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Pang Sanaeha – the D couple

15 Apr

‘Wut’ Asadawut Lerngsoontorn as Dennis / ‘Benz’ Punyaporn Pongpipat as Deun

Not a nice shot of the couple but there aren’t many to be found since they are not the main OTP. I have only watched/tried watching 3 Ch7 lakorns so far so I’m not familiar with their artistes except for those who always make it to the entertainment pages. Apparently Wut used to be Ch7’s leading man? Hmm, can anyone recommend a good lakorn by Wut? But then again, there might not be subs available for the older ones. D:


I might be the only one who feels this way but I would be interested in watching their story! Like how they met, got together, how they used to be before Praidao’s accident and ideally how Dennis decides to quit for Deun’s sake. Lol, but that kind of storyline is reserved for p’eks not villains.

Pang Sanaeha rant

15 Apr

Spoilery rant ahead. Read it to save yourself the trouble of actually watching the show.

Bah, to think I was banking on PS to help turn my opinion of Ch7 around. It started off well enough and I was glad that this lakorn did not focus solely on romance and introduced some variety with a mixture of supernatural, mystery and humour but it all fell apart in the second half with the horrendous writing and the poor production/editing sure did not help matters. The lakorn is based on a novel and since I don’t read Thai, I’m not sure how much of the drama’s plot should be blamed on the novelist or the scriptwriter.

First, poor resolution to the mysteries. The Ketsarina line was dragged on for soooo long, with Sak then Oi getting haunted endlessly, they getting freaked out endlessly, the witch doctor always failing to get rid of Ketsarina and it goes on and on and on. I thought Ketsarina wanted to approach Tae to tell him who killed her so they can be arrested and she can move on after justice is served. But because she has a green light perpetually shining on her face to make her look scary, Tae never sticks around long enough to hear her out. Later, when people at the farm finally figured to just freaking ask Ketsarina already what she wants, it somehow turned into Tae and co. having to find out by their own efforts who the real culprit is. Even after going in circles forever and Oi is finally found to be involved as well, the lakorn never properly explained what went on between Sak/Oi/Ket/Tot. Ket and Tot were a couple, Oi bullied Ket because she wanted to get Tot then somehow in between Ket breaks up with Tot and got together with Sak though she doesn’t love Sak? Then Oi instigated Sak to beat Ket to death? WTH. And whose body was that that Oi led Tot to dig up? Ket said it wasn’t hers but nothing ever came out of it.
I really have lots to complain about

Pang Sanaeha – ep 7 – 9 liveblogging

8 Apr

omo omo, what is going on?? When Dennis showed concern for Deun upon hearing that she was unwell, I was all awwwwww but when he found out she was pregnant, he immediately told her to get rid of the baby! WHAT WHAT WHAT?? What did he mean when he said they shouldn’t have a child together? Wait, don’t tell me they are the real siblings here? I can’t rule out anything with this lakorn now.

ETA 1: Ep 8. Oops, seems like Dennis is just an ass and doesn’t want kids. Haa, this lakorn is making me jump to all sorts of conclusions. But I’m still mighty curious about Deun and Paul’s relationship!

ETA 2: Arg, Sri, what are you doing? Her hotheadedness is starting to annoy me. Oh, but dear Paul, you’re so funny with your snide remarks.
It’s so irritating when Paul tries to warn Sri but she’s still trying to be smart with him instead of realising how she has put everyone in danger. Bah.

ETA 3: Dang, I’m so easy. Dennis comes rushing to show concern for Deun and I’m feeling sorry for him again. Erm, at least he doesn’t mention anything about aborting the baby? Something always happens to keep Sri/Siangwaan away from that mysterious room which houses Praidao, I wonder how long more we will have to wait to see the real Praidao.

ETA 4: Ep 9. Yes, you tell her Paul, tell her to her face that it was her fault she wouldn’t listen to you and continued to mess with Dennis despite knowing what kind of man he was. I’m sorry that Sri’s farm got burnt down but really, did she think Dennis was a drug lord for nothing?
Paul baby, if Sri doesn’t want you, I’m always here. XD

ETA 5: Oh Sri, why are you being stupid again? Wait, why does Sri have Deun’s number? Dennis you lose 1000 points again for bringing up the abortion.
Revelations, revelations! So Paul is Praidao’s fiancé and that’s how he is linked to Dennis and Deun. Which leads to the question did he get engage with Praidao because of love or to get near Dennis? Seeing how Praidao is definitely ending up with Tae and Sri with Paul, I’d say the latter.

ETA 6: Hmmm, so Jenjira thinks Praidao is dead? Or is she just saying it to get Tae off her back?
Tae lives to see another day because the bad guys were too dumb to just off him when they had the chance. Ok, calling it a night for now.

Pang Sanaeha 2-6

7 Apr

The couple I'm more interested in watching is not the 2 main ones but Dennis and Deun! Dennis isn't winning any upstanding citizen awards and he is far from a good husband/man but I'm hoping he can work things out with Deun because they still love each other, just that both (esp Dennis) are going about their marriage the wrong way. I shouldn't be rooting for Dennis right? He's a nasty drug lord, he keeps a mistress and still expects his wife to wait on him happily yet my heart softens whenever he reminds Jenjira that Deun is his wife and she (Jen) shouldn't get any funny ideas, or when he smiles when looking/thinking of Deun.

They remind me of the OTP of Fei Wo Si Cun's (author of Sealed with a Kiss and Too Late to Say I Love You) novel 'If I Didn't Meet You This Second'. The OTP loved each other but because of their character, they made a lot of wrong assumptions about each other and with lack of communication, the misunderstandings snowballed till tragedy happened. She thinks he is tired of her, he thinks she doesn't love him any more … hmmm, sounds like Dennis and Deun.

As for the lakorn overall, the pacing and Tle's acting could use some improvement but for now the mystery is doing well to keep me watching. That and Gun. Haa. Frankly I don't get Paul's deal with Sri in the lakorn but heck, Gun is so hot I don't mind any scenes with him. The show needs to work harder on getting me to like the main OTPs because ep6 already and I still much rather watch Tae and Sri quibble!

Pang Sanaeha first impressions

5 Apr


Wow, didn’t realise I haven’t watched a lakorn for almost half a year. Well, I’m finally back with Pang Sanaeha. I don’t know much about the story but the feedback online seems positive and it also stars Gun Kantathaworn, my evil-and-hot vampire from Rak Mai Mee Wan Tai so I decided to give it a shot. The first half of the first episode was a bit blah for me but after Tae (Tle) finally accepts that the pretty ghost following him isn’t going anywhere and decides to help her, the plot starts moving forward. I’m two episodes in and so far it’s been a good mix of humour, mystery and horror (ghost count: 3).

I believe the green-face ghost is Ketsarina and signs point to her having been murdered by Sak and Oi but I’m still trying to figure everything else out. Siangwann’s real identity is the obvious mystery but I’m more intrigued by Paul/Petch’s side of the story. Why the name change? Why is he working for a drug lord (though I must say the black suits required of a drug lord’s henchman makes Gun look oh so delicious)? What is his relationship with Deun? Initially I thought they were siblings and he was working for Dennis for his sister’s sake but from the way they addressed each other, it doesn’t look like the case. They don’t act like lovers either so what’s their deal? Something happened to both of them in Pak Chong and how does that something tie in to everything else? Ah, so many questions and I’m looking forward to unveiling them one by one. Just hope the answer will be a satisfactory one!

Despite the number of ghosts running around, the horror quotient isn’t high but I have a very low tolerance of such stuff so it’s been enough to creep me out. I watched ep2 at night when I was home alone and the scene where Sak struggled with his bicycle in the rain only to realise Ketsarina was sitting behind really made my skin crawl. Fortunately, there aren’t many such genuinely scary (to me) moments and the ghost scenes are usually more funny than scary like when Ketsarina came asking for Tae’s help and he muttered that he wasn’t the ghost whisperer. OTP wise, there hasn’t been much development so far so not feeling much for either pair and I’m actually enjoying the interaction between Tae and Sri more. This show is off to a good start and hopefully this will be the first Ch7 lakorn that I enjoy!

For readers of this blog who know Thai, I gather from the subs that Siangwaan uses ‘sab’ in place of ‘roo’ (to know) and if I didn’t misunderstand, is ‘sab’ a dialect or a less commonly used word? This is the first time I’ve come across it.

Lakorn news: Kudalakorn has translated a detailed synopsis of Ruk Khun Tao Fah and my anticipation of this lakorn has just dropped by 100 points. It’s just … not my kinda thing. Even with the power cast, I doubt I’ll be sitting through this one.