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(another!) Sawan Biang re-watch

12 Feb

So, instead of watching the dramas I promised myself I would (Thai Full House, Rahut Rissaya, I Need Romance 3), I ended up re-watching Sawan Biang for the nth time over the past couple of days from ep9 onwards. And guess what, I’m still not tired of it. Some random thoughts …

(Ep9) You’re not feeling well? What’s wrong?

I’ve not watched all of Ken’s lakorns obviously but I dare say Kawee is his performance EVER (if you think other, please let me know which lakorn! I’d love to check it out). Narin is the one deserving all the sympathies here and considering what Kawee did to her, it’s a wonder she’s not beating him over the head with a big stick already. But when Kawee sweeps in, trying to express his concern in his clumsy, brute fashion, I really can’t hate him.

Narin: I wonder who you (the baby) will look like. Will you look like mom?
Kawee: Maybe the baby will look like dad.

Every time I watch SB I can’t help going zomg Ken why you so amazing?? Now, I’m not saying what Kawee did to Narin is excusable just cos he’s a woobie now, but I feel for him and I can’t hate him like I do with other nasty p’eks and I think the credit in a large part goes to Ken’s portrayal. He makes you feel every bit of Kawee’s anger, hurt, rage, sadness, regret.

(ep11) Narin: Let me ask you, if I weren’t pregnant, would you still care for me? If I didn’t have the baby, would you have done all this for me? Cook, pick flowers, give up everything to live here, would you have done it for me? I was only Narin, and not bearing the heir to the Worawath family, would you still care for me?

A valid question. Do you think Kawee would have done all this for not-pregnant Narin? I believe he would – eventually – but the baby was the catalyst that threw him into action. Kawee had been refusing to acknowledge his growing feelings for Narin because that would mean he ‘lost’ to Leela and it probably would’ve taken a long absence from Narin to force him to face his feelings, put down his pride and go beg for her forgiveness . What do you think?

kawee red
I also appreciated that even when Kawee realises his mistakes and tries to redeem himself, the old proud Kawee doesn’t suddenly disappear overnight. Every time Narin rejects him and his efforts to please her, his temper would surface. To Kawee, he is making his greatest effort and putting his entire heart into doing things for Narin but she rebuffs him time after time and so that fiery, impatient Kawee would jump out. But Narin would point out – very rightly – that these are all nothing compared to what he put her through, and he should just get lost because she will never forgive him. The old Kawee would then slink away and the new Kawee ever more determined to do his best for Narin. I love this process of Kawee learning. Learning that as much as he hurts, others hurt too. Learning to say sorry, to give, to sacrifice, to be responsible. Learning what it means to love a person.

Perhaps this is what makes Sawan Biang such an enduring lakorn for me.

[mini recap] Sawan Biang ep 12

17 Sep

Doing a mini recap of the reconciliation scene in the final episode of ‘Sawan Biang’ at the request of PolynesiangirllovesThailakorns. Now that wishiboniko’s youtube channel has been taken down, there doesn’t seem to be completed English subs for SB around. I can still re-watch with Chinese subs but if anyone knows where to find the complete Eng subs, please do leave a comment for the benefit of those who don’t understand Thai or Chinese. ^^

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Sawan Biang ep 2

8 Oct

I will be seeing this project through for all 12 episodes but with so many dramas and so little time, I can’t say for sure how frequent my updates will be. ETA: Got lazy so most likely no further updates unless I get obsessed with SB again.

Memorable dialogue:


Kid (Kawee’s dad) changing wives seem to be something so common even the servants talk about it among themselves. I wonder if he kept divorcing or did they all die one after another?? It’s totally gross to see Kid chatting up a girl his son’s age in the favourite room of his first wife not long after his previous wife died! Kawee of course loses it when he hears that dad has brought his latest target to his mom’s room.

D: Why are you so bad-mannered? Khun Lee is my guest.
K: I don’t care whose guest she is! I don’t welcome her!
D: But I welcome her! This is my house! You have no right to act big with me here! If you want to show off your arrogance, go do it somewhere else.
K: I’ve told you the truth and you still protect this girl? I’ll tell you something dad, she’s not the good girl that you think she is and I don’t welcome her no matter as what. For this kind of woman, I wouldn’t want her even as a servant!
D: Wee, you’re really wicked!
K: Dad, you don’t have to praise me so often. Everyone knows that you are a father who loves his son so much.
Is it a testament to Ken’s acting when I always get worked up and rage on Kawee’s behalf in his confrontations with dad even though Kawee himself is behaving badly? I’m not a parent myself but I am someone’s child so it’s easier for me to empathise with Kawee when I see how Kid places others before his own son and never pause to think why Kawee is acting this way.

D [to Narin]: Though I’ve just gotten to know Khun Lee, I’ve known Kawee for all my life. I know well what kind of person he is.

No, you don’t actually know your son.


Kawee tries to scare Narin by pretending to run her over.


N: A problem child growing without love like you, I wouldn’t waste my time wanting you as my husband.
K: I don’t care for a homely looking, uneducated and ill mannered girl like you either. If I had really hit you today, I would drive back to crush you again. I won’t let you stand here cursing me like this.
N: For an arrogant, ill tempered and self centred guy like you, even though you’ll drive your car back to crush me to death, I’ll become a ghost standing here and cursing you everyday.


K: Even if I explained, you don’t believe me. You always see that someone else if better than me anyway.
D: Have you done anything good for me to see?
K: Though I do it, you don’t see.
D: Just try to do some. It’s not hard to go the good thing. Try to do it just once so I can see it. You make trouble all the time, how can I believe you?

D: If you keep this up further, I’ll cut all ties with you someday.
K: It’s already pretty much like that these days. You’ve never cared about me, why would I care about your people?

Episode thoughts:
Watching SB is such a emotional rollercoaster. On one hand, I can see how deeply Kawee is hurt by his dad’s actions and I do feel sorry for him when he sees his dad’s new wife’s family moving into the house his mom left (I think this will be mentioned in later episodes?). Yet, his actions towards Narin (and pretty much everyone else) is a clear indication of how emotionally unstable he is. No matter how many times I watch SB, I’m always perplexed by how encouraging Narin is to Leela accepting Kid as a way to win over Kawee. Knowing all that had transpired between them, shouldn’t Narin want to keep her sister as far away from Kawee as possible? If anyone has watched the previous versions, was it also Narin’s idea for Leela to date Kid?

Leela initially didn’t want to associate herself with Kid but due to Narin’s encouragement, she went out with Kid on dates and I get the feeling she was still habouring some hope that Kawee might notice her. Well, notice her he did but Leela just ended up getting insulted by Kawee all the more till the point where her love finally turned into hate.


Kawee was really scary when he sat in Narin’s room and waited for her then threatened her implicitly with rape. This shows how messed up he is inside when he can only express himself with violence and destruction and shouldn’t that have raise serious alarm bells with Narin to get out asap?

Then we see Leela appearing more concern about Kawee having something to do with Narin than the possobility of Narin getting hurt by Kawee. When I look back at SB, I see a lot of similarities between Kawee and Leela. They are often so blinded by their own hurt that they can’t see the hurt inflicted on those around them but like I’ve mentioned before, my sympathies lie with Kawee and not Leela. Kawee was not obligated to return Leela’s love and while he couldn’ve gone about the rejection in a nicer way, at least he was upfront about it and never led her on whereas she was the one who kept hanging on.

Sawan Biang ep 1

16 Sep

‘Sawan Biang’ is my favourite lakorn of all time and I’ve decided to do an episode by episode record of my thoughts and memorable quotes. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but till now I haven’t found another lakorn that is so powerful in its raw emotions and with such amazing acting by the cast.

Memorable quotes:

Face off with Narin

K: What you really want is money right?
N: Yes, because I don’t think you have anything else you can give to others except for money.
K: That’s too much! (turns around to glare menacingly at Narin) Do you know who you’re talking to?
N: Thank you so much for turning your face to talk to me directly. It looks more well-mannered. If you will pay me the damages, please pay cash. I won’t accept a cheque. And find someone else to do it because I won’t accept this job any more. Hello and goodbye, Khun Kawee Worawoth.

Face off with dad 1

They argue about Kawee making trouble for his step mom the moment he gets back from boarding school.

D: You’re too self centre! Have you ever considered the feelings of others? How do others think and feel? I really want to ask you, does a person like you have heart?
K: (talks about the times when he was sick in boarding school and dad wasn’t around to care for him) You’ve never visited me once in the 5,6 years I was overseas. If you’re a person with heart, you may have it for someone else but not for me.
D: Look at your behavior! Who can love you when you behave like this? You must ask yourself, examine yourself, why even as your dad I do not want to love you! You’ve only been back for less than a week and you create trouble for me every day. Kawee, I have never been proud that I have a son like you!
K: Do you think I’m so proud that I was born to be your son? If I could choose, I would not choose to be born as your son! If we can’t live together with love, let’s just live together with hatred.

Face off with dad 2

K: Let me ask you something. If it were my funeral today and your new wife didn’t want to go, would you be this angry with her?

Dad walks off without a word and Kawee’s face is just aslfjlaksjdhflkjh.

To annoying Hi-So girl
K: Since I was born, I’ve never made up with anyone before and until I die, I will never do it.
The first of Kawee’s many ‘Since I was born’ statements. Well my dear boy, you’ll be eating these words off the floor later.

Episode thoughts:
We have our p’ek Kawee being a royal jackass in every scene but unlike other arrogant type p’eks, you can sense that anger rather than self-entitlement is fuelling his bad behaviour. Ken is insanely amazing as Kawee and he has you wanting to smack Kawee upside down one moment and feeling sorry for him the next. While I’m of the opinion that everyone is responsible for their own actions and a crappy childhood does not give you the right to act out at everyone, Kawee’s scenes with his dad still breaks my heart because he could be holding ‘PLEASE LOVE ME’ neon signs and his dad wouldn’t notice.

I realise I had inadvertently written the whole post around Kawee – such is the intensity of his character!

Ken x Ann

20 Jan

// This post was typed out weeks ago and I had only planned to post a few pictures of KA’s dramas but I thought, hey why not make pretty photo collages instead? … In the end, I got so carried away with making the perfect collage that I scoured the internet for pictures and made like 10 versions for each drama. Ok, I exaggerate, but point is I wasted more time on this than I had planned on. Well, it’s finally seeing the light of day. //

Will 365 Days of Love be Ken/Ann’s last lakorn together? There’s no news of them being paired up again in the near future but never say never! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that they will collaborate again because no one does it like KA. 😉

I know some viewers are bored of seeing them together. After all, they’ve starred in 5 lakorns together in the past 10 years but there’s a reason why producers want them together: they have incredible chemistry. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of 365 DoL because of the never ending misunderstandings but I love how Ken/Ann is able to show the physical intimacy between a married couple with such ease. I’m not talking about bed scenes (although some of their ‘bed scenes’ are quite cute) but little things like snuggling in bed, giving little kisses to each other, holding hands etc. They are totally convincing as a married couple. ❤

KA over the years

Paradise Diversion

24 Nov

I’m almost done watching Sawan Biang for the third time and I’m still amazed at how good this lakorn it. The lakorns I watch are limited to those that have been subbed (thank you all subbers btw!) but among the approximately 15 lakorns I’ve watched so far, I would rate this as the best in terms of script and acting.

It’s strange how I didn’t think highly of SB when I first caught it in the initial stages of my lakorn-watching but fortunately Oum Rak got me loving the KA pairing and it led me to re-watch SB much later and it totally changed my mind about this lakorn. The script is tight with fantastic dialogue and when matched with great actors like Ken/Ann, the sparks can’t stop flying. Ah, the dialogue. It’s the only drama where the dialogue really stood out for me because it’s not just the main leads that get good lines but almost everyone has some pretty darn classic lines that actually don’t sound cheesy! (You know how sometimes the stuff people spout in dramas is so ridiculous you roll your eyes ‘cos no one speaks like that in real life?) I especially love the dialogue when Kawee crosses verbal swords with Leela/his dad/Narin, them going back and forth and the play on words … it’s brilliant, you gotta see it for yourself. And this is only based on the subbed dialogue… I imagine it’ll be even better if I understood Thai!

I usually have a thing or two to pick with the scriptwriters but I’m not complaining for SB. They managed to develop a multifaceted character like Kawee whom the audience is able to sympathize with and love despite his many flaws and for that they can be considered successful. The rest of the characters were also well developed and not just cardboard villains or extremely weepy/aggressive nang’eks. There will always be room for improvement but SB is a job-well done in my books. As for the use of rape in SB and Thai lakorns in general, I don’t agree with it (and have already ranted on this topic) but it’s just how it is… in a separate category by itself, farrrr removed from reality.

As well-written as the script was, it would have come to naught had the roles been handed to lesser actors because Kawee/Narin/Leela were not easy characters to portray. Kudos to Ken/Ann for their incredibly layered performance that managed to bring out the nuances of their characters. (imho, Kawee is Ken’s best role to date and Narin ties with Alin for Ann’s best role) I’m not good enough with words to describe their great acting, so if you have yet to catch Ken/Ann in action, it’s time to get started on any of their larkorns!

SB is a pretty intense drama (not to mention the 4 R scenes. you’ve been warned.) and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea … but do give it a shot, who knows, you might fall in love with it like I did. 😉

— — — — — — —
Some thoughts that I wrote on my 2nd watch of SB but I didn’t have the stamina to continue writing episode by episode thoughts, so it’s been left sitting on my PC for the past year. Tagging it on this post!

The plot itself may be farfetched but the raw emotions conveyed and the very real lessons taught make SB such an engaging drama. Around episode 7 when everything starts unraveling, it’s sad to see how much hurt has been passed around because Kawee and Leela were so steeped in their perceived misfortunes. The thing about human interaction is, people’s minds can’t be read. You interpret a person’s feelings by their words and actions, and you respond to it. Then that person responds to you, and the cycle continues. But when hurt and hate is introduced, the negative emotions get multiplied as things play out and it won’t stop until someone is willing to make some sacrifices because of love. As contrive as it sounds, it’s true. Because of love, one will be willing to put down pride, status, comfort or whatever and take the first step towards reconciliation. Because of love, you’d be willing to say what you mean, say I’m sorry, I was wrong, I love you, and not hold it back for fear of appearing weak or to protect your pride (seriously, that’s how misunderstandings happen).
Because of love, you will let the hurt stop at you instead of retaliating or taking it out on others. Because TRUE love is not selfish, you’ll stop thinking ME ME ME ME, and frankly, that’s how most of the characters in SB are acting. They aren’t evil psychopaths (even though Kawee sure acted like one), they are just sad selfish people.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Kawee when he breaks down in front of his dad’s potrait. Beneath the tough exterior, Kawee really is just a kid begging to be loved by his father. When he said “I want you to care for me”, I immediately thought of Leela saying to Kawee “All I want is for you to look at me, no matter what kind of status” but the big difference here is, Kawee was not obligated to love Leela back as a woman and Leela should have known when to let go. In Kawee’s case, he had been rejected by his own father and it’s just terribly sad to see him asking for a love that should have been given naturally.

Kawee in Sawan Biang

21 Nov

I’m watching Sawan Biang again it’s only the 3rd time! and Ken is just killing me with his hotness. Even though Kawee was a total jackass in the first half of the lakorn, you can’t deny he is one good looking arrogant bastard. I love it when he wears black shirts and coupled with his cocky expression … woot, HOT. ok, I need more adjectives to describe Kawee’s erm, hotness.

Will write more on the lakorn proper tomorrow if I have the time.

Right … back to watching the last couple of episodes.

— —


The behind the scenes of SB are way funny, especially the one where Ken was suppose to hoist a struggling Ann up and drag her into the house … and they trip at the door. XD

Sawan Biang

13 Jan


Watching SSH has gotten me all nostalgic for the Ken/Ann pairing, so much so that I re-watched the ending of “Sawan Biang” and “Oum Rak” and guess what, they had me in tears again. Um, I don’t think anyone on my f-list care for Thai dramas (actually, I’m the only person I know that watches lakorns) but heck, I’m gonna rant on them again.

I’ve seen rather harsh comments made online about Ann, the usual being she looks old and haggard. Admittedly, that’s what I thought when I first saw her picture and I still notice the double chin that sometimes appears when her head is tilted at certain angles. And yes, she is older looking relative to the host of young actress’ on the Thai entertainment scene but she has the acting chops, style and poise that made her the no.1 nang’ek that she is. Sometimes I get defensive when my fandom gets criticised by others but when it comes to Ann, I just smile and ignore the negative comments because she has already proven herself many times over.

Moving back to the Ken/Ann pair, I first saw them together on “Sawan Biang”, a depressing drama that involves the questionable use of rape as a plot device. Sidetracking a little, I’ve come to realise how fond scriptwriters are of using rape in a drama to get the lead characters in bed, because presumably good Thai girls don’t sleep with guys willingly before marriage? It baffles me to no end because the censors would blur out guns/weapons/alcohol/other strange questionable objects on screen (making the scene quite ridiculous if you ask me. Anyone with half a brain can deduce what is being blurred out from the context) but rape is used liberally as a plot device and I have yet to see any pra’ek face legal consequences for rape in the drama. Not only that, he gets the girl in the end!

Ok, really back to talking about “Sawan Biang”. Ann didn’t leave much of impression on me as her character Narin sorta faded into the background after her feisty spirit was slowly broken down by Kawee’s abuse. To me, Narin felt like a by-product of the story instead of a character that helped to shape it – the collateral damage of the intense battle between Kawee and Lee and later the course of redemption for Kawee. The focus of this show is really on Kawee and how he changes from a bitter self-destructive playboy who only looked at his own misfortune to someone who understands the value of love and sacrifice. I do sympathize with Kawee even when he was being a first class jerk to pretty much everyone at the beginning. What he really wanted was attention and love from his dad but all he got was lots of money and a new mother every few years, which turned him into a distrustful and bitter young man. Throw a vengeful Lee into the mix and chaos ensues. Actually, Lee is a lot like Kawee, both so consumed by their own pain that they were blinded to the hurt they were inflicting on others and the love that was by their side all along. Only after irrevocable damaged had been done do they come to their senses and realise how much their selfishness had cost them. I suppose it’s this growth and change that made me remember Kawee and Lee instead of Narin, the nice girl who got dragged into this mess. Yes, she dealt with serious issues like rape and forgiveness, but she had always been inherently kind and there wasn’t any dramatic about-turn in her character.