Word of Honor – Light Chaser

4 Apr

Ahhh… still not out of the WoH pit! How can I be when Youku is still stringing us along with the behind-the-scenes clips filled with thought, laughter, sugar and subtle knives? I’m also slowly re-watching WoH together with this reaction series with 5 (occasionally 4) guys and they have some super funny comments.

Beauty Ghost giving her work report to WKX

In Ep11 where Ah Xu’s internal injuries act up and WKX hastily moves over to transfer some energy to him.

Guy in white: Can’t WKX just play the flute?

Guy in green: Playing the flute is like wifi, it’s wireless. This is plugging in the internet cable, the transfer is faster!

Guy in white agreeing: Efficiency is more important in such critical time

They are up to ep12 and I can’t imagine their reaction when all the big knives start coming out in later episodes. Unfortunately it’s all in Chinese… but if you do understand Chinese definitely do check them out!

Re-watching this again reminded me of how I was lured into the world of WoH by our crazy beauty WKX and his shameless flirting, but I ended up a sobbing mess by the end at how Ah Xu and Lao Wen save each other. To be very honest, my heart leans towards WKX. His earlier brazen antics are just his shield against the world and as he slowly falls for Ah Xu, you can see him getting softer and smaller around Ah Xu. IMO the turning point was in ep12 when WKX realizes that Ah Xu believes he is / can be a good person. WKX had no qualms about burning with the world to get vengeance for his parents because what does it matter even if he dies? What value is there living as this half person half ghost? It is exactly because WKX had a heart, he had a family, he had love that he despises the person that he had become even more. But here someone is telling him, no, there is a path back, there is good in you.

I see the good in you.

I see you.

That’s why WKX keeps struggling with hiding his identity because while ZZS keeps reassuring WKX through words and actions, there’s always a part of WKX that believes he is not worthy of someone like ZZS. The greater his desire for light, the greater his fear of rejection.

I’ve seen some viewers go as far as to say that in the last episode WKX was disrespecting ZZS by intending to sacrifice his life for ZZS, because ZZS would hate for someone else to give up their life for this, and ZZS wanted to live free instead of being trapped in the cold mountain. Now, regardless of what you think of the plot’s progression that led to this point in the story, there is just no other way that WKX would’ve chosen. WKX literally cannot live without Ah Xu and in his mind obviously he must give Ah Xu a chance at life. Ah Xu has Cheng Ling, has Qi Ye, has Da Wu, has a host of Four Season Manor disciples waiting for him. Someone will take care of Ah Xu, someone will make Ah Xu smile again. But WKX without his Ah Xu is nothing.

So really, I cannot blame WKX for not fully comprehending how much he means to ZZS because he hasn’t been loved and treasured since his parents died. While he received some human touch from Gu Xiang and maybe even Luo Yi in his formative years, how can he not be emotionally stunted from growing up in the Ghost Valley?

I’ve always thought of the song Light Chaser 追光者 (lyrics translation) when seeing WKX look at Ah Xu, and indeed someone has made a fan MV!





3 Responses to “Word of Honor – Light Chaser”

  1. lovefia April 6, 2021 at 6:29 AM #

    It broke my heart a bit when Gong Jun said during an interview that Ah Xu is the light of Wen Kexing’s life. I don’t think I ever recovered from that.

    I saw snippets of the guys’ reactions but couldn’t understand any of it. They should totally sub for the international fans. I just remember them squealing when WKX sees Ah Xu’s real face for the first time. They’re so relatable.

    Like you, I am still stuck in this WoH hole. Can’t stop digging though. I like to suffer.

    • J April 6, 2021 at 7:53 AM #

      It was the BTS clip of WKX throwing up blood and fainting in ZZS’s arms that did it for me. Simon Gong’s interpretation of WKX’s ‘sorry’ to ZZS is sorry for hiding his identity and also because WKX feels he is not worthy of ZZS. 😭
      Have you seen the additional clip that Youku released yesterday of them washing rabbits by the river? Youku is really not letting us live. 😆 the comments were like … hey guys, the rabbits are still in the river after you run off. But I guess nothing is more important for lao gong than chasing after lao po. Haha

      • lovefia April 6, 2021 at 7:56 AM #

        Yesss these new bts scenes give me life. Also saw their happy camp episode, omg so cute! They need to be together forever 🥰

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