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Inborn Pair ep 44 – 48

21 Feb

Ep 43 ended on a high with the passionate and sizzling kiss between Yi Jie and Wei Xiang and it appeared that Yi Jie could no longer deny feeling something for Wei Xiang after responding rather enthusiastically to his kiss, in front of an audience no less. So expectations were understandably high for what was to follow but the remainder of their honeymoon turned out lackluster for me. Yes, there were plenty of sweet moments but there were no actual progress in their relationship. Wei Xiang hinting left right centre about his feelings and Yi Jie choosing to ‘act blur’ – haven’t we all been there, done that? Then Wei Xiang got his confession interrupted twice by untimely phone calls and his final attempt failed when he passed out drunk. Uhm, filler much? Fluff without substance was not able to sustain my interest and I was actually not motivated to continue watching after 45.

Thankfully the pace picked up when the OTP returned to ‘real life’ i.e. where Luo Yun and Dong Yang existed. Luo Yun only made an appearance to kindly remind Yi Jie that Wei Xiang belonged to her (well, not her exact words but the implication was clear) and Yi Jie once again binds her feelings by acknowledging her promise to Luo Yun.

Then it was Dong Yang’s turn to come stir the still waters in Yi Jie’s heart. Ah, Dong Yang, I would ship you so bad with Yi Jie if she wasn’t so adorable with Wei Xiang. Chris Wu nailed all his scenes with Annie Chen and I do get a bit teary-eyed every time I see Dong Yang have a mini breakdown once Yi Jie leaves. Dong Yang needs to star in his own little drama where an amazing woman comes heal his broken heart!! *cough* Anyway, as fate the scriptwriters would have it, he inadvertently ended up as Lawyer Qian’s partner and now he is colleagues with Yi Jie. Now that Yi Jie is forced to be around Dong Yang due to work, I hope it’s a catalyst for her to face up to her past with him. Only when Yi Jie has worked out all her lingering feelings/anger at Dong Yang can she really start with Wei Xiang. I’m not too concern about Luo Yun actually because Wei Xiang is the type of guy who would be upfront about his feelings so once he is sure of Yi Jie’s place in his heart, I believe he would not hesitate to tell Luo Yun.

Moving on to lil’ bro Wei Cheng … I never understood why Li’er liked Wei Cheng so much to the point where she was willing to ‘force herself’ on Wei Cheng even when he expressed his distaste for her and later, I didn’t understand how Wei Cheng had somehow fallen in love with this tyrannical girl who made his life hell. But now that they are together, I do enjoy their light fluffy love which is a nice distraction from the other complicated relationships. Wei Cheng is always funny so I seldom fastfoward his scenes and even Li’er is kinda growing on me! A bit of angst just got thrown in the mix after Li Tian’s triad boss identity was exposed and now Wei Cheng is forbidden from mixing with Li’er as her dad’s background might adversely affect Wei Hai Group’s image. But no worries, true love will prevail! I only hope Wei Cheng’s snarkiness will be intact even when he’s being emo because I love his snarky self.

Let me end this post by dedicating this song to Dong Yang ~

说天气 没重点
说昨天 太狂野
我们最好还是别再 再见

Inborn Pair Ep43

12 Feb


可是今天我真的心疼这个娇气得有点霸道的女人。我不知道演员的名字,不过她把雁妮的心痛演绎得太到位了,害我都有点想哭。为什么曾经相爱的两个人会走到这一步? Speaking is not communication, 而他们之间说话、吵架、甚至大声吼,却仿佛在和墙壁说话,还是无法把自己的心意传达给对方,是多么可悲的事情。

说回奕捷和伟翔这对 … 每当我准备好要被虐的时候,路一转就突然变闪戏了!不是不好啦,只是习惯了韩剧和泰剧里的主角们日子没那么好过,所以有点措手不及?哈哈

东阳虽然只出现一下下,演员的好演技确让我也好不舍学长。希望编剧给他安排一个好归宿!奕捷和伟翔在民宿里火辣辣的吻我始料未及,I was literally gaping at the screen when the kiss went on and on and on. 不过宋小姐那么热烈的回吻证明了她也一样对伟翔动了心,就看两只接下来怎么好好把握这独处的时光,整理、正视并表达心里最真实的感受。

Inborn Pair update

9 Feb

So, we’re at the halfway mark of ‘Inborn Pair’ and it’s time to do a progress report! I voiced my concern about its length when I first started watching and while there are inevitably fillerish bits, it doesn’t feel as drawn out as I had expected. Like I mentioned before, standard tropes are employed in loads – fake illness, fake marriage, fake pregnancy, bitchy female third wheel, devoted male third wheel etc – but the script manages some degree of restrain with the melodramatic elements and at least the emotions feel realistic even if the situations aren’t. I’m sure it’s possible to fall madly and deeply in love with someone over a short period of time but most relationships out there take time to develop and build which is why I enjoy watching Wei Xiang/Yi Jie slowly go from strangers, to friends, to family and I’m sure, eventually to lovers.

Initially I was frustrated with how Wei Xiang dealt with Luo Yun and wish he was more firm in letting her know he has nada interest in her, instead of letting her hang around to cause trouble between him and Yi Jie but now I thought it was actually in character of him to behave that way. Wei Xiang is a principled man who is also straightforward to a fault and to him, he’s honestly treating Luo Yun as a good friend so he doesn’t get it when Yi Jie is upset about him being ‘too close’ to Luo Yun. At that time, Wei Xiang likes Yi Jie as a person and is grateful to her for going along with the fake marriage for Granny’s sake but he doesn’t yet feel anything special for her so it’s only natural that he isn’t as sensitive to her feelings. However, as times passes, he is slowly drawn to Yi Jie and by now he is starting to acknowledge his feelings to her. The transition from him begging Yi Jie to come home for Granny’s sake after the Luo Yun fiasco to him now caring for Yi Jie’s physical and emotional well-being is pretty well done.

Yi Jie on the other hand, is harder to figure out. In the Luo Yun arc, she was obviously jealous and was shown to be upset when she thought Wei Xiang was getting it on with Luo Yun behind her back. But now she’s all oblivious to Wei Xiang’s not-so-subtle declaration of interest in her and it’s hard for me to believe she has no inkling of the changes in his feelings. I suppose I could put it down to her believing that Luo Yun is the best match for Wei Xiang and already convincing herself that once her contract marriage is up after 1 year, Wei Xiang will move on to Luo Yun and thus not entertain any possibility of her and Wei Xiang. The reappearance of Dong Yang is also a pretty big distraction but still, Yi Jie’s development is not as consistent as that of Wei Xiang. Hopefully as her past with Dong Yang comes to light, there will be a more detailed portrayal of Yi Jie’s inner world to allow us to better understand her current reactions.

Nevertheless, I enjoy watching all of Wei Xiang and Yi Jie’s interactions. Though they are not crazy in love, they do have a strong affection for each other and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to just see Wei Xiang/Yi Jie treat each other right.
Going back to Dong Yang, Chris Wu is doing a fabulous job as the ex who is giving Wei Xiang a run for his money. On one hand I’m rooting for Wei Xiang to get the girl, on the other I can’t help but feel for Dong Yang who was forced to give up his love due to his illness. From the previews it appears that Yi Jie will learn of Dong Yang’s illness soon so I wonder how long it will take for the Dong Yang arc to play out and if Luo Yun will return to cause more chaos. Anyhow, I hope the show continues with the nice balance of fun and drama without going overboard.

Other highlights so far
– Yi Jie’s mom and granddad. They love Yi Jie to bits and are fiercely protective of her but they are also super cool individuals who are a delight to be around. Mom and Granddad make a hilarious tag team and they never fail to make me laugh with their ‘cross talk’.
– Wei Cheng. He’s Wei Xiang’s lazy, n’er-do-good younger brother and I didn’t pay much attention to him at first but he’s one of my favourite characters now. He may be playful and childish but he’s not a mean person and I love his snarkiness. He has such funny lines that I watch his scenes with Li-er even though I don’t really care for their relationship.

The blah bits
– Yan Ni/Ke Fan/Jia Jia. It’s not exactly going the route of ‘The Fierce Wife’ like I thought but either way, I can’t root for anyone in this triangle so I skip most of their parts.
– Granny. She’s technically one of the ‘good guys’ since she’s the major reason why our OTP is together but I take issues with her methods. I don’t understand why she’s so hung up about the betrothment and is willing to emotionally blackmail her beloved grandson into a marriage with someone he barely knows. Even after the marriage, she’s constantly using her ‘illness’ as leverage to get Wei Xiang/Yi Jie to do what she wants. Ok, I get that you are concern about their relationship but ya know, perhaps it should’ve occurred to you in the beginning that they do not have much foundation for a marriage. Sure, we all know that Yi Jie turns out to be a good woman for Wei Xiang but what if she’s simply not compatible? Wouldn’t Granny have ruined the relationships of two person? Meh, perhaps this is a case of ‘let’s just accept it as a necessary plot device or we wouldn’t be getting any drama’.

我不願讓你一個人 一個人在人海浮沉

2 Feb

Have the main couple share a bed for whatever reason and they will usually end up in each other’s arms by morning. Cliché perhaps but you must admit it’s cute and Wei Xiang/Yi Jie are so adorable together. Yi Jie’s ex-boyfriend just showed up in ep36 and I’m dreading the inevitable angst that will follow.

I love the sub theme song 我不願讓你一個人(I’m not willing for you to be alone) by Mayday which has such beautifully sad lyrics and I bet it’s gonna make me cry at some point in time while watching the drama.
lyrics. No translation though

First impressions – Inborn Pair

24 Jan

Yep, awkward English title there. The title in Chinese translates more to ‘true love comes looking for trouble’ and not only does ‘Inborn Pair’ not reflect any of that, it sounds more like something for a Korean horror movie. Initially I thought it was an idol drama but turns out it’s a daily drama with a planned run of 80 episodes (45 min each). I’m 8 episodes in and so far IP has been a relatively entertaining watch though it is rather textbook with the plot lines. Boy meets Girl, misunderstanding happens, they hate each other’s guts but keep bumping into each other, many more misunderstandings later, they find out they were betrothed at birth by their grandparents! Dun dun dun.

Annie Chen and Chris Wang played supporting roles in ‘Material Queen’ and ‘The Fierce Wife’ respectively and now they are fronting IP as the main couple. They have good chemistry and I enjoy their bickering though Yi Jie (Annie Chen) can be irritating sometimes as she is prone to over-reacting and often acts before getting facts straight.

There is also a secondary story line going on with Wei Xiang’s elder sister, which totally screams ‘The Fierce Wife’. Ladies, do not ever ever ever invite your pretty cousin/good friend/whatever to stay long term at your house ok? It’s never a good idea to bring temptation to your doorstep no matter how faithful a guy you think your husband is. I’ve already caught TFW so won’t bother with this portion of IP again.

In short, decent start but I’m not sure if there’s sufficient meat to the story to carry me through for all 80 episodes.