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Let’s talk about drama romances!

24 Feb

In my previous post on ‘Manee Dan Suaan’, I talked about how I couldn’t care for the main couple because I didn’t understand how they came to supposedly love each other. That got me wondering, what makes in you tick in a drama romance? Some people go for fairytales complete with rainbows and stardust while others prefer watching the trails and tribulations of star-crossed lovers and then there are those who like unwinding to a light-hearted romcom. I enjoy all those stated above but I prefer those where characters overcome issues/problems within themselves and become better/more complete persons because of the relationship, in contrast to ones who keep the OTP apart with circumstances. A good makjang drama complete with manipulative exes, domineering parents, unfortunately coincidental accidents and terminal illness for good measure is tons of fun too but it takes a rare one (like 2001 Kdrama Beautiful Days) for the romance to stick after the drama finishes its run.

A couple of my personal ‘classic’ drama romances:

Aishiteiru to Ittekure (Say You Love Me) 1995
This Jdorama taught me what heartbreak was at the tender age of 12. At my first watch, I cried for poor Koji who got his heart trampled by Hiroko and couldn’t understand her betrayal. It was only with subsequent re-watches when I got older that I appreciated this drama for its realistic portrayal of the older man/younger woman and handicap/healthy person relationship. Young and vivacious, Hiroko brought vitality into the silent world of Koji but at the same time, her immaturity worked against their relationship and ultimately led to her impulsive betrayal of the man she so loved. Koji also had his share of emotional baggage from the rejections he suffered from those dearest to him when he was younger due to his deafness and that exacerbated Hiroko’s insecurities. I guess it’s not 100% realistic since I have yet to run into anyone resembling Toyokawa Etsushi drawing and being contemplative at the park in front of my house damn but it’s close. If anyone is thinking of checking this out, it does end on a positive note.

Sood Sanaeha (Recipe of Love) 2009
I wouldn’t say lakorns are the place to go to for realism and there are exaggerated comedic elements in SSH but despite the larger than life set up, the romance is most wonderfully grounded. As romcoms go, the main couple starts off on the wrong foot but the initial conflict isn’t drawn out and they are given a believable reason for sticking with each other. It annoys me to no end when romcoms have the couple bicker from start to end then have them fall into each others arms for no apparent reason in the finale. Din and Alin learn about each other’s strengths and flaws through friendship first and later when they grew fond of each other, they were ‘kept apart’ believably by Alin’s blind pursuit of the perfect husband and Din’s own insecurities. My favourite part of SSH is watching Alin learn that you don’t love someone because he/she is perfect. The person is perfect to you because you love him/her.

What are your favourite drama romance tropes and what on-screen romances do you still remember years later?

Looking back on 2012

20 Dec

My first thought when getting ready to write this post was ‘meh, what a lackluster drama year’ and it certainly feels so with me stuck in this drama slump with no apparent end in sight. However when I skimmed through my lj entries as well as my written journal, I realised that while dramas didn’t consistently deliver through 2012, there were quite a few entertainment highlights that got me merrily obsessed. There will be a separate post on lakorns which should be coming this weekend.

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Drama status

12 Apr

Rak Ok Arkad [ep watched 2/total ep 14][lakorn]: This sounds like a reverse ‘Poo Yai Lee Gab Nang Mah’ which I enjoyed tremendously and I wanted to like this for Cherry but the laughs were too slapstick and Om’s acting too stiff for me to carry on.

Forensic Heroes III [6/30][HK drama]: This one went for the CSI route but didn’t match up and it didn’t pull me in on the character front either so bye bye it was. Random observation: Age is really catching up with Maggie Cheung Ho-yee!

Too Late to Say I Love You [15/36][Cdrama]: Wallace Chung as Murong Feng charmed my socks in this one and I also loved the strong-willed heroine Jing Wan but after skimming through the novel on which the drama is based on, I couldn’t bear to watch the betrayal that I knew Jing Wan was going to suffer later. I did catch the last two episodes and the drama version white-washed Murong Feng to give him and Jing Wan a happy ending when in the novel, Murong Feng engineered an accident to kill Jing Wan's husband and daughter and to revenge him, Jing Wan carried her dead daughter to Murong Feng and lied that she was his biological daughter, then proceeded to kill herself with the gun that Murong Feng gave her years ago. How fun. I might finish this one day when I’m in the mood for angst.
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tv news

16 Mar

Yet another adaptation of Louis Cha’s novel is in the works. This time Yu Zheng has gotten his hands on Smiling Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖) and the casting of Chen Qiao En as Dong Fang Bu Bai is enough to make me facepalm forever. To be sure, DFBB is not an easy character to portray and will be a challenge for any actor/actress but Chen Qiao En … just no. I don’t watch Cdramas that often and I have no idea who Yuan Shan Shan is but judging from Koala’s reactions, I’m starting to feel glad that this isn’t my favourite Louis Cha novel.

— —

Lakorngods has got a new post on the historical epic lakorn ‘Khun Seuk’ which I have been waiting for since last September! Looks like more waiting is in order and I sure hope when it finally airs, it lives up to the hype and expectations or it will be one expensive flop.

Big Bang – Blue

14 Mar

I seem to have hit a wall in writing. I have half written reviews of ’99 Days with a Star’ and ‘Team Batista 3: Ariadone No Dangan’ on my folder but I’m having problems putting my thoughts into words. Hmm, sometimes I think it’s easier to trash a show I hate than comment on one I like.

Have a Big Bang MV. I’m singing my blueeeeessssss …


31 Dec

Looks like work will continue to be insane at least until Chinese New Year but 2012 is still off to a good start. Sherlock (BBC) and White Collar are both returning in Jan!!! I’ve been watching the Sherlock trailers on repeat this morning and making silly noises at the screen. Gah, I almost wish I had gotten in the fandom after season 2 finishes airing so I wouldn’t have to endure the wait.

To top it off, the Adam couple reunites again as MCs for MBC Korean Music Festival!

I’m a happy fangirl. 🙂

What’s on my drama plate now

21 Oct

I’ve been marathoning HK drama The Other Truth and the past few episodes have been so tense and rage inducing (we have bad cops in cahoots with the triads killing a good cop and framing innocent people) it gave me a headache. I want to continue watching to see how the bad guys get their asses busted but I think my head might burst first.

I’m also trying to catch up on Roy Mai because I know the good, angsty bits are coming up but first I have to get past the draggy parts with Bua Ngern which is not helping with the motivation.

Kdrama wise, I’ve been following Choi Ji Woo’s Can’t Lose through dramabeans’ recaps and the strange thing is, though I thoroughly enjoy reading the recaps, it never made me want to actually go watch the show until ep 16. The last two episodes are out so I’ll be getting to them soon.

I spoiled myself for the ending of Material Queen and it was rather disappointing how the scriptwriters chose the resolve the difficulties between Jia Hao and Chu Man. I’ve watched up till ep 17 and I might breeze through the remaining episodes since I’ve already spent so much time on it but guess it’s sayonara to MQ for now. Replacing MQ for my tw drama slot is the beautifully understated In Time With You. It doesn’t put me in the can’t-wait-for-next-episode mode (which is why I’ve only watched 2 episodes!) but when I do watch it, it moves me tremendously.

Also loving Burn Notice as usual but I’m having trouble dl-ing it. Hopefully I can get that sorted out soon.