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It’s time for wuxia romances!

5 Mar

When I wrote my post on drama romances, those in wuxia dramas completely slipped my mind till Fia mentioned them perhaps because I was first introduced to the genre in the form of novels and later watched the countless movie/tv adaptations so it was never just ‘a drama’ to me. My memories of wuxia stories and the host of characters are an amalgamation of both experiences and my perception is still continually shaped by each new re-make as well as my age. Wuxia has given us many enduring romances but I will focus on 2 lesser known (in the English fandom at least) ones in this post. Feel free to share you own favourites!
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Drama status

12 Apr

Rak Ok Arkad [ep watched 2/total ep 14][lakorn]: This sounds like a reverse ‘Poo Yai Lee Gab Nang Mah’ which I enjoyed tremendously and I wanted to like this for Cherry but the laughs were too slapstick and Om’s acting too stiff for me to carry on.

Forensic Heroes III [6/30][HK drama]: This one went for the CSI route but didn’t match up and it didn’t pull me in on the character front either so bye bye it was. Random observation: Age is really catching up with Maggie Cheung Ho-yee!

Too Late to Say I Love You [15/36][Cdrama]: Wallace Chung as Murong Feng charmed my socks in this one and I also loved the strong-willed heroine Jing Wan but after skimming through the novel on which the drama is based on, I couldn’t bear to watch the betrayal that I knew Jing Wan was going to suffer later. I did catch the last two episodes and the drama version white-washed Murong Feng to give him and Jing Wan a happy ending when in the novel, Murong Feng engineered an accident to kill Jing Wan's husband and daughter and to revenge him, Jing Wan carried her dead daughter to Murong Feng and lied that she was his biological daughter, then proceeded to kill herself with the gun that Murong Feng gave her years ago. How fun. I might finish this one day when I’m in the mood for angst.
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26 Mar


It’s the first time I find a drama adaptation such a good complement of the novel which it is based on, actually building upon the novel’s foundation and making it a fuller story. The novel is narrated from Tong Xue’s POV and while this gives us privy to her thoughts and feelings, our understanding of other characters are also TX-filtered and none more so than Mo Shao Qian. 我是先看电视剧的,当时觉得莫绍谦的角色很饱满,他和慕氏之间的斗争也写得很精彩,没想到这些都是原著里没有的,让我实在好佩服编剧。看剧了解了莫禽兽,回头看小说了解了童雪。
那些小说里描写比较多的人物我还是偏心小说的设定,例如刘悦莹,赵高兴,萧山,李姿娴。慕氏一家,童雪舅舅舅妈,莫绍谦的母亲和手下… 这些人物小说原来就着墨不多,编剧的补充自然就成为我的headcanon.



Looking back on 2011 – Chinese dramas

25 Dec

Sealed With A Kiss: The premise of a man blackmailing a girl into becoming his mistress in order to exact revenge for her father’s sins might not sit well with many but if you’re a lakorn veteran, this would not faze you a bit. It has all the elements of a typical slap-kiss – Greed! Betrayal! Revenge! Abuse! Manipulation! – and I was expecting a standard lakorn with the only difference being the characters speaking Chinese but I was pleasantly surprised by nuanced characterization and tight plot. lengthier than I thought


24 Feb


I thought it wouldn’t affect me much since I’ve read/watch Qiao Feng’s story so many times already but … but… *bawls some more*

I couldn’t get past the scene where Ah Zhu tries to stop Qiao Feng from taking revenge on Duan Zheng Chun. It breaks my heart when she says ‘if we are separated, you will be lonely and so will I’ because it’s so true. They have no one else in the world except each other but fate has to play such a cruel joke on them.

That’s why I am actually relieved when Qiao Feng dies in the end because honestly, fate has been too harsh on him and without Ah Zhu by his side, he has no more strength to live. In death, he can finally be reunited with his beloved Ah Zhu.