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xxxHOLiC live action preview

19 Feb

Everytime I think I’m done with xxxholic, something new gets thrown my way. Apparently not satisfied with having Watanuki cameo in ‘Drug & Drop’, CLAMP will be resuming the manga in Feb . I don’t know where CLAMP will be taking this since everyone except Watanuki is gone but can they at least show what on earth the friggin’ egg that Doumeki has been keeping forever is meant for?? In any case, it can’t get any worse than the ending of ‘Rou’ … right?

Before we get new manga updates, the live action drama of xxxholic will be premiering on the 24th. When I first saw stills from the drama adaptation, I wasn’t too keen on it because the cast looked too different from how I envisioned the characters to be. Even now I think Watanuki’s actor doesn’t look ‘Watanuki’ enough (and his deep voice is too Doumeki!) and Himawari deserves a prettier actress but after watching the 5 minute opening and other clips, I’m getting excited for the drama. The tone of the opening scene makes the drama feel creepier than I remember the manga or anime to be but in general the sets and costumes are gorgeous and help bring the strange world of xxxholic to life.

Mook Liam Petch first impression

18 May


I think I’m up to ep 3-ish of MLP but I’m not too sure as the subber labels the vids by parts instead of episodes. The drama opens with a lol-tastic diamond heist by what must surely be the most inept bunch of robbers I’ve seen on tv. However, the police managed to outdo them in the incompetence department which allowed our robbers to make a successful getaway. I mean, the news crew was able to get their helicopter onto the building but the police didn’t think of doing that when the robbers were obviously blockaded on the roof? Then our silly robbers who donned masks when they were in the building with the CCTV cut off took off said masks when hijacking the news crew’s heli and in the process got their faces broadcasted on national tv. But wait, apparently no one noticed this helpful fact and the diamond’s owners/police/insurance company are still trying to identify the robbers. *facepalm* The action scenes per se are still acceptable but the tv stations really need to do a better job with the writing.

Anyhow, the ‘successful’ heist sets the stage for our n’ek to get close to the p’ek in a bid to recover the diamond. Initially it was funny to see Nu Mook ham it up to play the air-headed Barbie and it was quite entertaining to watch Petch give her the poisonous tongue treatment while we know that Mook doesn’t give a rat’s ass about it but we have been going around in circles for a while now, I would appreciate it if we get some kind of progress on their relationship as well as the plot. On Krit/Rucha’s side, visually I like seeing Tah and Vicky together but Rucha is so annoying I want to lock her up and keep her away from messing up Krit’s plans. Someone please tell me Rucha gets better later on! [Digressing from the lakorn … Tah: am I alone in finding him hot?? I think he looks really good with Susie too. XD Vicky: Among the recent celebrity weddings, I am most touched by Chai and Vicky’s. They are sooo adorable and sweet together. Vicky will take care of Chai]

Other special mentions … I’m oddly tickled by Jenjob’s scenes with Petch since I already know where his true, er herm, interest lies. Oh boy Petch, you have no idea. It was also nice to see the ladies have real fights and it’s not over a man!

Verdict on MLP so far: neither the plot nor the not-yet-budding romance engages me much but it’s generally entertaining enough to keep me watching.
— — —

I swore not to touch CLAMP’s stuff ever again after they trolled me with xxxHolic: Rou but … but … I just found out Legal Drug resumed serialisation under the new title of Drug & Drop and I hesitated for about 2 seconds before googling for scanlations. I shall now spend my weekend re-reading LD (which was last released 9 years ago!! A strong heart and LOTS of patience are prerequisites for CLAMP readers) and catching up on D&D. Apparently Watanuki makes a cameo in D&D. I’m usually happy to see cross-overs but now I just want to kick Watanuki in the face.

Ka Kaung Kon

17 Mar

I’d been marathoning Sign (excellent crime drama btw) since Monday but I thought I’d take a breather after the serial killer case was resolved in mid ep7 and went to check out Ka Kaung Kon (A Person’s Value) . The story is standard romance novel fare which was why I wasn’t keen on it to being with but once I got started, it turned out more addictive than I had counted on.

Story: Luck is a rich businessman who believes anyone, especially women, can be bought for a price. He plays around with women and the only one who has lasted beyond a year is his current squeeze Jen. Luck and our nang’ek Gluay, get off on the wrong foot and he mistakes Gluay for an easy woman that’s involved with many men at the same time, so naturally he objects when he finds out a while later that his half-brother Peemarn is in love with Gluay and wants to marry her. Luck then approaches Glauy and offers her a sum of money to leave Peemarn alone and gets refused by an angry Gluay. Things, of course, don’t end here or we wouldn’t have a lakorn. Gluay’s brother Kai got into a huge debt of 10 million baht with an underground casino and in desperation, Gluay ‘sells’ her dignity by accepting money from Luck and she enters into a fake marriage with Luck to make Peemarn give up on her for good so that he will agree to marriage with a diplomat’s (?) daughter. Hmm, I think we all know how the story goes from here. Haa.

There are so many things I could pick about the plot, like wouldn’t it be much easier to pay Gluay to marry a random guy (her friend Jed whom Luck thought was her ‘customer’ would be a convenient choice)? I would think it would be easier for Peemarn to give up on Gluay if she wasn’t parading around his property everyday and by ‘marrying’ Gluay, Luck’s relationship with Peemarn will be damaged because Peemarn would feel betrayed by the brother he respected. Or how about, if this fake marriage thing is supposed to be a secret, why is it announced to pretty much every character in the show except Peemarn? I’m surprise Peemarn didn’t overhear their conversations earlier given how everyone is always talking about it in the house!

But if you accept all the gaping plot holes as necessary plot devices to get the pra’ek and nang’ek under the same roof, you’ll find KKK a pretty entertaining lakorn. The pace is quick and most of the characters are sane, reasonable people. Well, there’s the stock money-faced secondary girl Jen who stakes claim on Luck just because she’s his sleeping partner and while her attitude is annoying, Gluay gets to show her mettle in their few face-off scenes. Gluay is a fantastic nang’ek. She’s beautiful, kind hearted, good at cooking/housework blah blah blah the usual but I love how she stands up for herself and maintains her dignity in a strong, quiet manner. Feisty nang’eks tend to equate standing up for oneself with arguing, shouting and even occasionally causing bodily harm to others (think Cherrie’s character in ‘Dessert Girl’) but being loud doesn’t mean you’re right and if you’re right, you don’t have to be loud.

I also got started on Rak Mai Mee Wan Tai, the vampire lakorn with Dome and Ploy. From the few subbed parts of ep 1 that are out, it’s actually not as lame as I thought it would be. Dome is hot, the villain vampire cousin is hot, Sing the policeman/Ploy’s childhood friend is also good-looking … what’s not to like? Some people are complaining about Ploy’s voice and how she’s too old to be playing chirpy roles but I’m fine with it. Perhaps my Ploy biasness is coming into play here but I do like her character Plai who’s cheerful and lively.

In other news, CLAMP stabbed me in the heart again with their Rou: Adayume OAD. Thank you for destroying my ship so thoroughly. Gah, I’m swearing off CLAMP stuff from now on.

Right, I shall get started on ep5 of KKK! Thanks jamieguo48 for the rec on this lakorn.

xxxholic 完结篇

10 Feb

*spoilers for final chapter of xxxholic*

Thank you CLAMP, for screwing your fans over with shitty endings.

The point to Yuuko’s dream was to tell Watanuki that, look, you’re powerful enough to leave the shop now, release yourself from this cage that you’ve locked yourself in. When I saw that few panels, I thought that Watanuki will finally understand Yuuko’s true wish for him but no, he continues to wait in the shop a hundred years on and you know what’s the best part? Doumeki’s great-grandson, who of course looks exactly like him, is now the resident errand boy. And Doumeki version 2.0 is still holding on to the UNUSED egg. Riiiiiight. How about an egg for a family heirloom?

CLAMP, srsly?

I thought the point to xxxholic was for Watanuki to learn. To learn his own value, to learn to love himself, to learn to trust others, to learn to share burdens. It all came to naught in ‘Rou’ where all he did was wallow in his loss after Yuuko dies/disappear/leaves/whatever. Ugh. I shall pretend ‘Rou’ never happened.

The only good thing I can say about the final chapter is Yuuko’s appearance. At least CLAMP gave us some gorgeous panels of her.

I had hoped for CLAMP to continue Legal Drug after finishing TRC and holic, but perhaps it’s for the best that they don’t. They have enough bad endings on their hands as it is.

Note to self: just don’t touch anything by CLAMP again.

And I’m leaving Bleach aside till Rukia comes back ‘cos I really don’t care about anyone else now.

xxxholic ending!

11 Jan

What?? Next chapter of xxxholic will be its last?

What’s with my fandoms ending on me lately? Unless CLAMP pulls the rug from under our feet (again), it seems quite sure from the final panel of chapter 212 that Yuko is back. Back only in a dream to pep talk Watanuki or back for good remains to be seen but … really? CLAMP is gonna give xxxholic a wrap by the next chapter?

What about that damn egg that Doumeki has been holding on to for the past 10 freaking years? I’ve always thought that it’s gonna be used for something epic eventually or at least be part of an angsty choice that Doumeki would be forced to make involving a certain Watanuki. CLAMP had better give us a good resolution on that. But more than loose plot threads, I’m more frustrated by the fact that there hasn’t been any character growth since ‘Rou’ began. The Doumeki/Watanuki fangirl in me initially spazzed over Doumeki being a perpetual fixture in the shop but chapter after chapter, their relationship (however you want to take it) doesn’t seem to be moving forward. There are new clients in the shop with emo-seductive Watanuki attending to them but the characters don’t seem to learn anything from the cases unlike previously when Yuko was in charge. Yes, the art is still pretty and the folklore interesting but this is not the xxxholic I fell in love with.

meh, just as well that CLAMP is ending this because it’s been going in circles for too long. Hmmm, dare I hope that they will continue drawing Legal Drug?? But it’s CLAMP, so let’s not keep our hopes up.

xxxholic 209

12 Oct

I don’t quite know what to make of xxxholic now.


I like Kohane, I do. She’s a lovely girl but … but … I’m in too deep on the DouWata. Or should I be positive and think that it’s only CLAMP messing with us fangirls for the Nth time?

Or maybe I need to care less about my ships.

13 Jul

“Xxxholic” has gone monthly which means a longer wait between updates but at least CLAMP are giving us more pages. I use to ship DouWata so hard but since “Rou” started, I’ve been ambivalent about where CLAMP is taking their relationship. The DouWata tag-team worked well under the supervision of Yuuko, with them balancing each other out but now, the relationship feels more like a one-way street with Doumeki giving and giving and giving some more without any obvious appreciation from Watanuki. Yes, I know Watanuki is in a funk because of what happened to Yuuko and yes, I understand that he tries to distance himself from Doumeki (and even others from the ‘outside’ world like Kohane to avoid dragging them into this situation that he chose to be in) but is it really that hard to show an itsy-bitsy bit of thanks for what Doumeki has been doing for the past 10 friggin’ years? And it has been 10 years, should be pretty obvious by now Doumeki isn’t going anywhere. To be fair, Watanuki does care for Doumeki in a round-about-way by cooking for Doumeki and protecting Doumeki subtly (e.g. the ring and putting a barrier around Doumeki instead of himself in the latest confrontation with the dark forces) but his whole general attitude towards Doumeki doesn’t sit well with me. Then there’s Doumeki. I love him, I truly do but since “Rou”, there hasn’t been much development character wise. His entire life is devoted to Watanuki, everything and I mean everything revolves around Watanuki and while that was part of his charm, this character is starting to look a little flat. Doumeki is losing himself. Here’s hoping CLAMP is actually leading up to something big from here.

As for Bleach, I’m still catching each chapter faithfully every week but I’ve kinda lost the plot now. Just happy to see bishie!Aizen walk around with Gin. Matsumoto’s showdown with Gin looks to be coming up soon and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t see the end of my favourite villian. And where’s Rukia???

The first 2 episodes of “Suay Rerd Cherd Sod” was funny and enjoyable though the bratty KhwanUma (Janie) isn’t as likable as Alin in SSH. Khwan’s ‘battles’ with Nop (Film) gave me some good laughs and I especially liked their first face-off in the lift but Khwan is honestly a self-centered bitch. I’ve not been impressed by any characters so far: Pim is too mopey, Da is weird, Toiting is very annoying, the Uncle-Cousin villian duo screams cliché, and Nop is too run-of-the-mill. Vee (Art) though not any more spectacular a character, is eye-candy for me so I enjoyed his scenes. Lol.

Back from the Blind

3 Apr

xxxHolic and Bleach have been pretty good to me since I came back from my holiday.

In xxxHolic, Watanuki gave Doumeki a ring as a birthday present. *cue fangirl scream* yea yea, he didn’t intend to propose (even if Doumeki seemed to take it that way, by promptly trying to jam it onto his ring finger), but chapter 203/204 made me see Watanuki’s awkward gentleness towards Doumeki. ❤

Then BLEACH 398… wow, I haven't been this excited by a chapter in a long while.
Isshin making his grand entrace +100
Ichigo thinking of Rukia at this very important point in time and repeating her words to Isshin +100000
Gin finally taking part in the fight +1000 (Kubo had better not skip it like he did with Gin vs Shinji. I will be Not Happy.)

Even though Ichigo is not my favourite character (or even in my top 5 for that matter), he is The Hero after all and he drives the story with his growth. I was both happy and relief to see the Ichigo return, the one that fights with his Dad, the one that has confidence, the one that is the man in Rukia’s heart. Ichigo has come home.

Aizen may be able to control the people that Ichigo meet and the places he ends up in, but he the one thing Aizen cannot control is the relationship Ichigo builds with those people. Rukia and Ichigo’s meeting was engineered, but how they bonded with each other after that, I still say it IS destiny.

To Aizen, Rukia is a mere pawn in the grand scheme of things but she’s so much more than that to Ichigo. I find it strange how certain shippers refuse to see the picture that Kubo has been painting for the past few hundred chapters and continue to insist that Inuoe is the girl for Ichigo. I’m a casual BLEACH fan and I don’t remember many of the details but when I think about the path that Ichigo has taken so far, Rukia is the one who helped him grow and better himself. When he is down, Rukia knows what it takes to pull him out of it and when I think of IchiRuki, I think of a heroic Ichigo. With Inuoe … just look at the most recent HM arc. Quite disastrous developments for Ichigo. I’m not saying Inoue caused the situation (I don’t like Inuoe’s weak chracter but she’s a nice girl and she does try) but she definitely was not able to rise up to the ocassion. Ichigo may not be habouring romantic feelings towards Rukia at this point in time (shounen manga after all) but people, Inuoe loving Ichigo does not equate him loving her back.

xxxholic 203/204

1 Apr




– 记得100的生日(虽然免不了吐嘈一下)
– 提醒100回去和家人过生日(好体贴啊!!)
– 用血和蜘蛛女换来戒指作为生日礼物(先不论这礼物的真正用意何在,单是送‘戒指’这件事就足以令我激动了)
– 这礼物是为了保护100

Bleach 391

8 Feb

Is it or is it not Aizen? That is the question.

Seeing that the Aizen of chapter 391 went ‘oh shit’, I’m inclined to think that it’s all part of his illusion, because how could the great Aizen-sama be actually panicking? But we will not know until this friday, or maybe not! if Kubo decides to leave us hanging and turn back to HM. Still, I’m glad that some action is taking place and I’m happy to see Kyoraku and Shinji taking a stab at Aizen, real or not.

But the one character I really want to know more about is Gin. He’s been shrouded in mystery for so long I won’t bat an eyelid if he turned out to be the main villian after all… but that would be too boring for Gin.


A little on xxxHoLic
If Yuuko saw Watanuki acting the way he is now, I have no doubt she’ll deliver a flying kick to his face to get him to snap out of it. It’s so depressing to see Watanuki trying to push Doumeki away in the mistaken belief that it’s better for him. arg, when will the kid ever learn??
On the bright side, CLAMP sure knows how to bait the fangirls with subtext. Eye-smex much? And Himawari-chan is back in chapter 198! well, sorta. Hopefully we’ll get to see her in person soon!