind against Chon. There were still some touching scenes between Nat and Chon but in general it was frustrating to watch the pra’nangs, especially Nat, get played and manipulated by others. Chon did pretty well considering his situation and I liked how he was firm with Thip after he discovered that the baby was actually not his. It was a totally ‘in your face!!’ moment when Chon told Thip that he’d rather have his reputation ruined than be stuck with her. HA!

Nat on the other hand … she lost the fire that made her so interesting before and in addition to doing a lot of crying, she was so obstinate in going her own way despite all the warning signals that I wanted to bang my head on the wall. The best part was after Chon took a bullet while trying to clear her name for human trafficking, she STILL managed to latch on to Chon’s encouragement of accepting Morn as evidence that he did it all to get her to accept Morn and not because he loved her. *throws hands up in the air* Woman, the guy almost died for you! What else do you want? This is just plain lazy writing to force more angst between the main couple when there is no need or reason to. I wasn’t too happy with how Nat turned out but two thumbs up to Matt for her great acting, especially her crying scenes which really felt like it came from her heart and it touched me even if I didn’t agree with the choices of her character.

Well, Nat did finally see the light, not in the last 30min like I had predicted but in the last 10min after Morn got seriously injured protecting Thep in a car accident. Bah! I can take the lame plot device used give Nat the wake up call she needed but can’t the writers have given more screen time to Nat’s change than wasting it on her being stupid about Chon? They did have their happily ever after of course and their short reconciliation was cute but it made the lack of sweetness in the last act all the more glaring.

The last few episodes were disappointing but overall, the wonderful sweetness of Chon and Nat up till ep7 helped push KRGR into my ‘enjoyed it’ category. Khun Samee was definitely superior in writing and execution and I do so love Don/Pim together, but Don needs to take a leaf out of Chon’s book when it comes to flirting and romancing the ladies ‘cos oh hoooo, Chon is a pro.

As for none OTP stuff, Nat’s friends Oon and Ken were cute but I find Ken’s actor too kiddish looking to take his friendship-to-love thing with Oon seriously so I ended up fastfowarding most of their parts. Thep and Morn also got the same treatment ‘cos their scenes didn’t add anything new to the plot but like I always say, if fastfowarding can get you out of it, it’s not a problem. KRGR is fairly short at 11 episodes and the story doesn’t drag so if you have some time to spare, I do recommend giving this a shot if only to catch the sizzling chemistry between Great and Matt.


As I couldn’t find much pictures on KRGR, I went and screen capped a few of my favourite scenes for this post but I found myself drowning in happy feels all over again as I skimmed through ep6,7 so maybe I’ll save those caps for another mini recap cum fangirling post! Hope I’ll have time to do that before I fly off for my holiday this weekend~~

Kularb Rai Glai Ruk ep2 – 6

14 Apr


I marathon 5 episodes in a day, that’s how addicting this show is. I had expected KRGR to be the intense sort from start to finish like Plerng See Roong or Sawan Biang and it did seem like the case in ep2,3 where Nat and Chon went at each other’s throats. I won’t be surprise if Matt and Great accidentally injure each other for real filming those scenes, what with the biting, kicking, hauling, pushing and all sorts of manhandling. Of course there are loads of lakorns with the p’ek being rough with the n’ek (why???) but man, you gotta give it to Nat for fighting Chon tooth and nail all the way. Hmm, but is it that easy in Thailand to forcefully drag someone off in public during broad daylight? Or is that a p’ek privilege thing?

The tit for tat between them didn’t last as long as I expected though. Nat almost ran Morn over by accident while she was drunk and it was a case of the boy who cried wolf when her dad didn’t believe her after she was mean to Morn too many times. Thep spoke harshly in anger and the devastated Nat moved out to stay with her friend Oon and cut her dad off from her life. So from here on it was no longer a case of crazy daughter trying to break up her dad and step-mom, but everyone trying to get father and daughter to reconcile. Of course ‘everyone’ includes the p’ek ‘cos that how he gets the girl right?

So to my (pleasant) surprise, KRGR became sweet and narak. Yes, you read that right. From trying to kill each other (no kidding, Nat crashed her car into Chon’s in ep1. On purpose), Nat and Chon made my cheeks ache from all that smiling watching them be funny, cute and sweeeeeet. I love watching Chon watch Nat with that silly grin on his face after teasing her to get the explosive reaction that he had come to expect and find endearing. Of course there are still occasions where they are smart-mouth and angry with the other, no thanks to meddling from Thip (Chon’s friend with benefits) and Chon’s evil resort rival whose name I can’t remember. As of ep6 though Nat and Chon’s relationship has developed considerably so I’m expecting more sweet scenes to come~

Great is sooo cute here I can’t believe I rolled my eyes at him in Fai Chon Saeng. What can I say, sometimes chemistry with co-stars makes all the difference and Great’s chemistry with Matt is off the charts here.  Oh yes, the past few episodes have been taking place on a beautiful island which adds to the happy and bubbly feelings I have while watching but it’s making me miss Thailand’s beaches!!

Kularb Rai Glai Ruk ep1 impressions

13 Apr

I’ve been meaning to check out Matt’s Kularb Rai Glai Ruk (Evil Rose Becomes Love) for some time already but hadn’t been in the mood for a lakorn with angry people so it was put off till Matt came back onto my radar with Paen Rai Phai Ruk. I needed something to fill my time while waiting for PRPR’s subs so KRGR was perfect!

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