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final entry on Plerng See Roong

30 Sep

I did it. I actually finished ‘Plerng See Roong’ and it blew me away … with its incredible plot holes and character inconsistencies which were so bad I wonder if the scriptwriters wrote this in their sleep.

After a while I just pretended Mai and Ros were the main couple because their story was the only part that made any sense at all. They are so warm, kind and strong that I’m glad they got together early in the show and continued supporting each other throughout.

No idea who’s the actress that played Ros but she’s really pretty.

I also liked Kat’s maid Salapi. I don’t know how she manages to be hilariously sarcastic to Kat all these time without being fired and despite all her snide remarks, she does care for Kat.

Ok, there ends everything positive I have to say about PSR. I’d probably end up with a 1000 word essay if I were to comment on the illogical bits and it’s not worth the time or effort. The story may be rubbish but oddly it managed to hold my interest and made me want to continue watching to see what happens next so I guess nonsense>boring?

why am I doing this to myself?

28 Sep

oh gawd, I want to stab Tin and Kat in the face so much. I take back what I said earlier on wanting Jomkhuan to win Tin’s heart. Jomkhuan needs to stay far away from these two hypocritical jerks, find herself a nice man and live happily with Mai, Ros and Sinuan.

I don’t care if Tin is in love with his stepmom. If you love her so much, feel free to chase after your ‘true love’ now that your dad has passed on. But nooooo. He cares so much about how society will view him that he got himself a fiance, ties said fiance to him for 10 over years just to keep up the pretense while treating his stepmom like his girlfriend. Tin still had the nerve to ask Ros to keep a distance from Mai because people will talk and it makes him uncomfortable. Hey sir, you might want to direct that same sentence to yourself and Kat. Ros should have given him a few more slaps.

I don’t think I’ve ever hated on a main character this much before. Grrr.

Plerng See Roong ep 2-3

28 Sep

Where did I get the idea that PSR would be a less insane SB? It’s turning out to be crazier and dumbed down version of SB. Though Kawee and Leela’s actions were extreme, at least I understand the emotions driving their actions but with PSR, characterization is all over the place and logic is severely lacking.

The most badly written character is the p’ek Tin. When Jomkhuan said she was pregnant with Khuat’s child, Tin simply took her word for it. Later when Kat asks if Jomkhuan is really pregnant, Tin was like, of course she is! Khuat says she is his girlfriend and they’ve been cohabiting for months … unless… ZOMG, KHUAT IS GAY?? I don’t know whether to laugh or throw something at the screen over the stupid. Well, Khuat is gay but even if he wasn’t and was sleeping with Jomkhuan, it doesn’t necessarily mean she will get pregnant. Ever heard of contraceptives my dear? To cover up the fact that her son is actually gay, Kat quickly says that Jomkhuan is indeed pregnant and Tin took it as the absolute truth. What happened to pregnancy test kits and hospital check-ups huh? Considering how Tin keeps accusing Jomkhuan of being a slut and liar, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to doubt her?

Ok fine, Tin believes that Jomkhuan is pregnant with his nephew. Then why is he manhandling her just about every time they meet? Tin gets really physical with Jomkhuan, grabbing, shoving, slapping and even throwing her on the bed. The worst was when he caught her drinking wine and in his rage, he pinned her head down on the table and emptied the remaining bottle of wine over her face. Like seriously?? You’d treat a woman this way, a pregnant one no less? I haven’t even gotten to the thing that’s going on between him and his stepmom. Apparently Kat finally succeeds in seducing Tin in the next episode. Excuse me while I go barf.

The main reason why I’m still watching is to see how Jomkhuan wins Tin’s heart and spits it in Kat’s face. Gawd, I want to strangle that phony woman every time she shows up. And because Mart looks hot in suits, even if his character is dumb and even if he can’t act.

Someone save me quick, I think my standards just hit a new low.

I wouldn’t recommend this lakorn to anyone but if somehow the above sounds like your type of thing, you’re welcome to join me in the crazy.

Oh, I want to see Mai and Ros get their happy ending which they actually deserve.

Plerng See Roong ep 1

25 Sep

PSR is turning out to be the child of ‘Jam Leoy Ruk’ and ‘Sawan Biang’. As mentioned in my previous post, we have step-mom Kat pining after step-son Tin and doing her best to seduce Tin once her husband dies. Kat’s son Khuat commits suicide soon after because Kat could not accept that Khuat was gay and threatened to disown him. Tin is devastated by Khuat’s death and unaware of Khuat’s sexual orientation, believes Kat when she said Khuat killed himself because his girlfriend Jomkhuan was sleeping around. So now we have Tin swearing to kill Jomkhuan to revenge Khuat. Hmmm, sounds familiar?

Ep 1 was only setting up the stage for the conflict between the main couple but because there was so much background to pack in and so many things needed to happen, it all felt very rushed. I believe the pacing should even out by ep 2 since we will be starting on the story proper.

I like Mart and all, but my previous comment about him having the acting range of a tree trunk still stands. This is the 4th lakorn I’ve seen him in and I just feel like I’m watching Mart the actor in all of them unlike Ken or Aum who becomes the character they are playing. I’m pleasantly surprised by Susie though. I’m liking her portrayal of Jomkhuan with all her sass and spunk. And Louis Scott! He finally got rid of the long hair and is he leaner here or something? I’m actually finding him a wee bit attractive. Nampueng as Kat makes me feel like I’m watching Leela but she does make a good bitchy step-mom

other currently watching lakorns

25 Sep

I’m totally in love with the Mart/Cherry pairing after ‘Tard Rak’ and ‘Mae Ka Khanom Wan’ so I decided to give ‘Pla Lai Pai Daeng’ a chance even though the story doesn’t attract me.

Short summary: The men in Pei’s (Cherry) family are all playboys and the women are constantly battling to keep their husbands in line so Pei is put off by flirty men. One day, Parit (Mart)- a straight laced religious man- becomes the consultant for her family’s lingere company and Pei falls for this boring but naive guy. Trouble starts after they got married as the men in Pei’s family wants to get Parit on their side and tries to make him a playboy too.

I watched the first episode yesterday and while the OTP is very pretty and very cute, I find it unconvincing that all the men from grandpa to grandsons have such little regard for their wives and would not hesitate to cheat at any opportunity. Won’t the grandpa feel sorry for his daughters or the sons feel sorry for their moms? I suppose it’s just a lakorn exaggeration to turn the husband/wife battle into something funny but it’s not working for me because the men’s philandering ways are too ridiculous. I’ll try to hang on for a few more episodes for Cherry’s gorgeousness and Mart’s hotness but I’m not having high hopes for this.

Another lakorn that I’ll be taking up is Plerng See Roong (Rainbow Flame) by Mart and Susie. I’ve watched some clips previously but I can’t remember much. It’s a slap/kiss lakorn that sounds like Sawan Biang (detailed synopsis) what with the stepmom (played by the same actress who played Leela in SB) trying to get the stepson but minus the rape and insanity. ookkkk… I apparently need to do more research before posting because there actually is a R scene and lots of insanity.

An unrelated OST of ‘Fai Rak Arsoon’. I love this song and had always been curious about the lakorn but it hasn’t been subbed in eng or chinese. I don’t think I’m missing out much though since I’ve read that it was only a so-so lakorn. Anyone has actually watched it?

I’m not just watching lakorns though! I’ve been catching ‘Material Queen’ faithfully every week and will start on ‘In Time With You’ after a few more episode airs. I’m also intending to marathon ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ live action after it’s complete and new seasons of my favourite American procedurals are also starting soon!