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Looking back on 2011 – Chinese dramas

25 Dec

Sealed With A Kiss: The premise of a man blackmailing a girl into becoming his mistress in order to exact revenge for her father’s sins might not sit well with many but if you’re a lakorn veteran, this would not faze you a bit. It has all the elements of a typical slap-kiss – Greed! Betrayal! Revenge! Abuse! Manipulation! – and I was expecting a standard lakorn with the only difference being the characters speaking Chinese but I was pleasantly surprised by nuanced characterization and tight plot. lengthier than I thought

Material Queen 10-12

7 Sep

I actually skipped most of episodes 10 and 11 because I couldn’t stomach the angst. Though Chu Man did not consciously choose to sacrifice her ‘perfect’ life for Jia Hao, she made certain decisions for his sake that the old Chu Man wouldn’t have imagined making and in that process, she fell into Yan Kai Ming’s trap and lost everything that she had attained. Btw, Yan Kai Ming is one scary person you do not want to cross. I can see why he would be angry with Chu Man but the way he destroyed the woman he supposedly love is pretty chilling.

Jia Hao got his earnest little heart crushed into smithereens but the one I’m feeling sorry for is Chu Man because her efforts in looking up Eugene to help Jia Hao were all for naught. It didn’t help Jia Hao at all, Jia Hao misunderstood her, Yan Kai Ming saw it as proof of her betrayal and everything just came crashing down on her.

Jia Hao was sponsored by a mysterious rich man to complete his musical studies and after two years in Paris, he returns as an up and coming star violinist Justin. It’s a dramatic reversal of roles because now Chu Man has been reduced to modelling products on shopping channels after being fired from the modelling agency. Well, she even lost that job because she still acts like a diva.

I thought Material Queen will be veering into standard melodrama territory in episode 12 since Jia Hao looks like he’s back for revenge ala Guangxi in Autumn Concerto but Chu Man is no ordinary female lead so expect the unexpected! For once, we have a female lead who correctly interprets the male lead’s insults as an expression of love. ROFL. Chu Man doesn’t mope and angst or choose to stay away from the man she loves like every other self sacrificing heroine. Instead, she actively creates chances to explain herself to Jia Hao and clear up their misunderstanding.

I had expected Jia Hao to be nasty to Chu Man for at least 2,3 episodes but seems like he’s already thinking of forgiving her by the next one?? Be ready to throw expectations out of the window for Material Queen!

Re: Spy Myung Wol finale
I’m the kind that reads spoilers for everything so I’ve already gone and read the recaps for ep16-18 on Koala’s blog and dramabeans. Seems like the writers have given up on logic and so many loose threads were left hanging. Hmm, I wonder if it would’ve been better to end it at episode 10 with that awesome drama-in-a-drama confession? MW and KW got their happy ending without any surprise but by now I’m not quite invested in them as a couple already. I’m just super bummed that Ryu/In Ah didn’t happen. Someone write a Ryu/In Ah fanfic now!

Material Queen ep5

23 Jul

Wow, every time I start thinking perhaps MQ isn’t quite working for me, boom, something takes me by surprise and strings me right back along.

Mia Teng teaser / Material Queen ep 5 preview

13 Jul

ETA: original video posted got removed so here’s another version of the teaser

Hmm, Ka Kong Khon all over again? Why does the nang’ek always have a male best friend in such lakorns? I can’t tell if Chompoo’s guy bestie here is holding a torch for her but I’d be surprise if he wasn’t!
And is it a lakorn rule that the nang’rai must apply BRIGHT RED lipstick? Is that some kind of slut indicator??

Material Queen is moving faster than I expected and also not in the direction that I thought it would. I’m still not crazy in love with it but it has become more enjoyable since ep3 like I hope it would.
– Jia Hao’s lie of graduating from music school in Paris is already exposed and while everybody did angst over it for a while, it didn’t turn out to be much of an issue.
– Yan Kai Ming already knows that Chu Man is a gold digger out to get his attention. From the initial previews, I thought that YKM was genuinely interested in Chu Man but now it seems like he will be using her in his plan to take over the land where Chao Nan Market is currently on.

We’re only at ep 5! I wonder how they are going to fill the remaining 15 episodes.

re-watching Suay Rerd Cherd Sod

1 Jul

I suddenly realise it’s not that I haven’t been watching tv lately, it’s just that I’ve been spending most of my evenings after work watching crime dramas since getting paid tv a couple of months back. CSI: Las Vegas/Miami/NY, Criminal Minds, Law & Order:SVU/Criminal Intent, The Glades, Numb3rs … heck, I even watched the episodes of Sherlock and White Collar which I’ve already seen.

I love crime/detective shows but I guess I’d been overdosing on them and I finally hit saturation point last night. I cut short Criminal Minds and was looking for something funny when I remember ‘Suay Rerd Cherd Sod’. It was one of the funnier lakorns in recent memory so I re-watched epi1 and it got me laughing in no time. It’s not without its flaws and I’ve mentioned them in my previous posts on the lakorn but now that I know how the drama progresses, I simply skip to the funny bits. There are a lot of typical slap-kiss lakorn scenes, like being trapped in the lift, guy tying up girl, guy throwing girl in the pool, girl slapping guy but we get the funny version here instead of the usual melodrama. The nang’ek KhuanUma is a spoilt and bratty Hi-So model and it’s hard to root for her in the beginning but she does learn and get better later on. If anyone is looking for some light hearted stuff, you can head to wishboniko’s channel on yt and check out SRCS.

I’ve also finished ep2 of Material Queen. The production crew has spared no expenses on the clothes, the jewellery, filming in Paris etc and they all translate beautifully on screen but I’m not yet feeling a connection with the main characters. The first 2 episodes seem to be setting up stage for the main couple and the real stuff happens when they return to Taiwan and end up living near each other. Hopefully I can feel the spark by the next couple of episodes if not I might drop it.