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Rang Ngao ep 6

24 Jul

Thanks to encouragement from an Anon in my previous post, I picked up where I left off for ‘Rang Ngao’ and it turned out to be more interesting than I remembered! The first 5 episodes were centred on Tha, a sweet girl with an inferiority complex who got seduced into an extramarital affair by her boss. After suffering plenty of humiliation and bitch slapping from the boss’ wife, Tha returned to her home at the country side, broken and pregnant. She finally committed suicide when she felt that her pregnancy out of wedlock will bring shame to her parents. Now, Tha did suffer a lot at the hands of Nappa (the boss’ wife) but I found it hard to sympathize with her when she dug herself into this hole so after Tha died, I moved on to other dramas.

But now I think that RN’s ‘real’ start is at ep6 when Tha’s twin Nin returns and assumes Tha’s identity to avenge her death. Unlike Tha, Nin is a confident young lady who takes bs from no one and I was actually clapping at the screen throughout ep6 when Nin fights back. It was so funny to see the jaw-drop reaction of Tha’s colleagues when the usually mild and timid ‘Tha’ threw the insults right back anyone who dared to step on her. Revenge was sweet for Nin (dumping soda down Janepop’s pants was pure gold) and it was fun to watch for me but like what Veekit cautioned, Nin will inevitably get her own hands dirty if she continues with giving tit for tat. I doubt Nin will back off seeing how confident she is of her own abilities and as she gets to know more of what Tha suffered, anger will probably blind her to any mistakes she makes.

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For those interested, Fia has done a recap of a Rak Kun Tao Fah special where the cast talk about the story and the characters they play. Gf/Wife vs Mom is a realistic problem that many face and it seems like Ploy/Cherry/Chompoo have interesting and distinct characters but I’m still not convince that the overall plot makes for good tv. You give me 3 fantastic lakorn worthy relationships and have them all ruined by the guy’s over possessive mom 3 times in a row? I think relationship wrecking is a job best left to psycho exes or deluded childhood friends. Then after all that pain, Marie gets the man. Sigh, Ken’s too fine for that! Marie looks like a kid beside Ken and it’s gonna take a lot to sell them as a couple to me.

I’ve always been neutral towards Chompoo and have not yet found of a lakorn of hers that attracts me enough to want to check it out but after seeing her in this special, I suddenly feel like giving Mia Teang a shot. Hmmm.

Ken x Ann

20 Jan

// This post was typed out weeks ago and I had only planned to post a few pictures of KA’s dramas but I thought, hey why not make pretty photo collages instead? … In the end, I got so carried away with making the perfect collage that I scoured the internet for pictures and made like 10 versions for each drama. Ok, I exaggerate, but point is I wasted more time on this than I had planned on. Well, it’s finally seeing the light of day. //

Will 365 Days of Love be Ken/Ann’s last lakorn together? There’s no news of them being paired up again in the near future but never say never! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that they will collaborate again because no one does it like KA. 😉

I know some viewers are bored of seeing them together. After all, they’ve starred in 5 lakorns together in the past 10 years but there’s a reason why producers want them together: they have incredible chemistry. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of 365 DoL because of the never ending misunderstandings but I love how Ken/Ann is able to show the physical intimacy between a married couple with such ease. I’m not talking about bed scenes (although some of their ‘bed scenes’ are quite cute) but little things like snuggling in bed, giving little kisses to each other, holding hands etc. They are totally convincing as a married couple. ❤

KA over the years

Rang Ngao ep1-3

30 Dec

Ken/Ann’s first drama together from 2001. Ken looked so dorky. XD

I guess I understand why Tha chose the playboy boss over our cute and earnest Veekit. She has a strong inferiority complex from being constantly put down by her mother for not measuring up to her sister and while Veekit is nice, he is just, well, nice. The MD brings her to nice restaurants and sweet talks her, lavishing her with the praise and attention that she has not gotten from her family. Tha sees that the MD ‘loves’ her more than his beautiful and competent wife and maybe that is why she fell for all his lies.

That said, I have no sympathy for Tha when the MD dropped her like a hot potato after their affair is exposed and left her to deal with the vicious office gossip. There’ll be some serious bitch slapping next episode when his jealous wife finds out and what can I say except that Tha had it coming?

So girls, remember this: NEVER EVER get involved with a married man, much less a married man with kids. All that talk about not loving his wife? Well, he loved her enough to have 3 kids with her. And if every date ends up at the hotel room and he provides you birth control pills, yes, he is definitely using you for sex only. DUMP HIM ASAP.