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Sanjae is failz

10 Feb

Sanjae, will you stop talking like it was up to you to decide who Yeon soo ends up with? Yes, I know I’m supposed to sympathize with him because 1) he doesn’t get the girl he likes (hey, he was even magnanimous enough to help Min chul get back with Yeon soo after they fight) 2) screechy Sena is stuck on him like glue 3) he found out his father isn’t his father after all 4) the man who raised him actually murdered his birth father ETA: oh wait, he doesn’t know that yet. He only knew that Lee Sr built his music empire by framing his birth father and then taking over his music business.

Fine, you have all the reason in the world to hate your ‘father’ and extend that hate to Min chul but for the last time, you didn’t ‘give up’ Yeon soo to Min Chul. She chose Min chul over you. Period. Even if Sanjae hadn’t help them reconcile, it wasn’t like Yeon soo was planning on running into Sanjae’s arms.

I’m not sure how accurate is this but I’m under the impression that Ryu Shi won (Sanjae) was supposed to be the main guy i.e. get the girl instead of LBH (Min Chul) but the script was changed due to Min Chul’s popularity. Must have read it somewhere all those years back. Anyway, if this is true, I wonder at what point did the scriptwriters decide to switch camps because there wasn’t a single moment where it seemed like Sanjae/Yeon soo was possible. The fan letters for Min Chul must have flooded in by episode 2 or something. Haa. Sorry, it’s just not possible to resist LBH’s charm.

Random: whoever dressed TVXQ for their ‘Keep Your Head Down’ MV needs to be fired. I love the dance but their clothes hurt my eyes.

re-watching Beautiful Days

7 Feb

I’ve watched Beautiful Days for like 6,7 times over the past 10 years (gosh, this makes me feel old) and I still want to punch Sanjae in the face everytime. Seriously, Yeon soo is just not that into you. Can you stop meddling in Yeon soo and Min Chul’s affairs? In epi 11, it’s hilarious how Sanjae stormed into Min Chul’s office and demanded to know what Min Chul did to Yeon soo when he, Sanjae, was the one who stood outside Min Chul’s office eavesdropping on them and purposely called Yeon Soo on her Min Chul-cellphone which resulted in Min Chul’s temper exploding.

A random observation: Victory’s CD store plays Backstreet Boys 9 out of 10 times we get a scene there. Haah.

Yep, I’m getting old alright.