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Word of Honor – still on the mountain!

25 Apr

Word of Honor is such an interesting case where the drama continues to live on even after it finishes airing. Besides the main leads Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan going on various variety shows / interviews (which typically is done before and during the drama to promote it?? But then I guess the media outlets are cashing in late after WoH blew up), there’s the endless behind-the-scenes / cut version of certain scenes being released steadily by Youku. I have to give it to their marketing team. Especially on releasing the cut version of some scenes by packaging it as a behind-the-scenes thing I presume it doesn’t have to go through censorship but fans like me can still incorporate those scenes into our version of WoH living in our head, and it wouldn’t affect the officially release version of the drama which continues to appeal to a wider audience by keeping some things less visually explicit between WKX / ZZH (although … the whole drama is really them saying I love you without uttering those exact words).

Then there’s GJ and ZZH being super cute in their real life interaction. ❤ The closest I ever came to shipping 2 celebrities in real life was the Adam couple (Jo Kown / Ga-in) in We Got Married years ago but obviously that went no where hahaah, so I’m very clear minded when it comes to shipping real people, or really when it comes to fangirling any celebrities in general. We see what they show us, and we see what we want to see. So I have fun with the memes and go heart eyes when they interact with / mention each other but well, eventually they will move on to other projects and on-screen partners. I will just appreciate and applaud them from afar for their great partnership in and out of the drama.

Keeping some links here of analysis posts and fanvids that I like. Unfortunately they are all in Chinese 😦

Updated on 22 May 2021


山河令,一个写给成年人的爱情童话 (Word of Honor, a love fairytale for adults)

婚姻咨询师:周子舒的知己只有张哲瀚?阿絮无人疼被辜负?深度分析两性视角差异,带你与酒桌解密和知己线和解,愿我们都成为更好的自己 (From a marriage counselor: only ZZH knows ZZS? No one cares about Ah Xu being let down?)

婚姻咨询师带你吃刀嗑糖:为什么韩英的结局已经注定?从创伤的角度,聊一聊双向救赎 (From marriage counselor: Why is Han Ying’s destined for his ending? Discussing two way redemption from the angle of trauma)

Reaction / Commentary videos

五彩哥哥 :看哥哥们真情实感的追剧!Partially English subbed reaction of 5 Straight Guys

高冷人设不崩 : 听直男高输出吐槽,各种脑洞大开,不亦乐乎!不喜勿看。

桑桑和阿一 : 桑桑老师逻辑帝!!

橘子是沃特: 剧评和人物志大推

山河令加长 | 全剧70组闭环台词,这是圆规成精吧!! : 每看必哭,真的佩服编剧把他们的感情圆得那么完美。

Fan MVs

鬼开心 vs 人开心

A super cute and accurate lyrics for WKX and ZZS set to the same adorable tune!


I watch this when I need a laugh haha… it’s amazing how fans can fit the mouth shape of the actors in various scene to look like they are actually singing this song about WKX complaining about ZZS flirting with all these vixens surrounding him XD

山河令 《山 神 降 临》

There’s been many many great fan MVs made for WoH but of those I’ve seen so far, this is my favourite. I’ve not heard of this song prior to this fan MV but the lyrics are so beautiful and fitting for WenZhou.

我在红尘等你 人间等你 守繁华之外

揽尽星辰入怀 千川归来 化一片沧海

我在九幽等你 极乐等你 望彼岸花开

长对三生浮白 不畏不改 渡过去将来

— — —

A tip for non-Chinese speakers watching clips on the Chinese platform Bilibili, click on this tiny blue button at the bottom of the video to grey it out to turn off the on-screen comments.

RKTF recaps

14 Aug

Darknesslakorns is doing recaps for Rak Khun Tao Fah and thus saving me the pain of having to watch it myself. I’m gonna skip the entire arc with Cherry ‘cos I don’t think I can deal with Crazy Mom + evil rai + stupid n’ek. Surprisingly, evil Kitty is already out of the picture by end of ep 6, so I’m not too sure what new tricks the lakorn can turn out to keep Teera from getting a girl. I mean, how many times can Crazy Mom get herself to the hospital before Teera starts wising up? Meh, hopefully when Chompoo comes into the picture the story will hurt my brain less since her character appears not to have any problems standing up for herself.

Trinity Blood review

26 Jan

I guess I should stop doing previews for my posts because I always end up getting distracted by something else and those posts seldom materialise. I was working hard on quotes from Godchild and I am still intending to do another post on that manga but uhm, it might take some more time.

My distraction this time round is in the form of the anime Trinity Blood. I was looking forward to watching it because of the beautiful scans that I’ve seen of the anime. Hmmm, it was as visually stunning as I expected and there were no lack of bishounens running around (bless my fangirl heart). But having said that, I was disappointed by the plot and the pacing of the story. It just wasn’t good story-telling. If I hadn’t gone to spoil myself for the plot and characters, I would have some trouble with following the relationship between different characters and organizations (e.g. what exactly are Methuselahs/Crusniks, how they came about). I’m already halfway through the anime but I’ve yet to feel any emotional attachment to the characters beyond the usual “omg he’s SO KAKKOII!!” fangirl spazzes that I’m prone to.

Abel Nightroad – I was suitably impressed by his power in Crusnik form but he doesn’t make me tick. It almost annoys me when he goes around telling everyone that he’s “on their side” or “their friend”… I guess I still prefer a little exclusitivity when it comes to the heroe’s affections. I understand that Abel is trying to make up for his past sins but at times I find him over-compensating. Am I being too 厳しい on Abel-kun?

Esther Blanchett – Ok, she flat out annoys me. A silly woman that I have no patience for.

Caterina Sforza – She’s the type of strong-willed female characters that I fancy.

Hugue de Watteau – The only character that has me going doki doki. XD I’ll be completely honest … I like him because he 1)is beautiful 2)kicks ass 3)broods 4)cooks 5)looks like he has an angsty backstory (like hello, he has scars all over his torso). Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much airtime. I was filled with hope when he got his own episode (epi 6 Sword Dancer) because I thought that made him a major enough character and there’ll be another episode where it delved into his backstory. But if what I read so far is correct, he only has cameo appearances for the rest of the anime.

Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer + Dietrich von Lohengrin – They are so deliciously evil and they certainly spice up the show with their appearances. I just have a thing about evil people coming together to destroy the world (thinks Sark and Lauren). Emotions like love, trust, reliance, loyalty … I’m sure it means nothing to them. Yet, I keep believing that no one can live without these in their lives completely and so, when it comes to such ‘evil to the core’ characters, I think that somewhere beneath the darkness in their souls that they may actually crave such emotions. And who better to provide solace than a fellow ‘evil’? Haa, I wonder if all that made sense… anyhow, the possibilities are endless between those 2.

Let me end off with some links. While the anime didn’t turn out to be that great, at least the art was good. So do check out the galleries if you like pretty characters!

Trinity Blood artbook scans

Contra Mundi a non-English site but it’s easy to navigate. Plenty of screen shots/scans/illustrations to be found in the multimedia section.

animepaper Plenty of scans from various sources but I can only look at the thumbnails and drool. You have to ‘buy’ the scans by using ‘papers’ on the site but you gotta earn the ‘papers’ through submitting scans/wallpapers.