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Death & Strawberry 2

4 Aug



guhhhhh… I have no words to describe how I’m feeling.

Every IchiRuki reunion is epic but THIS. THIS THIS THIS.

It’s too glorious for words. When Ichigo is at absolute rock bottom – to the point where he even thinks his own dad AWESOME TO INFINITY ISSHIN would betray him – Rukia appears and gives him back his powers by stabbing him with a zanpakutou like when they first met.

His ray of light is back. She’s here to dry up the rain once again.

what happened to wishboniko’s yt channel??

13 Jul

My heart dropped when I went to wishy’s channel and I’m told that it’s not available! Though I’m not following her current subs for ‘Tas Rak’, I do re-watch many of her subbed lakorns from time to time, like I’m doing with ‘Suay Rerd Cherd Sod’ now. Thankfully wishy’s videos are still up on yt when I search for the respective titles but I wonder if I should start dl-ing Sawan Biang those that I really like?

Anyway, I had a good laugh with SRCS over my lunch break. Nop is major failz as Pim’s boyfriend but no doubt he is hilarious when pitting his wits against Khuan. I’m at ep6 now and though Khuan wouldn’t admit it over her dead body, she does appreciate what Nop has done for her and is including him in the tiny circle of people she wants to be nice to. I think it’s cute that Khuan is also extending her help to Pim as she views Pim as an extension of Nop … which again shows how lousy Nop is as a boyfriend. Everyone is trying to help Pim except her boyfriend! I thought Pim moped too much the first time I watched SRCS but now I think she has every reason to be unhappy. Her boyfriend is disinterested, her mom is deep in debt due to gambling and trying to pimp her out to every other rich guy, her boyfriend’s brother is interested in her and she’s also got a crazy girl who’s interested in the brother trying to wreck her career. I’d be pretty mope-y too!

I haven’t been reading the manga, just keeping track of the plot on bleachness … but the colour spread in the latest issue is #)$%*!@ good. It’s great to see all my favourite characters who have been missing since the fullbringer arc and in colour at that! Hope they’ll return to the manga soon. You are missed Rukia!!

Rabum Duang Dao

11 Oct

I really want to catch Rabum Duang Dao but seems like no one is subbing it yet. Everytime we think Ploy has been evil enough in her n’rai role, she comes out with another one that ‘out-evils’ the previous ones. lol. From what I’ve read, the character she plays here is even worse than Nan in KRN… there are the usual two-face back stabbing, catfights, and even murder! I bet she’ll end up nuts (or is she already mentally unstable in the drama now) or dead. Fingers crossed that someone will eventually sub it, or at least provide detailed summaries like SSH. Some pics from the lakorn

— — —

In Bleach … if IchiHime shippers choose to interpret chapter 423 as a joyous occasion because Rukia is out of Ichigo’s life, then they are more deluded than I thought. Time and again, Kubo showed us the importance of Rukia to Ichigo and vice versa so blatantly I wonder how anyone reading can miss it. I’m not saying it’s ZOMG! THEY ARE LOVERS … no, they are not lovers now, but they have a special relationship going on that does not include the rest of the nakamas. Personally I won’t be too bothered if IchiRuki don’t end up in a ‘romantic’ relationship by the end of Bleach (though that would be nice), and heck, everyone has the right to ship anything they like. But to deny Rukia’s importance? To decide that Orihime is the LURV OF ICHIGO’S LIFE because of her confession and insist that’s what Kubo has been drawing for the past 400+ chapters?? Now that bothers me. I mean, you can ship Ichigo with a tree for all I care, but don’t let down Kubo’s efforts by twisting his work to suit your fancies – know the different between fanon and canon!


30 Jul

I love this colour page of Gin. I LOVE chapter 414.

Please Kubo, don’t let this be another one of Aizen’s illusions. Millions of frustrated fans will be tearing their hair out next week (including me) if that’s how Aizen is getting out this situation. I don’t think Aizen will be taken out this easily (ok, maybe not that easily considering Gin did lay in wait for centuries for this opportunity) but at least give us something else that isn’t as convenient as hypnosis.

15 Jul

Bleach latest chapter is delayed this week but judging from the spoilers, we gonna have some Gin/Matsu moments. Gin appears to have his own agenda (no surprise) but is he only trying to protect Matsumoto by keeping her away, or is he planning to double cross Aizen to become the ultimate boss, or is he really one of the good guys planted beside Aizen? The theory that Gin is working undercover ala “Infernal Affairs” has been floating around for the longest time but I do hope that he stays the self-serving villain that he appears to be. We lack good villains!

There are still funny moments in epi 3 of “Suay Rerd Cherd Sod”, but the stupidity of the characters makes me go argggg as I watch. Why in the world does Nop think kissing Khuan in public (on 2 occasions at that) is a good way of getting back at her? Yes, it’s embarrassing to Khuan but isn’t he putting his relationship with Pim on the line by doing so? Seriously, if my boyfriend tells me he’s only trying to tease another girl by kissing said girl, I will give him a few good slaps. Aaaaaand then there’s Pim. Her constant sad-face is irritating me and granted, Khuan was mean to make the models do their walk 10 times, but it wasn’t like Khuan singled Pim out for the walking. Everyone did the same thing so why the hell is Pim moaning that Khuan is targeting her? To top it off, Pim’s twisted ankle has nothing to do with Khuan so why is Nop ‘taking revenge’ for Pim?? meh, I don’t know, it’s funny to see Nop and Khuan take turns sabotaging each other but the reasons leading up to their confrontations are so lame. Looks like Vee is turning ‘evil’ but I’m not caring much for his storyline so I fastforwarded all his parts with Da. Oops.

Rose Without Thorns is out! Ploy’s character Nantawadee reminds me a lot of the evil girl she played in Namtan Mai, heck even the house she stays in looks the same (or maybe it’s just my memory failing). I really hope for Nantawadee be a less one-dimensional villain who only exists to make life a sob fest for the nang’ek and hopefully she gets true love in the end too! Haa, but what are the chances of a happy ending for the evil girl? From the synopsis, Sarat (Tah) will truly love Nantawadee so fingers crossed that there will be redemption waiting at the end for her. Speaking of Tah, after going gay in Namtan Mai, he’s looking spiffy and manly in his military uniform! As for the main leads, Rome is handsome and Yaya looks sweet. Erm, yea, that sums up my impression so far.

13 Jul

“Xxxholic” has gone monthly which means a longer wait between updates but at least CLAMP are giving us more pages. I use to ship DouWata so hard but since “Rou” started, I’ve been ambivalent about where CLAMP is taking their relationship. The DouWata tag-team worked well under the supervision of Yuuko, with them balancing each other out but now, the relationship feels more like a one-way street with Doumeki giving and giving and giving some more without any obvious appreciation from Watanuki. Yes, I know Watanuki is in a funk because of what happened to Yuuko and yes, I understand that he tries to distance himself from Doumeki (and even others from the ‘outside’ world like Kohane to avoid dragging them into this situation that he chose to be in) but is it really that hard to show an itsy-bitsy bit of thanks for what Doumeki has been doing for the past 10 friggin’ years? And it has been 10 years, should be pretty obvious by now Doumeki isn’t going anywhere. To be fair, Watanuki does care for Doumeki in a round-about-way by cooking for Doumeki and protecting Doumeki subtly (e.g. the ring and putting a barrier around Doumeki instead of himself in the latest confrontation with the dark forces) but his whole general attitude towards Doumeki doesn’t sit well with me. Then there’s Doumeki. I love him, I truly do but since “Rou”, there hasn’t been much development character wise. His entire life is devoted to Watanuki, everything and I mean everything revolves around Watanuki and while that was part of his charm, this character is starting to look a little flat. Doumeki is losing himself. Here’s hoping CLAMP is actually leading up to something big from here.

As for Bleach, I’m still catching each chapter faithfully every week but I’ve kinda lost the plot now. Just happy to see bishie!Aizen walk around with Gin. Matsumoto’s showdown with Gin looks to be coming up soon and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t see the end of my favourite villian. And where’s Rukia???

The first 2 episodes of “Suay Rerd Cherd Sod” was funny and enjoyable though the bratty KhwanUma (Janie) isn’t as likable as Alin in SSH. Khwan’s ‘battles’ with Nop (Film) gave me some good laughs and I especially liked their first face-off in the lift but Khwan is honestly a self-centered bitch. I’ve not been impressed by any characters so far: Pim is too mopey, Da is weird, Toiting is very annoying, the Uncle-Cousin villian duo screams cliché, and Nop is too run-of-the-mill. Vee (Art) though not any more spectacular a character, is eye-candy for me so I enjoyed his scenes. Lol.

the other side

5 Apr

As mentioned previously, I’m only a casual Bleach fan and my interest in the manga/anime comes in spurts as I don’t have the patience to constantly follow a long running series. For any fandoms, I avoid reading anything that I know I will potentially have an issue with (like on characters or ships that I don’t like, or threads bashing my favourite stars etc) because I happy enough reading up on stuff I do like. As an IchiRuki fan, I’ve always concentrated on this part of the fandom and there are plenty of brilliant commentries on them to keep me occupied so I’ve never bothered to peek at the other side. I don’t know what overcame me today – I decided to check out the IchiHime thread. -_- I thought I might have been too one-sided, perhaps they do have a case for IchiHime that’s somehow buried under the avalanche of evidence pointing towards IchiRuki. The result? I read 2 pages and had to escape from the lalaland that IchiHime fans are living in. There was no discussion of anything related to the manga or even the anime (which really isn’t cannon… but anyway.), just post after post of squeeing at make-believe scenarios in which IchiHime is married (oh the horror). And they weren’t even in-character scenarios!! Are we talking about the same Ichigo and Orihime from Bleach? Gosh, am I glad for the solid IchiRuki fans who provide in-depth analysis of the characters and plot backed up by evidence from the actual manga.

Back from the Blind

3 Apr

xxxHolic and Bleach have been pretty good to me since I came back from my holiday.

In xxxHolic, Watanuki gave Doumeki a ring as a birthday present. *cue fangirl scream* yea yea, he didn’t intend to propose (even if Doumeki seemed to take it that way, by promptly trying to jam it onto his ring finger), but chapter 203/204 made me see Watanuki’s awkward gentleness towards Doumeki. ❤

Then BLEACH 398… wow, I haven't been this excited by a chapter in a long while.
Isshin making his grand entrace +100
Ichigo thinking of Rukia at this very important point in time and repeating her words to Isshin +100000
Gin finally taking part in the fight +1000 (Kubo had better not skip it like he did with Gin vs Shinji. I will be Not Happy.)

Even though Ichigo is not my favourite character (or even in my top 5 for that matter), he is The Hero after all and he drives the story with his growth. I was both happy and relief to see the Ichigo return, the one that fights with his Dad, the one that has confidence, the one that is the man in Rukia’s heart. Ichigo has come home.

Aizen may be able to control the people that Ichigo meet and the places he ends up in, but he the one thing Aizen cannot control is the relationship Ichigo builds with those people. Rukia and Ichigo’s meeting was engineered, but how they bonded with each other after that, I still say it IS destiny.

To Aizen, Rukia is a mere pawn in the grand scheme of things but she’s so much more than that to Ichigo. I find it strange how certain shippers refuse to see the picture that Kubo has been painting for the past few hundred chapters and continue to insist that Inuoe is the girl for Ichigo. I’m a casual BLEACH fan and I don’t remember many of the details but when I think about the path that Ichigo has taken so far, Rukia is the one who helped him grow and better himself. When he is down, Rukia knows what it takes to pull him out of it and when I think of IchiRuki, I think of a heroic Ichigo. With Inuoe … just look at the most recent HM arc. Quite disastrous developments for Ichigo. I’m not saying Inoue caused the situation (I don’t like Inuoe’s weak chracter but she’s a nice girl and she does try) but she definitely was not able to rise up to the ocassion. Ichigo may not be habouring romantic feelings towards Rukia at this point in time (shounen manga after all) but people, Inuoe loving Ichigo does not equate him loving her back.

Bleach 392

11 Feb

Love the colour spread announcing the results of “Best Bleach Bout” (wow, alliteration!). There’s chibi!Gin, Gimmjow and Renji looking mighty spiffy, and a emo!Ulquiorra. When will my favourite characters start getting some panel time??

On the chapter itself, as expected, it was Aizen-pwning-everyone time again. Personally, I’m not a fan of Hinamori or Toushiro (if only Kubo could give some of Toushi’s panel time to the bajillion other characters running around in Bleach world!), so I wasn’t too affected by the shock ending of this chapter. But I have the feeling it means we’re gonna see more of enraged!Toushiro next chapter which I honestly do not care for.

Give me Gin already!

Bleach 391

8 Feb

Is it or is it not Aizen? That is the question.

Seeing that the Aizen of chapter 391 went ‘oh shit’, I’m inclined to think that it’s all part of his illusion, because how could the great Aizen-sama be actually panicking? But we will not know until this friday, or maybe not! if Kubo decides to leave us hanging and turn back to HM. Still, I’m glad that some action is taking place and I’m happy to see Kyoraku and Shinji taking a stab at Aizen, real or not.

But the one character I really want to know more about is Gin. He’s been shrouded in mystery for so long I won’t bat an eyelid if he turned out to be the main villian after all… but that would be too boring for Gin.


A little on xxxHoLic
If Yuuko saw Watanuki acting the way he is now, I have no doubt she’ll deliver a flying kick to his face to get him to snap out of it. It’s so depressing to see Watanuki trying to push Doumeki away in the mistaken belief that it’s better for him. arg, when will the kid ever learn??
On the bright side, CLAMP sure knows how to bait the fangirls with subtext. Eye-smex much? And Himawari-chan is back in chapter 198! well, sorta. Hopefully we’ll get to see her in person soon!