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Liebster Award

24 Feb


Thanks to love_of_tvb for the nomination!

1. Who is your favorite actor/actress? (You can list two maximum if you are having a really hard choice.)
I give my love away too easily so it’s really hard to pick a ‘favourite’ cos I fangirl so many different celebrities for reasons that vary in level of shallow-ness. I’ve been watching mostly lakorns for the past few years, so currently the actress on top of my list is Ann Thongprasom. I didn’t take to Ann’s looks instantly but her acting and strong work ethics slowly grew on me and she’s now an actress I really admire. Continue reading

2013 Lakorn list

22 Dec


Love it!

Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk (My Dear Fake Husband) – Rome/Chompoo

Baan Sai Thong (Golden Sand Mansion) – Num/Joy R  Continue reading

2012 Lakorn list

23 Dec

For my previous lakorn lists I simply added in newly watched lakorns and ranked them according to preference but with more and more lakorns watched, it was getting increasingly harder to do so. I may consider a particular lakorn average but when stacked against other average lakorns, I can’t really say one was better or more favoured than the other since I liked/disliked each for different reasons. So I’ve created a master lakorn list which places lakorns I’ve watched in alpabetical order and also linked to my respective posts on them, except the Love It section which I have no problems ranking. XD

I honestly thought I was only going to have 1 lakorn on my list this year when I passed the half year mark having only finished Pang Sanaeha (and boy what a trainwreck it was) but thanks to whatever that made me give Mia Taeng a chance, I wound up on quite the lakorn streak. I did end up dropping as many as I actually complete but I’m happy to finally have another lakorn that I really love. Here are my lakorns for 2012:
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Looking back on 2012

20 Dec

My first thought when getting ready to write this post was ‘meh, what a lackluster drama year’ and it certainly feels so with me stuck in this drama slump with no apparent end in sight. However when I skimmed through my lj entries as well as my written journal, I realised that while dramas didn’t consistently deliver through 2012, there were quite a few entertainment highlights that got me merrily obsessed. There will be a separate post on lakorns which should be coming this weekend.

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Looking back on 2011 – Chinese dramas

25 Dec

Sealed With A Kiss: The premise of a man blackmailing a girl into becoming his mistress in order to exact revenge for her father’s sins might not sit well with many but if you’re a lakorn veteran, this would not faze you a bit. It has all the elements of a typical slap-kiss – Greed! Betrayal! Revenge! Abuse! Manipulation! – and I was expecting a standard lakorn with the only difference being the characters speaking Chinese but I was pleasantly surprised by nuanced characterization and tight plot. lengthier than I thought

Looking back on 2011 – Kdramas

24 Dec

Between my job and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, blogging got put on the back burner, but I finally have some time to look back on the non-lakorn dramas I’ve caught in 2011. Let’s start off with Korean dramas!

Princess Prosecutor: Caught this on a whim for Kim So Yeon and I ended up LOVING this and Park Shi Hoo if you haven’t already figured that out from my previous fangirly posts. This one is definitely on my list of dramas to re-watch in the years to come.

Spy Myung Wol: This one got me back in Kdramas and I did enjoy the first 10 episodes tremendously. Unfortunately real life drama didn’t make for good reel drama and it all fell apart in dramatic fashion with the Han Ye Seul debacle. I kept watching in hopes that we were gonna get some second lead action but nah, the scriptwriters didn’t even give me that.

Can’t Lose: Technically I’ve only watched the last few episodes and read the rest in recaps but I was actually touched by the recaps alone! Imagine that. Perhaps I’ll get round to actually watching the whole thing once through.


Sign: It’s actually a really good forensic drama but after I took a break at ep7 at the conclusion of a case, I haven’t felt like picking it up again.

Dr. Champ: I expected it to be something like Code Blue but turned out there weren’t that many medical incidents after all. It’s very character focus and while I liked it enough to make it through 2/3 of the drama, it simply wasn’t engaging enough. The only relationship I was rooting for was actually Sang Bong and Ji Yeon’s bromance so when I read that Sang Bong will be getting into a nasty situation, I couldn’t bear the prospective angst and decided to drop DC while it was still roses and butterflies for our best buds.

Vampire Prosecutor: Very stylishly shot but the way scenes cut in and out of each other (to achieve said style I suppose) made it hard for me to keep track of the story. My main problem with VP though, was the main girl. In ep3 , she went to confront a suspected rapist/murderer at his shop ALONE. Whut? Left your common sense behind lady? Yea, she was armed with a taser but I should think a couple more HUMAN BEINGS would make for better back-up. Taser didn’t help as expected and I didn’t feel sorry for her at all when she got knocked out by said suspect, who was in fact a rapist and murderer. Anyway I knew the hero was gonna save her before anything bad happened. So that was that. VP tossed out of the window with main girl’s stupidity.

Watching now
Padam Padam: A drama that surprises me with each episode and while I don’t know how the story will develop from here (Is Gook Soo really an angel? Will Kang Chil die? Will Ji Na’s dad die? What big conspiracy is going on with the Prosecutor?), I’m definitely in for the ride.

2011 lakorn list

2 Dec

Time to update my totally subjective lakorn list (last year’s list)! Those with marked with [*] are new additions.
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lakorn list

29 Nov

A tally of the lakorns I’ve chalked up over the past 2 years.
All lakorns listed here have complete subs on youtube.

In order order of liking … *drumroll*

Sawan Biang (Paradise Diversion) – Ken/Ann
Sood Sanae Ha (Love Recipe) – Ken/Ann
Jam Luey Rak (Defendant of Love) – Aum/Aff
Oum Rak (Chains of Love) – Ken/Ann

Enjoyed it
Poo Yai Lee Gap Nang Ma (Headman Lee and Ms Ma) – Por/Ploy
Suay Rerd Cherd Sod (Hot, Perfect and Single) – Film/Janie
Botan Gleep Sudtai (Last Peony Petal) – Aum/Aff

Borisud Bumbut Kaen (Revenge Clinic)– Aum/Ann [I can’t make up my mind about this. I loved it initially but it became blah towards the end. Might give it another shot and re-watch properly with Eng subs]
Rak Leh Saneh Luang (Deceptive Love) – Por/Ploy/Vicky
Kularb Rai Narm (Rose Without Thorns) – Rome/Yaya/Ploy
Chaleuy Suk (Honorable Prisoner) – Rome/Ann

Waste of time
Namtan Mai (Burnt Sugar) – Aum/Aff

Made me want to stab my eyes
Kaew Tah Pee (Apple of my eye) – Tik/Cherry [I don’t know why I persisted in watching this when every episode made me want to kill one character or another. I finished about 80% before throwing in the towel and skipped to the ending … which was as bad as the rest of the lakorn! I declare this the worst drama I’ve ever seen. The acting was fine (at least not memorably bad) and they even filmed a few episodes in Europe , but everything was ruined by the lousy story.]

Dropped after few episodes
Mae Ka Khanom Wan (Dessert Girl) – Mart/Cherry
Silamanee – Kob
Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong – Ken/Janie

Currently watching
4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao series: Thara Himalaya – Aum/Kim [Wishy has already begun subbing the 3rd part of this series but I’m still stuck at part 1!]

Planning to watch
365 Days of Love – Ken/Ann
Rang Ngao (Shadow Sisters? Power of Shadows?) – Ken/Ann

Wants to watch but no subs available. boohoo.
Rabum Duang Dao (Star Dance) – Oil/Lydia/Ploy
Fai Rak Arsoon – Boy/Vicky [The story seems quite crazy from the teasers but wanna check it out ‘cos I love the theme song. I usually like a drama’s ost because of it’s association with the drama but I just fell in love with Lok Moon Duay Kwam Rak when I stumbled upon it.]