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If I knew – Baan Sai Thong ost

6 Aug


If I knew you love me, I would not have proposed you on behalf of Than Tom.

If I knew you love me, I would not have left.

If I knew you love me.

If I knew you loved me, even if only a little

You should have let me know that day

My heart that has always been waiting

Might have found somewhere to belong to

Just softly say, my dearest I’ll never leave

Our hearts would not be tormented and broken like this

If I knew you loved me, even if only a little

You should have let me know that day

My heart that has always been waiting

Might not be at a loss and leave my love

— —

I translated this from Chinese subs so accuracy is probably at 70% only. If anyone can offer a better translation, please leave a comment!

Yearning for you – Baan Sai Thong ep9-16

4 Aug

I was just talking about waiting for Chai Klang and Poj to fall in in my last post and we see that change in feelings by ep9. Chai Klang recognizes these feelings more clearly than Poj who still refers to Chai Klang as a father figure and protector. However she chooses to classify her feelings for Chai Klang, her yearning for him deepens day by day, and him for her as well. For modern day lakorns it can get grating when the pra’nang dance round their feelings for too long but in this case, their obstacles are understandable. Poj might be the rightful heir to the mansion, but for now she is constantly reminded by her aunt and Ying Lek that she is a mere parasite feeding off the generosity of the Sawawong family and there is a difference in status between her and Chai Klang.


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A fairy tale – Baan Sai Thong 2000

3 Aug

Perhaps I’ve had too much of lakorns with complicated relationships and inane plots that I needed something simple and straightforward, a good ol’ fashion fairy tale like Baan Sai Thong (Golden Sand Mansion). The first time I heard of this story was a couple of years back when Pong Nawat was rumoured to play the role of p’ek Chai Klang in a remake but that never materialised. I’m not sure of this lakorn’s history but it appears to be a very popular one that gets remade a lot? Then again that sounds like a fair number of lakorns since remakes seem to be raining down on us these days. Anyhow, I chanced upon the year 2000 version starring Num Sornram and Joy Rinalee while browsing for completed lakorns and gave it a shot on a whim.

BST’s story is pretty simple. N’ek’s Pojaman’s grandfather was wrongly accused by his brother and chased out of the family, losing his inheritance the Golden Sand Mansion. Two generations later, Pojaman  returns to the mansion after her father’s death to seek financial support from her relatives as well as to clear her grandfather’s name. She gets treated like crap by her aunt, the current ‘owner’ who feels threatened by Pojaman’s arrival as she knows that Pojaman is the rightful heir to the mansion but no worries, Pojaman has her prince charming and fairy godmother all rolled into one in the form of Khun Chai Klang (2nd Young Master).  I’m only at episode 8 (hmm, or should I say already since I marathoned thus far in 3 days? lol) but it’s not hard to guess the rest of Pojaman’s journey as she grows and triumphs to get the man and house. Sometimes though, simple is best and BST has me engaged so far.

The first couple of episodes is a little slow with the setting up of the plot and the shots can get really slow~~~mo~~~ to perhaps achieve a more dreamy effect to match the period (looks about 70s? correct me if I’m wrong)? Pojaman took like 10 minutes to walk into the main house from the mansion’s gate and yes, you are made to watch the whole process while she wanders around wide eyed with music playing! The pace picks up after Pojaman begins her stay in the mansion but it’s only after Chai Klang shows up near the end of ep4 that I moved into ‘I can’t stop and will continue watching this till my head hurts’ stage.


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