Word of Honor – reaction translation

12 May

I’ve been watching various reactions to Word of Honor and have recently come across one by Sang Sang and Ah Yi (桑桑和阿一) where Sang Sang laoshi is a psychologist/therapist. She is able to take note of many small details/characters and logically analyze the hidden plot threads while I was just hyperventilating over WKX half the time on my first watch of WoH lol. I really like the analysis of the psychology of the characters that she does at the end of each 2 episode viewing, so I’ve translated those below for more WoH fans to enjoy. I won’t be doing a word by word translation and will sometimes summarize the points raised. And of course this is a non-professional translation (expressions may be stilted) so any corrections are welcomed!

They have released up to ep11 so far. I will update the translations periodically when I have time to translate. Here’s starting off with ep1-4!

Full episode reaction on Youku

Summary comments on Bilibili


ZZS: We see his change in status from leader of Tian Chuang to a beggar. He left an environment where he felt stressed and emotional pressure.

When you say you feel stressed, there’s a tendency to look for a specific event as the source of your stress, but you should also consider if it’s the general environment that you are in that is causing the stress.

Outwardly it would appear that beggar ZZS no longer holds the power he once had, but the change in ZZS’s psychological state is evident in the first couple of episodes. He was cold and aloof, his smiles are not smiles and his cries are not cries. But as a beggar he could smile and say he wouldn’t even change this to be the emperor. This is ZZS actively removing himself from an environment that’s causing him stress and improving his state of mind.

WKX: Currently I’m more interested in WKX. We can tell from various details that WKX is in fact the Ghost Valley Master, but outside of the Ghost Valley, he presents himself as a gentleman and takes an unusually deep interest in ZZS.

WKX has not exhibited much of himself so far. The main trait he displayed so far is indifference. He is not interested in the people around him. For example at the run down temple when the boatman died and Cheng Ling/ZZS was visibly upset or affected, WKX appeared to be happy instead. It’s possible WKX was happy at ZZS staying at the temple for the night, thus giving him the opportunity to find out more about ZZS.

General comments: Too many slow-mo fighting scenes, but we can see the old wuxia vibe from the overall presentation of the story.


ZZS: ZZS went from being a lone beggar to having WKX and Cheng Ling around and went through a few events together.

Some of ZZS’s traits that were displayed in these couple of episodes:

嘴硬心软 Harsh in speech but soft in heart. We can tell this from his interaction with Cheng Ling.

清醒独立 Cleared minded and independent. From WKX blowing the Bodhi mediation song for him at the riverside, ZZS made a judgement on WKX’s character and he has confidence in such judgement he made.

自信要强** Refusing Cheng Ling’s help in wiping blood from his mouth after his internal injuries acted up in the fight with Beggar Sect.

**要强: I have trouble succinctly translating this word. Yao Qiang literally means ‘want (to be) strong’. It seems to be mostly translated as ‘competitive’ but it encompasses the idea of being a perfectionist and not wanting to appear lacking/weak in front of others. Which… yea, it’s our ZZS.


体贴周到 Thoughtful and attentive

执着敏感 Stubborn and sensitive. He keeps following and testing ZZS.

很会察言观色 Observant. WKX can easily pick up ZZS’s change in emotions

有谋略 We can tell WKX is plotting something

反差明显 crosses between his 2 identities in front of difference audience. We can tell there’s a lot of complexity in him that will likely be explored in later episodes.

Change in WKX/ZZS’s relationship:

They started off testing and guarding against each other in ep1-2 but in ep3-4 they went through various sudden events which prompted the change in their relationship. ZZS is actually the one initiating this change. ZZS has visibly let his guard down against WKX, whether it be from his own judgement of WKX’s character or from going through those event together. And ZZS being less guarded around WKX gives WKX the space to push forward in the relationship.

I noticed in ep1-2 that both times ZZS killed someone, he used his sword to block the blood from splattering onto himself. And in ep3-4, WKX also displayed this similar detail when he looked at the blood on his hands in disgust after killing the Beggar Sect and immediately washed it off.

I feel that the character set up of ZZS / WKX are being linked by some subtle similarities. What’s interesting is that they are supposed to be characters that are used to killing people but on such detail (getting blood on themselves) which they should be used to, they display a non-acceptance of their actions. In modern terms it’s 自我认同障碍 (not sure what is the scientific expression, it means they have trouble reconciling with their self identity). The characters will need to have with more conversations with themselves and with each other.


The pacing is faster and many different sects have shown up. Shen Shen is one of the more interesting characters I’ve seen. His martial art skills should be pretty good, but he is more simple minded and rash in actions. And for Zhao Jing which appeared at the end of ep4, he looks to be rather thoughtful. I’m not sure how he will develop in the later episodes but I can feel that he will be a crucial character.

One Response to “Word of Honor – reaction translation”

  1. lovefia May 12, 2021 at 11:10 PM #

    I really like how she pointed out the blood part – they both don’t like to get blood on their hands. They have so many similarities. I remember ZZS getting disappointed because there were moments he felt they were too different that they could not possibly walk on the same path – but they end up changing and saving each other – because they are indeed kindred souls.

    I am still surprised at new things I learn when rewatching it for the millionth time – this show never gets old. And getting feedback from various professionals only goes to show that Word of Honor is a masterpiece. Thanks for the translations J!

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