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Stepfather Step -Chapter 6

8 Jul

I don’t mean to let this space languish for so long but nothing on tv is appealing to me at the moment. I’m only following ‘Burn Notice’ now and waiting for ‘White Collar’ to return but I’m happy enough just reblogging beautiful gif sets of said shows on tumblr. D: I can’t believe this is happening to a drama-addict like me.

Anyway, I got managed to finish Chapter 6 between mindless reblogging on tumblr. It’s a short one and the next chapter will wrap up the first story in the novel.

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Stepfather Step – Chapter 5

9 Jun

Erps, finally got chapter 5 done after … how long has it been? I’ve been watching Jdramas exclusively for the past month and out of the lot I adore Keizoku 2: SPEC so much but I have apparently been afflicted by the writer’s block disease and could only muster up reblogs of the drama’s gifs on tumblr. I’m way more active there these days since I get away with pretty photos and shiny gifs but hopefully I’ll be posting more than translations on this space soon!
Stepfather Step by Miyabe Miyuki – Chapter 5

Stepfather Step – Chapter 4

17 Mar

Translating the novel made me want to give the drama another shot so I did but this time I’m dropping it for sure. Having read the novel (and quite a few times at that), I can’t help but compare the two and the characters are so fundamentally different. Ironically, the only episode I’ve enjoyed so far was the one focused on an original character Nao. There are occasional funny moments but the mawkishness of the plot in general makes me roll my eyes so it’s sayonara ~~~

Chapter 4

Stepfather Step – Chapter 3

9 Mar

I blame Nishijima Hidetoshi for the delay in translating this chapter.


It took me a week before I was able to get out of bed and even then I could only walk with a limp. Even though this Sake bottle combi’s motives were clear, I was still thankful to them for their care. The simple fact that they managed to nurse me back to health without calling a doctor and only using over-the-counter medication was enough for my gratitude. But this was also a terrifying week, especially when Tadashi suggested, “Let me help treat your dislocated right shoulder.”
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Stepfather Step – Chapter 2

26 Feb

This was so long and descriptive. Please pardon any grammatical errors and I might have messed up the baseball analogy (never watched a baseball match in my life). >_>


It was a mistake to even come to this area.
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Stepfather Step – the novel

23 Feb

As requested by the anon in my previous post on the Jdrama ‘Stepfather Step’, I will attempt to translate the novel that the drama was based on. The novel is pretty long so I’m not sure if I can last to the end but fortunately it’s divided into 7 stories which can stand alone so I’ll try my hand at the first story and see where it leads.

I’m translating this from the Chinese translation so accuracy will naturally be discounted but I hope to be able to keep the spirit of the novel.

Stepfather Step – Miyabe Miyuki
Chapter 1

Stepfather Step – Impressions

5 Feb

‘Stepfather Step’ was my first Miyabe Miyuki novel and one of the few mystery novels that I’ve read more than once, not so much for the mystery but for the lovely character interactions. The story is about a thief who blacked out after falling into a house due to an accident on the job and woke up to find himself blackmailed by a pair of twins into becoming their father. The twins were recently abandoned by their parents and cash was running low plus they needed an adult to keep up the pretence of a complete family so that’s where our thief comes into the picture. The novel is made up of a few cases involving the thief and/or twins but at the heart of it, it’s a funny and heart-warming tale on what it means to be family.

Japan loves making tv adaptations of novels/manga/anime and it seems that mystery novels have been particularly popular over the past few years – just check out the number of dramas/movies based off Higashino Keigo’s work – so I probably shouldn’t be too surprise to see the dramatization of ‘Stepfather Step’. Personally I’m not a fan of tv adaptations of mystery novels in Japan because the scriptwriters tend to re-work the story too much to make it more entertaining for the general audience and in doing so, the story loses part of it’s original charm for me (don’t get me started on Galileo).

I like the cast of ‘Stepfather Step’ but unfortunately the drama is a sappy, politically correct shadow of the novel. The novel’s protagonist is a thief who isn’t apologetic about his profession and the twins aren’t bothered by it either but I guess the tv station can’t ‘sanction’ something illegal on national tv so he gets turned into a modern day Robin Hood and later the twins tearfully begged him to stop stealing. The novel was quirky and the humour deadpan whereas the drama has too many mawkish moments meant to manipulate the viewers emotions and it’s a turn off for me. I don’t expect tv adaptations to follow the novels strictly but at least keep the spirit of the story right?

Still, I must say the twins are very adorable. They are older in the novel but it’s harder to find cute 13 year olds? Haaa.

More info on the drama can be found here: http://jdramas.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/stepfather-step/