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new pairing to fangirl!

4 Apr

I’m so addicted to Leh Ratree (2015) that I’m watching new episodes without subs to alskdjfaslkjdf over the 2 adorable couples. Sake (Sean)/Kate (Esther) makes flowers pop out of my ears with how sweet they are but it’s Satayu (Jes)/Pa (Gypsy) that I’m more invested in. I’ve not seen Jes or Gypsy in the lakorns I’ve watched so far and since I have to wait a whole week for new episodes, I started poking around the internet to learn more about them/their lakorns… and lo and behold, found out that they paired up in ‘Jao Payu’ last year. A few random clips and MVs later, I gathered that his character is from a well-to-do family, whereas she works as an escort. They fall in love… aaaaand it does not end well. Very angsty and right up my alley. Unfortunately the lakorn doesn’t appear to be subbed but at least there are recaps by Darknesslakorns to help me.

Paap Ataan and OTP ramblings

10 Sep

What makes you fall in love with an on-screen couple? Most of the time my love for a pairing is an extension of my love for the fictional OTP they portray (eg my obsession with Aum/Aff for a while after Jam Loey Rak), then there are those with a natural cackling chemistry that makes me want to watch them regardless/in spite of the plot (eg Great/Matt, Dome/Ploy, Weir/Mai) and of course ideally you have a couple who combines both factors (eg Ken/Ann in Oum Rak, Sawan Biang and Sood Sanaeha).


Then there’s Pong/Charebelle. Not sure if it’s obvious by now but since Dok Soke I’ve been quite the Pong/Charebelle shipper and till now I can’t quite put my finger on why. I enjoyed watching Asanai (Pong) care for Dok Soke (Charebelle) through the difficulties in her life but I didn’t care to know about their characters beyond their interaction with each other. The ‘why’ leading up to a scene didn’t matter to me, just having them together on screen was fine by me. Must be explosive chemistry then? They had chemistry but I think it’s more down to Pong’s charm ‘cos he has good chemistry with his co-stars in general and I’m neutral towards his other leading ladies. As much as I like Charebelle, I’d be the first to say her acting needs improvement. Her sweet scenes with Pong in DS becomes unintentionally funny sometimes because she looks so uncomfortable when Pong is hugging and/or kissing her that Pong ends up looking like he’s preying on an innocent young girl. lol. But! awkward acting and all, I can’t help shipping them. Do you have any odd/less popular pairings you support with all your heart? Continue reading

Hongki & Mina – Ep9 The Honeymoon

2 Jun

With Adam behind me, I confidently said that I was gonna be rational about this couple and enjoy them simply as weekend entertainment and for a while it was. But dang it MBC! This WGM blackhole has claimed me as a victim again as Hongki & Mina draws me in deeper with their sweetness and sincerity with every new episode. I find myself spending more and more time on forums reading posts micro-analysing each WGM episode and once again the line between fantasy and reality starts to blur. I start to interpret each glance, each touch as reflection of real affection growing between these two real people and sometimes ‘happy’ episodes/events end up bittersweet for me when I put my own spin on things! Or is that the entire point of WGM? To get as many fans as this big room for imagination can fit. 曾经于亚当我有了这样的领悟,对于彩虹我理性的那面有同样的认知,但心还是被他们牵引着,忍不住心疼夫人、忍不住想要他们成为彼此的幸福。李红鸡你要对夫人好一点啦~~~不要明明有粉红我却每次看得要落泪。是怎样啦。

Anyway, onto the honeymoon episode which while short, is packed with all sorts of skinship that got me squeeing like mad. If I were to include all scenes that I like I’d have to cap the entire episode so just some highlights here.

wgmep9h1 Continue reading

The goodness continues – Khun Samee ep 10

21 Mar

Another great episode from Khun Samee! If you watch enough dramas I’m sure you’ve suffered internal injuries from watching the main character/couple being put through the wringer by evillll people while you yell at the screen for them to do something about it but you only end up with 10 minutes of happiness in the last episode. Or if the writer is sadistic enough, the rug will be pulled out from under you after you think the couple is home free ala Dok Soke. So I’m totally loving how the nasty people’s plans keep getting thwarted at every turn by our strong nang’ek, sensible pra’ek and their very big support group! And omg Don and Pim actually got even more narak this episode that I was drowning (happily) in the sweetness and ep11 promises moarrrr. If I’m nice will I get to see a willing?

Highlights of ep10 that I loved: Continue reading

Manee Dan Suaang (Jewel from the Heavens) review … kinda?

23 Feb

A while back Fia posed a question on twitter, asking what we based our lakorn watching on and my response was ‘cast/synopsis will lure me in but plot/chemistry keep me on board’. In general my answer has not changed but in this age of easy fastforwarding of videos, I realised that I am able to get through a drama simply for the casts’ chemistry and I don’t even have to waste time wading through stupid plot and/or characters I don’t want to see. It happened for ‘Dok Soke’ where I picked the main couple’s moments to swoon over and skipped most of the surrounding family and other woman drama… and of course that infamous head-banging ending. I didn’t expect to put my ff skills to use again so soon but ‘Manee Dan Suaang’ (click link to read the synopsis) forced my hand by throwing Art Pasut and Sara Legge in this hot mess where people are beautiful and nothing makes sense. Pong’s charisma played a part in my liking of the main couple in DS but at the same time I enjoyed watching their relationship which began with pity/reliance slowly blossom into love.
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Officially obsessed with Num Baan Rai Gab Wanjai Hi-So

15 Aug

I ended up devouring all available subbed episodes (5 so far) last night and am continuing with the unsubbed ones ‘cos I don’t think I have the patience to wait for 1 ep per week. DDDD:

Chompoo didn’t do much for me as the picture perfect Arunprapai in MT but I adore her to bits as the vivacious Napdao Wow!Zap! Napdao’s not beyond telling lies or playing little tricks to keep up her pretense of wealth and especially to get one up over her nemesis Amy, and her vanity is driving her to prop up her façade of being rich at whatever cost. But she does have a heart beneath the flashy exterior, not to mention lots of sass and intelligence. Napdao reminds me of a broke and less ditzy Alin, and I’d love to have both of them as my friends.

Napdao’s ‘war’ with Amy in ep2,3 was hilarious but overall I found it a bit draggy with the setting up of the circumstances leading to Napdao having to stay at Prap’s farm. Thankfully once she’s there, the fireworks begin and THEY ARE SO FREAKIN CUTE TOGETHER. I find Peter Corp’s acting a little awkward but dang, that man is fine looking and personally I think he has more chemistry with Chompoo than she had with Rome in MT (or maybe Khongkai’s stupidity in MT blinds out everything else).

There aren’t many surprises plot wise but I don’t have any major hang ups with it either and I’m glad they didn’t go over-the-top with the conflicts or comedy. I presume angst will be happening in the later part (doesn’t it always) but this will be waiting for me at the finishing line!


watching – ジェネラルルージュの凱旋

2 Mar

I’m shipping Hayami with Hanabusa but why do I have the nagging feeling that she might be the person responsible for Terauchi’s death? Like how Izumi wanted to report Hayami’s corruption to the hospital in order to keep him ‘with her’ in the Emergency Department, I wouldn’t put it past Hanabusa to do something extreme to protect Hayami. Most Japanese procedurals don’t have a strong loveline, if any at all, so I don’t expect Hayami to be romantically linked to either woman but I still want a positive end for the entire Team General and it would be a shame if Hanabusa turned out to have had a hand in the murder. Here’s hoping it’s the dirty politicians who did the deed!

The cases in each episode tend to be overly sentimental as Japanese dramas are wont to do but the overarching investigation into corruption in the hospital makes the drama riveting as I can’t wait for the next episode to uncover more of Hayami’s secrets. Nishijima is so charismatic as the skilled and tough Hayami and I go into crazy fangirl mode quite often when he’s on screen. XD

3 more episodes to go! I hope Hayami makes it out alive~

I wonder how’s Hayami’s teeth since he has a lollipop perpetually stuck in his mouth.

after ep 11
omo, Hayami confessed to killing Sasaki when he finally recalled that he heard Hanabusa’s voice before passing out i.e. he thinks she’s the murderer and he decides to take the rap for her. I really really hope that Hanabusa is only the red herring! And Hayami my love sensei, please don’t die!!

mid ep 12
this is turning into a live blogging post.

Yes, I was right. Hanabusa is indeed the red herring. 一开始嫌疑越大的人越有可能是幌子因为犯人一般都是最后一刻才揭晓的。哈哈。Hanabusa lied to protect Hayami because she thought he was the murderer when she found (what she thought was) his medicine at the scene. But why must Japanese procedurals be SO subtle with the loveline?? They only got a short moment in his ward where she held his hand and said ‘Please don’t die’. Sigh. Ok, back to the show and the big reveal is coming up!

So, it really was the politician … ‘s secretary.
Hayami lives after Shiratori’s very indirect words of encouragement (which came out sounding more like insults) helped the team realise they were looking in the wrong direction and finally located the actual cause of Hayami’s heart failure. It was a happy ending: Hayami lives, the team stays together, the hospital decides to develop a system to better coordinate the medical facilities in the area etc. With Jdramas, it’s often about hope and faith in humanity/the future and perhaps it is idealistic but why not? 🙂
Need to go get some sleep and I’ll finish up the SP tomorrow. Dare I hope for more Hayami/Hanabusa developments??

Where have you been all this time?

28 Feb

I’m obsessing over Nishijima Hidetoshi so much after finishing ‘Boku to Star no 99 Nichi’. Sasaki Kuranosuke is in serious peril of having his position of ultimate oji-san crush replaced by Nishijima. XD My next Nishijima drama shall be ‘General Rouge no Gaisen’ which incidentally stars Nakamura Tōru, another oji-san I rather fancy.



12 Feb

My latest ojisan crush: Nishijima Hidetoshi!

I just finished watching all 5 available episodes of ‘Strawberry Night’ as well as the SP and now I know why it’s leading the ratings game in Japan. I’ll probably write more about the drama tomorrow when I have time, for now let’s take a moment to appreciate Nishijima.

I wonder why I’ve never seen him in any Jdramas considering my rather long record but well, better late than never! Now that I know he’s the male lead in ‘Boku to Star no 99 Nichi’ (My 99 days with a star) , I have more motivation to check it out. lol

PS. my other ojisan crush is Sasaki Kuranosuke. Who’s yours? :p

Prosecutor Princess ep5-9

26 Nov

Dang, why do you do this to me Show?

When I see Hye Ri progressing well with Se Joon and breaking down his icy barriers I can’t help squeeing
but but but …