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孤獨的總和 The Sum of Loneliness lyrics

11 Jan

From the OST of Taiwanese drama ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’. I have been struck by the inability to write bug and as much as I’m loving TPoH, my fingers hover over the keyboard, unsure of how to put my feelings down into words. So here’s a translation of a song instead.

孤獨的總和 – 吳汶芳

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我总是一个人在练习一个人 lyrics / translation / pinyin

16 Nov


I’m always alone practicing being alone

By 林宥嘉 Yoga Lin

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By2 不哭了 [No More Tears] lyrics / translation / pinyin

15 Oct

[updated with pinyin]

By2’s ballads have fairly simple and straighforward lyrics but somehow they always manage to catch me at the right time and resonate with me. When I first heard their latest ballad ‘No More Tears’ I thought it didn’t match up to their previous one ‘You Don’t Know Me‘ which I liked a lot but over this weekend, this song just … fit. Let’s not cry any more.

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If I knew – Baan Sai Thong ost

6 Aug


If I knew you love me, I would not have proposed you on behalf of Than Tom.

If I knew you love me, I would not have left.

If I knew you love me.

If I knew you loved me, even if only a little

You should have let me know that day

My heart that has always been waiting

Might have found somewhere to belong to

Just softly say, my dearest I’ll never leave

Our hearts would not be tormented and broken like this

If I knew you loved me, even if only a little

You should have let me know that day

My heart that has always been waiting

Might not be at a loss and leave my love

— —

I translated this from Chinese subs so accuracy is probably at 70% only. If anyone can offer a better translation, please leave a comment!

Hongki & Mina – Me to You

13 Jul

A special post recording their words to each other in the last episode, words that carry the weight of their memories, their thanks, their love.

Mina’s letter to Hongki

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A Hundred Thousand Millilitres of Tears – Tanya Chua

4 Jul

ETA: I’m surprised by the number of hits this post is getting. Good to know that this song is getting noticed from being played to death on zzsf. lol. I’ve updated the lyrics with hanyu pinyin for people who want to sing along but can’t read Chinese. Enjoy~

It’s been a busy busy week! Only had time to catch up with the first few episodes of ‘Dream Makers’ and I’ll probably do an impression post this weekend. For now, here’s a translation of a song from the drama soundtrack, lyrics by one of my favourite lyricist Xiao Han and performed movingly by Tanya Chua who also composed the melody.

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On Call 36 Hours II

2 Apr

All these recent talk of ‘On Call 36 Hours’ is making want to re-watch the show and it’s also getting me real excited for the sequel which is in the works. I’ve translated a recent interview of Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung where they talk about the sequel.

Sequel’s teaser from TVB’s sales presentation.

– On the sequel’s story

T: In this sequel, it’s impossible that we (Yat Kin Tau and Yu Zai) separate or have a 3rd party come between us. We got married and in the show we will have a kid but because my illness recurred, we had to abort the baby and this caused some problems between us. He doesn’t want the baby because it would endanger my health but I really want the baby because he is the only son in the family and I  wanted to give him a child so that’s the cause of conflicts. Family, career and his own personal career will also encounter problems because of me.

K: I will need this wife to support me and give me strength to get back on my feet.

T: He will have major problems with his career – his job, his confidence, family will all have problems. And in order to encourage him, I gave up my favourite cardiothoracic surgery and switched to the pathology department where I will work with Lawrence Ng.

Interviewer: And there may be some relationship complications?

T & K: Oh nononono, no 3rd party can get between us. ❤

K: An interesting thing about this script is, if you’ve watched ‘On Call 1’, you will know that she was the more pro-active one but in the sequel, when we are apart I will be the one taking the initiative to woo her back again. I find that interesting.

Both of them says that about 1/3 of the sequel has been filmed.

– Talking about each other

T: He’s a great guy, fantastic! He likes to stay at home. Not the kind who stays at home glued to the computer but to accompany his mom. He takes good care of his family is and very filial (Kenneth interjects to say ‘so are you’ and Tavia agrees. lol) His usual activies – though I don’t stay with him – he leaves work late and wakes up early. There’s lots of time but he doesn’t sleep, don’t know what he’s doing. Reading the newspaper at home, ask his friends out for soccer, go for tea with his mom, pick his mom up after she is done with mahjong. Haaa~ am I right? (K: Yes) I don’t stay with him but I know all his daily activities (K: Why do you know so much) I don’t know~

K: I know her very well too. Usually when she’s not filming, she also stays at home with her mom. (T: And what else?) oh yes, her dog.

They then talk about how they wish to take on happier or comedic roles in the future so they won’t have to keep crying or dying. Haaa.

Stepfather Step -Chapter 6

8 Jul

I don’t mean to let this space languish for so long but nothing on tv is appealing to me at the moment. I’m only following ‘Burn Notice’ now and waiting for ‘White Collar’ to return but I’m happy enough just reblogging beautiful gif sets of said shows on tumblr. D: I can’t believe this is happening to a drama-addict like me.

Anyway, I got managed to finish Chapter 6 between mindless reblogging on tumblr. It’s a short one and the next chapter will wrap up the first story in the novel.

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Stepfather Step – Chapter 5

9 Jun

Erps, finally got chapter 5 done after … how long has it been? I’ve been watching Jdramas exclusively for the past month and out of the lot I adore Keizoku 2: SPEC so much but I have apparently been afflicted by the writer’s block disease and could only muster up reblogs of the drama’s gifs on tumblr. I’m way more active there these days since I get away with pretty photos and shiny gifs but hopefully I’ll be posting more than translations on this space soon!
Stepfather Step by Miyabe Miyuki – Chapter 5

踮起腳尖愛 Looking for Love on Tiptoes – translation

1 Jun

Woah, 2 song translations in a day! I like BY2’s ‘Lovin’ You’ enough to spend time translating it but frankly the lyrics are pretty simple I got it done in a jiffy. This song however, with Xiao Han as the lyricist, is much more poetical i.e. my translation does not do it justice but still hope to share this beautiful song with those who do not understand Chinese.

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