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27 Aug

Well well, both SRCS and KRN have ended. As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I liked SRCS a lot but unfortunately, the last couple of episodes weren’t that great which pulled down the overall ‘like’ factor for this drama. Khwan and Nop were still cute together, but everything else was just lame. Why doesn’t anyone think of contacting the police when there’s trouble (e.g. kidnapping) and then when everything is over, the police magically shows up when there’s no use for them anymore??? And in the final scene, why on earth was Khwan wearing a long flowing dress with a tiara on her head when she’s at a freakin’ sheep farm???? Janie looked pretty in that dress but it was totally out of place.

Like what someone said on a forum, SRCS is a stress-free lakorn. I can’t take any of the villains seriously so I didn’t feel any tension when Khwan appeared to be in trouble and while Khwan and Nop like to bicker with each other, there’s no angst in their relationship. My verdict on SRCS: Definitely a stress-free experience with some good laughs but it’s not a classic in my heart due to the weak plot and characterization.


Nan did redeem herself in KRN and she got her happy ending! Nan was the focus of the story so seems like she is both the nang’ek and nang’rai after all. For me, KRN was one of those could-have-been-good lakorns because there was so much the scriptwriters could have done with Nan but didn’t. If she was to be the ‘rose without thorns’ i.e. a rose inside but without thorns to protect her from bad influences, they need to balance out her evil actions with some goodness on her part however small, to show that she is worth redeeming. But Nan was just being a bitch throughout to the point where it’s hard for anyone (in the drama or the viewers) to have sympathy for her. The ending was a tad rush but seeing how I have a soft spot for Nan and Sarat, I’m pleased to see scenes of them being happy with their kid. I really like Ploy’s look in the final scene, the way her hair was done and the clothes she was wearing. Haa, I guess the ‘good wife look’ was to contrast with her wild/slutty way of dressing in the past? Speaking of clothes, Yaya is young and sweet-looking, why is she always wearing clothes that make her look 10 years older? Maybe the producers wanted her to look more mature in the larkon but sheesh, couldn’t the wardrobe people have picked something more stylish?

mixed lakorn update

5 Aug

As expected, I’m not digging the plot for Rose Without Thorns. I’m admittedly biased towards the character Nan because I like Ploy, but I’m running out of excuses for her. It would have been better if the scriptwriters had played up the revenge angle as the motivation for Nan to make life miserable for Nuch instead of just writing her as a one-dimensional bitch/slut. So I’m gonna leave that lakorn aside till it’s finished playing so I can quickly run through the remaining episodes just to get a gist of the story. I do like the opening song a lot though, which judging from the translated lyrics, seem to be talking about Nan instead of the supposed nang’ek Nuch.

Suay Rerd Cherd Sod however, has been growing on me. Janie and Film are so adorable together and there are many funny/sarcastic lines that got me sniggering. There are many side characters I don’t like and some stuff I felt were not so well-written but at least Nop and Khuan are an enjoyable watch as the focus of the story. I think Janie acted in a light hearted drama with Ken before? Might check that out… I like Janie after watching SRCS!

I might have mentioned my intense dislike for Kaew Tah Pee before. Anyway, I was so traumatised by that lakorn I didn’t want to watch anything with Cherry or Tik for a long time but recently I gave Cherry another shot with Mae Ka Khanom Wan, where she plays a totally different character. Kudos to Cherry for playing a tomboyish character so well but unfortunately, her role as Pai still annoys me by being so rash and stubborn. As for our pra’ek Mart … he definitely has the built and looks (reminded me of Ken) but his acting is so stiff!! I like most of the side characters for a change though, from Pai’s hilarious relatives down to Wat’s bodyguards. Louis Scott is a pleasant surprise as Pai’s best friend in the first ‘happy’ role I’m seeing him in.

23 Jul

Ploy totally sizzles as the seductive Nan and even though she’s the nang’rai here, she has outshone the other characters in the first 2 episodes and I believe her character will continue to take center-stage throughout the lakorn! Actually that seems to be a problem with some lakorns where the conflicts are almost entirely created by the villians, which means said villians need more screen time and if not properly handled, the focus could shift from the main characters to the supporting cast. A couple of examples I could think of offhand are “Namtan Mai” (Ploy also stole the ATeam’s thunder there) and “Chaleuy Suk”.

Of course, it’s not like I’m complaining for “Rose Without Thorns” since I’m totally into Sarat and Nan.

Some behind the scenes clips of Ploy and Tah
Their wedding! Ploy is supppper pretty here. 😉

Nan being a nice wifeynot

Nan at the hospital after having Sarat’s kid! I didn’t see any scenes of a pregnant Nan in the teasers, just her being a total bitch to Nuch. Haaa. I know she succesfully gets Sarat to break of his engagement to Nuch and marry her, then tries to seduce Rome (STILL cannot remember his character’s name) – unsuccessfully this time though and there was a scene of her watching Nuch’s wedding with Rome with flames practically shooting out of her eyes. It wasn’t evident from the teasers what happens later, so I presume Nan gets her comeuppance eventually, gets pregnant with Sarat along the way and she realises Sarat is the one that truly loves her??

Suay Rerd Cherd Sod” is getting more interesting and I’m liking the interaction between Nop and Khuan now that they are less antagonistic towards each other. Though they continue to bicker with each other, I feel that the trust is building up between them. The scene where Nop ties Khuan up and drags her to his private villa (which btw was impossible. They were at a mall in the previous scene, so how could Nop tie Khuan up in public without being arrested for kidnapping? anyway…) reminded me so much of Sawan Biang. They even fell into the pool together later, again reminded me of Sawan Biang… but of course, this is the funny version with Nop and Khuan smacking each other in the pool.

Nop is a nice guy, but he really is a lousy boyfriend to Pim. I’m not a fan of mopey Pim but what she said was true – Nop wasn’t there to protect her when she was hurt by others. By spending time with Khuan (even if for work) instead of caring for Pim, he’s showing where his priorities are. Bottom line, he just doesn’t love Pim that much.

Rose without thorns epi1 – 2.3

19 Jul

wow, I must say Ploy is really suited to play the seductress. Nan is already turning on the works to entrap Sarat and it won’t be long before Nuch’s world comes crashing down. Yaya is surprisingly not-annoying as the angelic Nuch (I generally don’t take well to such unrealistically naive characters) and her acting is alright for a newbie. Still, the plot isn’t doing anything for me and I foresee myself tearing my hair at the cliche-ness and fastforwarding through entire episodes. I mean, I can’t even remember the pra’ek’s name. That shows how much enthusiasm I’m feeling for the main couple. I’m actually rooting for Sarat and Nan to work things out eventually even though Nan’s supposed to be an evil!bitch. XD

Ploy looking fierce as the resident bitch. rawr.


Sweetie-pie Nuch has no idea what her dear P’Nan has in store for her……


gasp, is that a happy family picture I spot of Nan and Sarat?? There is hope yet for our temptress! Go go Sarat, fight for your love and redeem Nan, whose thoughts have been poisoned by her mom and grandma all her life.

15 Jul

Bleach latest chapter is delayed this week but judging from the spoilers, we gonna have some Gin/Matsu moments. Gin appears to have his own agenda (no surprise) but is he only trying to protect Matsumoto by keeping her away, or is he planning to double cross Aizen to become the ultimate boss, or is he really one of the good guys planted beside Aizen? The theory that Gin is working undercover ala “Infernal Affairs” has been floating around for the longest time but I do hope that he stays the self-serving villain that he appears to be. We lack good villains!

There are still funny moments in epi 3 of “Suay Rerd Cherd Sod”, but the stupidity of the characters makes me go argggg as I watch. Why in the world does Nop think kissing Khuan in public (on 2 occasions at that) is a good way of getting back at her? Yes, it’s embarrassing to Khuan but isn’t he putting his relationship with Pim on the line by doing so? Seriously, if my boyfriend tells me he’s only trying to tease another girl by kissing said girl, I will give him a few good slaps. Aaaaaand then there’s Pim. Her constant sad-face is irritating me and granted, Khuan was mean to make the models do their walk 10 times, but it wasn’t like Khuan singled Pim out for the walking. Everyone did the same thing so why the hell is Pim moaning that Khuan is targeting her? To top it off, Pim’s twisted ankle has nothing to do with Khuan so why is Nop ‘taking revenge’ for Pim?? meh, I don’t know, it’s funny to see Nop and Khuan take turns sabotaging each other but the reasons leading up to their confrontations are so lame. Looks like Vee is turning ‘evil’ but I’m not caring much for his storyline so I fastforwarded all his parts with Da. Oops.

Rose Without Thorns is out! Ploy’s character Nantawadee reminds me a lot of the evil girl she played in Namtan Mai, heck even the house she stays in looks the same (or maybe it’s just my memory failing). I really hope for Nantawadee be a less one-dimensional villain who only exists to make life a sob fest for the nang’ek and hopefully she gets true love in the end too! Haa, but what are the chances of a happy ending for the evil girl? From the synopsis, Sarat (Tah) will truly love Nantawadee so fingers crossed that there will be redemption waiting at the end for her. Speaking of Tah, after going gay in Namtan Mai, he’s looking spiffy and manly in his military uniform! As for the main leads, Rome is handsome and Yaya looks sweet. Erm, yea, that sums up my impression so far.

A Rose Without Thorns

29 Jun

Too much has been going on in RL and I’m back to seeking emotional refuge in the make-believe world of dramas where everything gets tied up nicely by the last episode.

The only lakorn I’m looking forward to is Ken/Ann’s “365 Days of Love” but it’s not airing so soon and I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find a lakorn to entertain me in the meantime. The story for Rome’s new lakorn “Kulap Rai Nam (A Rose without Thorns)” is just typical beyond typical, what with the sweet nang’ek getting bullied by her conniving elder sister but she’ll end up winning over the handsome pra’ek with her pure heart. The only reason I will give this a shot is not for Rome, but for Ploy who is playing the evil nang’rai yet again. Heeh, I don’t know why, but I just enjoy watching Ploy on screen even though she often ends up as the villian.

I’m also done with TVB’s “The Mysteries of Love” which was initially criticised for ripping off the plot of J-drama “Galileo” but the two dramas are actually very different. Kings (Raymond Lam) is a genius physics professor who gets roped in by his police inspector pal Gordon (Kenneth Ma) to help solve cases and that’s really where the similarities end. “Galileo”, as with many J-dramas, is not romance centric and concentrates on solving the cases in a systemetic manner. For all the cases in “Galileo”, physics played a central role in uncovering the truth and the eccentric Yukawa is the main star of the drama (I ignore the female side-kick Kaoru ‘cos she’s too annoying. Anyway I’m still pissed that the scriptwriters pretty much replaced the role that Shunpei had in the novel with Kaoru just so that a female character gets more screen time with Yukawa.)

“Mysteries of Love” on the other hand, honestly … the cases are so lame. The audience easily picks up the clues before the police gets them and the cases are always so conveniently resolved. Some physics theories get thrown in here and there but it’s more like an afterthought rather than the key to solving the cases. Actually, they don’t even use that much physics ‘cos Kings was always calling up his professor friends in other faculties to help.

So, what kept me watching for all 24 episodes and even made me cry on a few occassions? The star of MoL isn’t any one character but the various kinds of relationships potrayed. The love and support 犀利妹’s (Tavia Yeung … I’ll just refer to her character as SLM!) family have for each other, the camaraderie in Gordon’s unit, the friendship between Gordon and Kings, the love that SLM has for Kings. A quick poll among my friends indicate that Kings and SLM’s relationship got a few tears out of all of them and I must say Tavia did a very good job with SLM. Kings on the other hand… hmm, I think Raymond Lam did alright as Kings but it was the scriptwriters’ fault for not doing enough to shape the character. Oooh yes, Kenneth Ma didn’t leave much of an impression on me when I saw him in a couple other dramas but he’s definitely got my attention with his potrayal of Gordon. Erm, but I didn’t quite get his relationship with Nickole (Bernice Liu) so I ended up fastforwarding all their scenes in the later part of the drama! And even though I said the cases are lame, they can be entertaining if you don’t bother too much with logic. XD