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Dramas lookout – Jun13

24 Jun

If you can’t already tell from my lack of drama updates, I have somehow managed to be not interested in any airing dramas and that’s saying a lot considering I have so many drama sources. But no worries, I should be able to get back into the swing of things soon with the following list of potential hits.

Dream Makers  [Sg drama]

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On my radar

17 Aug

Watching now:
* Arang and the Magistrate
Not head over heels in love with it but it’s visually arresting and characters intriguing enough for me to want to continue checking it out.

* Fai Chon Saeng
Yes, 3rd consecutive Chompoo lakorn that I’m watching and we get twice the Chompoo in FCS ‘cos she plays twins. The story and characters are darker in this one with murders, conspiracies, vengeance and lots of slapping. There were already 4 full out cat fights in the first episode alone and our n’ek Wan emerged victorious in all of them so you know she’s not one to be trifled with. The plot is OTT with lots of DRAMATIC MUSIC and you can forget about nuanced characterization for the villains and n’rai (May again working her facial muscles to the max to entrap poor Chai) but I rather like Wan and even the weaker twin Tien and am interested to see how it all pans out for them.

It also helps that I like the theme song buuuuuuuuut I’m so annoyed that a yt comment on the ost video accidentally spoiled the ending for me! *pulls at hair* I found another video without comments so you can safely click on the link to hear the song.

To check out:
* Faith
From the blog posts that I’ve read on it so far, seems like a love-it-or-loathe-it drama. I’m neither a fan of Lee Min Ho nor Kim Hee Sun, not even that much into time travelling dramas but the story seems kinda fun?

* Kularb Rai Glai Ruk
I like Matt’s vibe from what little I’ve seen of her but still looking for a lakorn of hers that will attract me. Hopefully this will be it?

* Wanjai Kub Nai Jomying
There are 3 couples in this one so ep 1 was mostly about introducing everyone and setting the story. Wasn’t compelling enough for me to continue but I picked it up again yesterday thinking that maybe the story will start proper in ep2. I ended up being so irritated by the 3 n’eks that I promptly dumped it before the episode’s end. They waltz into a hotel for their internship and preened in front of the mirror expecting to be whipping up fancy dishes in their fancy clothes. I was already super turned off at their looks of dismay at the uniform they were supposed to wear and when they started moaning when tasked with preparing ingredients for the kitchen, it was out the door for me. Hello, a) you are an intern. You start from the bottom. Get over yourself and stop complaining. B) you work in the kitchen , not on the catwalk. What did you expect to wear?? Meh, I don’t know, it’s a small thing and maybe the audience was supposed to find them cute but I found their attitudes unbelievably obnoxious and it just killed the whole show for me. Ah pity, I liked Mart in this.

Looking back on 2011 – Kdramas

24 Dec

Between my job and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, blogging got put on the back burner, but I finally have some time to look back on the non-lakorn dramas I’ve caught in 2011. Let’s start off with Korean dramas!

Princess Prosecutor: Caught this on a whim for Kim So Yeon and I ended up LOVING this and Park Shi Hoo if you haven’t already figured that out from my previous fangirly posts. This one is definitely on my list of dramas to re-watch in the years to come.

Spy Myung Wol: This one got me back in Kdramas and I did enjoy the first 10 episodes tremendously. Unfortunately real life drama didn’t make for good reel drama and it all fell apart in dramatic fashion with the Han Ye Seul debacle. I kept watching in hopes that we were gonna get some second lead action but nah, the scriptwriters didn’t even give me that.

Can’t Lose: Technically I’ve only watched the last few episodes and read the rest in recaps but I was actually touched by the recaps alone! Imagine that. Perhaps I’ll get round to actually watching the whole thing once through.


Sign: It’s actually a really good forensic drama but after I took a break at ep7 at the conclusion of a case, I haven’t felt like picking it up again.

Dr. Champ: I expected it to be something like Code Blue but turned out there weren’t that many medical incidents after all. It’s very character focus and while I liked it enough to make it through 2/3 of the drama, it simply wasn’t engaging enough. The only relationship I was rooting for was actually Sang Bong and Ji Yeon’s bromance so when I read that Sang Bong will be getting into a nasty situation, I couldn’t bear the prospective angst and decided to drop DC while it was still roses and butterflies for our best buds.

Vampire Prosecutor: Very stylishly shot but the way scenes cut in and out of each other (to achieve said style I suppose) made it hard for me to keep track of the story. My main problem with VP though, was the main girl. In ep3 , she went to confront a suspected rapist/murderer at his shop ALONE. Whut? Left your common sense behind lady? Yea, she was armed with a taser but I should think a couple more HUMAN BEINGS would make for better back-up. Taser didn’t help as expected and I didn’t feel sorry for her at all when she got knocked out by said suspect, who was in fact a rapist and murderer. Anyway I knew the hero was gonna save her before anything bad happened. So that was that. VP tossed out of the window with main girl’s stupidity.

Watching now
Padam Padam: A drama that surprises me with each episode and while I don’t know how the story will develop from here (Is Gook Soo really an angel? Will Kang Chil die? Will Ji Na’s dad die? What big conspiracy is going on with the Prosecutor?), I’m definitely in for the ride.

Dr. Champ ep 1-4

30 Nov

I got started on Dr. Champ, another Kim So Yeon drama, to help with my Prosecutor Princess withdrawal. It’s a sports medical drama, I know, not the most exciting genre out there, which was why I didn’t have much expectations for it but it’s been an enjoyable watch so far. It doesn’t make my heart go aflutter or make me swoon like PP does but the story flows along smoothly and it’s easy stuff to relax to after work. We get two rivals ships here too! Short of spoiling myself for the ending though, I can’t say for sure who Yeon Woo will end up with since both guys get space on the poster. This time I know whose side I’m on: team Ji Heon! He doesn’t have the charm of Seo byun in PP but he’s an adorkable man-boy who makes Yeon Woo and me smile. Plus it helps that he has a greaaat bod which is on frequent display. All that athletes training scenes yo!

I also like the frenemy thing Ji Heon has going on with his room mate Sang Bong. Sang Bong is often sarcastic with Ji Heon but I can sense an undercurrent of concern in his cutting words and it appears they have a history together and were probably good pals before so I’m wondering what happened. I’m not feeling Do Wook at the moment and don’t particularly care about his history with Hee Yong who’s annoying me with her endless emo-face.

The only time I’ve squealed so far was when Park Shi Hoo did a voice cameo as Seo byun who calls Yeon Woo’s phone by mistake asking for Hye Ri. I believe I’ve watched that short scene 5, 6 times just to hear mention of my Seo byun and Ma gom. ❤ Heehee, I love it when dramas reference each other or do little cross overs. Apparently Ma gom got a mention in PSH’s drama Queen of Reversals too! Ahh, I’m missing PP!

ETA after ep 5: I wuv me some bromance!!! Sang Bong and Ji Heon making up was so cute and I was snickering like mad when Sang Bong shouted ‘JI HEON AHHHHH~~~~’ into the night sky. Ok ok, I know, you’ve been pining for your high school bestie and angsting in secret for the past 5 years but it’s all nice and dandy now dear boy. So instead of tense shirtless training/sauna sessions, we have playful shirtless training sessions. I’m good either way!
When Yeon Woo decided to treat Eun Mi despite the possible risk of her suffering from penicillin shock, I just knew that Eun Mi is gonna end up collapsing. Nobody died and Yeon Woo ended up keeping her job but I wish Yeon Woo had been wiser about handling the situation. Hmm, hope we see more interesting medical situations soon because it’s been blah on the medical front so far.

Goodbye My Princess

28 Nov

Beautiful ending to a well-written, well-executed, well acted drama. Prosecutor Princess is definitely entering my list of favourite Kdramas. The first half was fun and light-hearted, setting up two level competing ships while establishing the groundwork for the mystery that when revealed in the later half, led to a big angst fest for everyone involved. After numerous heartbreaks and struggles, they managed to find forgiveness and redemption for past sins and emerged better persons.

Prosecutor Princess watch-in-progess

27 Nov

You lied to me Show. You lured me in with a title and poster that suggests a fun rom-com about a ditzy heiress who becomes a competent prosecutor in her own right. Well, there was that but you left out the part about the angst. Now you’ve made me cry buckets since ep 10. There better be a happy ending on the horizon.

ETA: Great, even Hye Ri’s dad is making me cry. T__T

Prosecutor Princess ep5-9

26 Nov

Dang, why do you do this to me Show?

When I see Hye Ri progressing well with Se Joon and breaking down his icy barriers I can’t help squeeing
but but but …

Prosecutor Princess ep 1-4

23 Nov

I seldom second lead ship – actually off hand I can’t remember the last time I did. Choi Ryu doesn’t count because I wanted him for myself – but the men in Prosecutor Princess has got me torn between them.

We have Se Joon, the straight laced chief prosecutor and Hye Ri’s mentor.
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Vampire Prosecutor

7 Oct

I love procedurals and having an undead prosecutor as the hero definitely helps put a spin on the genre. First episode was fast paced and sleek though I had trouble following the hero’s flashbacks and had to rely on dramabeans’ recaps to get things straight. But well, I was eating my lunch while watching and was trying to keep my noodle soup off my keyboard so might have gotten myself distracted.

First time watching Yeon Jung hoon and he’s working the vampire thing. If only Dome could join as a vampire police inspector from Thailand or something … my screen might combust from the combined hotness. I’m not into bubbly and over eager types so the female lead isn’t doing much for me at the moment but she’s tolerable. All in all, it’s a good start for VP and I’ll be tuning in.

Material Queen 10-12

7 Sep

I actually skipped most of episodes 10 and 11 because I couldn’t stomach the angst. Though Chu Man did not consciously choose to sacrifice her ‘perfect’ life for Jia Hao, she made certain decisions for his sake that the old Chu Man wouldn’t have imagined making and in that process, she fell into Yan Kai Ming’s trap and lost everything that she had attained. Btw, Yan Kai Ming is one scary person you do not want to cross. I can see why he would be angry with Chu Man but the way he destroyed the woman he supposedly love is pretty chilling.

Jia Hao got his earnest little heart crushed into smithereens but the one I’m feeling sorry for is Chu Man because her efforts in looking up Eugene to help Jia Hao were all for naught. It didn’t help Jia Hao at all, Jia Hao misunderstood her, Yan Kai Ming saw it as proof of her betrayal and everything just came crashing down on her.

Jia Hao was sponsored by a mysterious rich man to complete his musical studies and after two years in Paris, he returns as an up and coming star violinist Justin. It’s a dramatic reversal of roles because now Chu Man has been reduced to modelling products on shopping channels after being fired from the modelling agency. Well, she even lost that job because she still acts like a diva.

I thought Material Queen will be veering into standard melodrama territory in episode 12 since Jia Hao looks like he’s back for revenge ala Guangxi in Autumn Concerto but Chu Man is no ordinary female lead so expect the unexpected! For once, we have a female lead who correctly interprets the male lead’s insults as an expression of love. ROFL. Chu Man doesn’t mope and angst or choose to stay away from the man she loves like every other self sacrificing heroine. Instead, she actively creates chances to explain herself to Jia Hao and clear up their misunderstanding.

I had expected Jia Hao to be nasty to Chu Man for at least 2,3 episodes but seems like he’s already thinking of forgiving her by the next one?? Be ready to throw expectations out of the window for Material Queen!

Re: Spy Myung Wol finale
I’m the kind that reads spoilers for everything so I’ve already gone and read the recaps for ep16-18 on Koala’s blog and dramabeans. Seems like the writers have given up on logic and so many loose threads were left hanging. Hmm, I wonder if it would’ve been better to end it at episode 10 with that awesome drama-in-a-drama confession? MW and KW got their happy ending without any surprise but by now I’m not quite invested in them as a couple already. I’m just super bummed that Ryu/In Ah didn’t happen. Someone write a Ryu/In Ah fanfic now!