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Impressions: Qi Pao ep 1&2

10 Nov

2 episodes into ‘Qi Pao’, we finally meet most of the players in this game of whodunnit and there are things I want to compliment the lakorn on but first allow me to get this off my chest.

Somebody please fire the person in charge of the music.

The OST and music effects may not seem like something significant in a drama but when used well, they are the perfect icing on the cake and help to create the right mood for special moments. On the other hand, when overdone, it can get extremely distracting and that’s my one big complain for QP thus far. There’s constantly some kind of background music or sound effects being played like a reminder in flashing neon signs of ‘THIS IS A TENSE MOMENT’, ‘THIS IS A SAD MOMENT’, ‘THIS IS A CUTE MOMENT’, ‘THIS IS A SCARY MOMENT’ and to make matters worse, the different types of music do not flow naturally into each other so a happy tune would jump abruptly into a tense one then 10 seconds later turn into a melancholic one. I was trying desperately to block them out mentally but I found myself getting even more acutely aware of the annoying music and omg, it drove me mad the whole of episode 2. Let’s hope things improve in subsequent episodes or I may have to resort to watching QP without sound. :\

Now for the good stuff. In ep 1, I liked the vibe of our main characters, be it the stern Ming Tian, lively Paeka or gentle Maylee but it was only in ep 2 that I got a better feel of their personalities and want to know more about their stories. I never doubted Ann’s ability to play two different characters in the same drama (which she already did 10 years ago in Rang Ngao) and she managed to project the different auras of Paeka and Maylee perfectly. The real surprise here for me is both Mart and Ming Tian. Mart’s not known for his acting chops – even Ann comments that he’s robotic in the BTS so hey, guess it’s an open ent secret? Lol – which was why my mind was concerned about him being casted in QP though he had already won my heart in a few other lakorns. I wouldn’t say he became an amazing actor but I do see improvements in how he emotes and he was able to convey Ming Tian’s internal turmoil with subtle shifts in his expression when he is with Paeka. As for Ming Tian, ep 1 seemed to confirm my assumption of him being the standard cold, aloof p’ek but turns out he has a playful and mischevious side! The ‘cold’ type p’eks are often cold to everyone and only likes teasing the n’ek cos duh, she’s special but that’s not very convincing so I really liked how Ming Tian was a playful person in the past who enjoyed teasing and pranking his siblings. He became sombre after Maylee’s death but his playful persona is led out again by Paeka and it was funny to see him trick Paeka into thinking a bug was on her clothes. Looking back at ep 1, it doesn’t seem too OOC for him to tease Paeka at the hotel.

Unlike in Roy Mai where Suriyawong/Rerin are modern reincarnations of Siriwong/Maneerin, Paeka and Maylee are two separate individuals who happen to look alike but I actually love Ming Tian with both of them! Haaa. Ming Tian/Paeka are obviously the end game pair here and I love the fun and spice of their relationship but Ming Tian/Maylee’s sweet, sad fauxcest love is also one of my favourite drama tropes, so yea, I get to enjoy twice the romance.

For now I think I’m slightly more fond of the Mteam, Ming Tian and Maylee. Sigh, aren’t they so sweet and beautiful together?

Romance is not the be all and end all for this lakorn though and I find the politicking within the Jao family interesting to watch too. As the Chinese saying goes, a mountain cannot have two tigers and when a house has two mistresses, life will definitely not be peaceful. Thankfully (?) both wives are the intelligent sort who crosses verbals swords and engage in proxy battles through other members of the family instead of going for the straightout petty cat fights. Well, Jao Wern Yeuy probably finds that just as irritating to deal with but as a viewer, I appreciate it (suddenly thinks of the lame tricks played by Bua Ngern in RM. I sure hope the second wife continues to be a clever villian!).

All in all, a great start by ‘Qi Pao’ but lay off the music, kthxbye.

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What’s on my lakorn horizon

31 Oct

Qi Pao is airing tomorrow! However much I make fun of Mart’s acting, I must admit to being partial to his dimpled charm which he should be putting to good use as the cold (read: expressionless) p’ek. No worries about Ann obviously and I like the murder/mystery/supernatural plot but I’m just an itty bitty concern about the execution since I belong to those who felt that Roy Mai wasted a potentially epic love storyline.

Some more news on Ann …. she is finally pairing up with Tik in Ya Leum Chan. With both their current standing in the industry, it’s like a ‘golden pairing’ of sorts but I’m not particularly excited for it. I want to like Tik but since being scarred by Kaew Teh Pee, I haven’t managed to enjoy anything of his and am I the only to find Ya Leum Chan’s story rather silly?

Chompoo is back with Rome for ‘Khun Samee Karmalor Tee Ruk’ which will be airing end Nov after Rang Ngao. I’m not sure of the story but from the BTS, I guess it’s the rom-com-y sort? At least I don’t think we’ll be getting another dumb as bricks p’ek like in Mia Taeng!


Seems like Ploy can’t get away from playing rai even if it’s the main role. I like her in nice roles like in ‘Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma’ and ‘Rak Mai Mee Wan Tai’ where I major fangirled over the OTP but Ploy does have a ‘fierce’ look that helps when she’s being nasty. Haa. I can’t quite figure out what’s going on from the teaser. Por’s a nasty p’ek, Ploy’s a two-face nasty nang’ek, Kan’s a nasty third wheel and Yard is … an innocent slave girl? Whut. Anyhow, I presume ‘Buang Barb’ will air within the year.

What’s next

15 Jul

I thought ‘The Magic Blade’ was gonna bring me back to drama-watching but alas, all the fun slash couldn’t make me care for Fu Hong Xue and I figured it was time to abandon ship when I started laughing at the hero’s angsty times. It did pique my interest in the wuxia genre again and I ended up obsessing over the ‘Listening to Snow Pavilion (听雪楼)’ novel series that I randomly picked up. So, still no dramas for me. (Well, technically I’m following Burn Notice and White Collar but they feel more like old friends that I meet up with for some chillax time every week unlike Asian dramas which can get me invested mind, body and soul!)

But, a couple of upcoming lakorns may just do the trick.

Ann is back with ‘Qi Pao’! I kept my expectations low for this because a) I didn’t fancy the story of ‘Roy Mai’ which belonged to the same fabric series b) the p’ek Smart is not exactly known for his acting skills. The teaser has managed to lift my anticipation for it though and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the actual lakorn will be as suspenseful as the teaser promised.
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Fitting of Qi Pao

12 Dec

Fitting of Ann’s new lakorn ‘Qi Pao’ is out! If I’m not wrong, Qi Pao is one of the novel in the same series as ‘Roy Mai’ and this time it deals with Chinese fabrics as the title indicates. We’ll be getting a ghost a la E Mei in RM but this time Ann will be that scary ghost! Am I the only who’s absolutely tickled by Ann wanting to go home with her ghost makeup and giving Khun Ae (her long time boyfriend) a ‘surprise’? The fitting and opening ceremony gives you an idea of the story, which actually reminds me of an old Singapore drama ‘Unbroken Cycle’. Too bad there doesn’t appear to be a English subbed version online because I thought it combined the romance and horror elements pretty well. For those interested, you can check out the synopsis and the unsubbed videos.