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Let’s talk about drama romances!

24 Feb

In my previous post on ‘Manee Dan Suaan’, I talked about how I couldn’t care for the main couple because I didn’t understand how they came to supposedly love each other. That got me wondering, what makes in you tick in a drama romance? Some people go for fairytales complete with rainbows and stardust while others prefer watching the trails and tribulations of star-crossed lovers and then there are those who like unwinding to a light-hearted romcom. I enjoy all those stated above but I prefer those where characters overcome issues/problems within themselves and become better/more complete persons because of the relationship, in contrast to ones who keep the OTP apart with circumstances. A good makjang drama complete with manipulative exes, domineering parents, unfortunately coincidental accidents and terminal illness for good measure is tons of fun too but it takes a rare one (like 2001 Kdrama Beautiful Days) for the romance to stick after the drama finishes its run.

A couple of my personal ‘classic’ drama romances:

Aishiteiru to Ittekure (Say You Love Me) 1995
This Jdorama taught me what heartbreak was at the tender age of 12. At my first watch, I cried for poor Koji who got his heart trampled by Hiroko and couldn’t understand her betrayal. It was only with subsequent re-watches when I got older that I appreciated this drama for its realistic portrayal of the older man/younger woman and handicap/healthy person relationship. Young and vivacious, Hiroko brought vitality into the silent world of Koji but at the same time, her immaturity worked against their relationship and ultimately led to her impulsive betrayal of the man she so loved. Koji also had his share of emotional baggage from the rejections he suffered from those dearest to him when he was younger due to his deafness and that exacerbated Hiroko’s insecurities. I guess it’s not 100% realistic since I have yet to run into anyone resembling Toyokawa Etsushi drawing and being contemplative at the park in front of my house damn but it’s close. If anyone is thinking of checking this out, it does end on a positive note.

Sood Sanaeha (Recipe of Love) 2009
I wouldn’t say lakorns are the place to go to for realism and there are exaggerated comedic elements in SSH but despite the larger than life set up, the romance is most wonderfully grounded. As romcoms go, the main couple starts off on the wrong foot but the initial conflict isn’t drawn out and they are given a believable reason for sticking with each other. It annoys me to no end when romcoms have the couple bicker from start to end then have them fall into each others arms for no apparent reason in the finale. Din and Alin learn about each other’s strengths and flaws through friendship first and later when they grew fond of each other, they were ‘kept apart’ believably by Alin’s blind pursuit of the perfect husband and Din’s own insecurities. My favourite part of SSH is watching Alin learn that you don’t love someone because he/she is perfect. The person is perfect to you because you love him/her.

What are your favourite drama romance tropes and what on-screen romances do you still remember years later?

Ken x Ann

20 Jan

// This post was typed out weeks ago and I had only planned to post a few pictures of KA’s dramas but I thought, hey why not make pretty photo collages instead? … In the end, I got so carried away with making the perfect collage that I scoured the internet for pictures and made like 10 versions for each drama. Ok, I exaggerate, but point is I wasted more time on this than I had planned on. Well, it’s finally seeing the light of day. //

Will 365 Days of Love be Ken/Ann’s last lakorn together? There’s no news of them being paired up again in the near future but never say never! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that they will collaborate again because no one does it like KA. 😉

I know some viewers are bored of seeing them together. After all, they’ve starred in 5 lakorns together in the past 10 years but there’s a reason why producers want them together: they have incredible chemistry. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of 365 DoL because of the never ending misunderstandings but I love how Ken/Ann is able to show the physical intimacy between a married couple with such ease. I’m not talking about bed scenes (although some of their ‘bed scenes’ are quite cute) but little things like snuggling in bed, giving little kisses to each other, holding hands etc. They are totally convincing as a married couple. ❤

KA over the years

there will never be anyone else but you (SSH)

26 Jan

SSH’s subs still aren’t out so I’m moving ahead with the unsubbed videos by relying on detailed summaries found here.

I’m always smiling or laughing when watching SSH but I was moved to tears at this part because Din’s subtle declaration of love is so touching. Quoting from the summary site “He tells her that in other people’s eyes, she can be someone that is emotional, moody, superior, bossy, and too much to handle” but “this is her true personality and in spite of everything, she will always be perfect to him”. I started tearing at this point but the waterworks really started after Din left and Alin reminisces about the times they shared. As the audience remembers with Alin, we are all reminded of how much Din has cared for Alin and how much he loves her despite her nonsense. Din’s declaration of love is played out again in Alin’s mind towards the end of the clip and Alin (and me!)is struck by how sincere and true his words are.

Perhaps I’m so moved because I want someone like Din who will see me as perfect even though my list of flaws is no less shorter than Alin’s. Sigh. At least it’s a happy ending for Alin and her Kru Cook in SSH. 😉

SSH again

22 Jan

sorry for flooding my f-list with SSH but I *heart* this lakorn so much. I can’t wait for the more subbed episodes to come out but at least I’m lucky to know 2 languages so I have 2 sources of subbed videos! The Chinese subs are coming out much quicker than the English ones but still not quick enough, so I’m currently stuck at episode 12. In the meantime, I have to entertain myself with fan MVs and re-watching old Ken/Ann lakorns. Haah, I’m doing “Sawan Biang” again so more posts might be coming up on that.

Sigh, why can’t I convince people around me to watch SSH? It’s the perfect combination of romance and comedy … just check out this scene!

more on SSH / Code Blue S2

20 Jan

– It’s ridiculous how funny and cute Alin can still be while acting like a total ass.
– Can’t help laughing when Din’s mom referenced “Sawan Biang” while fangirl-ing over Alin.
– Kom + Alin = major LOL

Code Blue S2

– Still not a fan of Shiraishi but at least she’s less wimpy.
– Tachibana continues to hit on Hiyama in epi2 but we all know he doesn’t actually mean it. It’s obvious he will get a chance or be forced by circumstances to confront his past with Mitsui sometime later in the series. Still, Tachibana and Hiyama make a cute couple doncha think? They could spend their dates trading barbs. XD I mean, they’d be so much more exciting than say, if Aizawa got together with Shiraishi. Their dates would be made up of poignant silence and meaningful glances.
– Hoping for more Hiyama screen time! I can just see the episode where she collapses in the middle of something important because of her heart problem.

Sood Sanae Ha (Love Recipe )

11 Jan

The last 2 lakorns I watched were somewhat of a letdown despite the strong cast. I enjoyed the first half of Borisud Bumbat Kaen enough to blog about it but I became bored of it as the plot got messier the and characters crazier. Actually, I can’t even remember what happened in the last few episodes. I still have to say Ann put up a stellar performance as the mentally disturbed and manipulated nang’ek but the love story wasn’t strong (or probable) enough for me to buy into the romance between Ann and Aum.

Then Namtan Mai finally came amidst great expectations by the Ateam fans and I’m sorry to say that I was sorely disappointed. I pushed myself to finish watching this lakorn for Aff and Aum’s sake, keeping my fingers crossed that it would get better as the show progressed but no, it dragged on and on, with Aff running away and Aum chasing after her for pretty much the entire lakorn. The problem with Namtan Mai was that there’s no development of the love story. We’re told at episode 1 that Aff and Aum are madly in love after a few ernest looks between Aum (the boss) and Aff (the new employee). They spend the rest of the time agonizing over this ‘forbidden love’ but I never understood why they loved each other so much. Ploy was suitably annoying and evil as the nang’rai and I do like her a lot as an actress but I wish the scriptwriters hadn’t made her character take up so much screen time and focused instead on developing the supposed love story.

Then came Ken and Ann, teaming up again for “Love Recipe”. It wasn’t on my to-watch list initially because I’d decided to put lakorns aside and concentrate on catching up with J-dramas but thankfully, I didn’t let this great romantic comedy slip by. I think I was waiting for “Code Blue” to load (which sometimes take forever on tudou.com) when I thought, what the heck, let’s take a shot at this to pass time.

The first episode had me in stitches and Ken/Ann once again had me sold on their unbelievable chemistry and great acting. I can’t emphasis how much I admire Ann for slipping so totally into each character that she potrays. She’s a hoot as the self-absorbed has-been actress Alin who is trying to scheme her way into marrying the man of her dreams and revive her flagging career. Alin is bossy, childish, lacking common sense and consideration, but Ann manages to make her endearing to both Din and the audience. It’s so hard to be angry at Alin when she pouts and goes “please please please please Kru Cook”, does her little happy dance when things go her way, and frets over Very Important Issues like looking old. For all her failings, Alin is not mean spirited (erm, except when she’s trying to sabotage her arch rival Ming? XD) and she has a child-like innocence about her that puts a smile on Din’s face. Her interection with Din and the long-suffering Kom is hilarious and it’s impossible to not feel happy after watching them together. SSH kinda reminds me of “The Ugly Truth” because both female leads try to win their ‘dream guy’ by pretending to be someone they are not and they eventually realise that ‘right guy’ is the one who accepts and loves them for who they really are.

As for Din, his character is the sombre, down-to-earth type so there’s not as much space to ‘perform’ as compared to say Kawee in Sawan Biang but cedit goes to Ken for being the perfect ‘acting partner’ for Ann and creating wonderful sparks between their characters. He gives such tender and longing looks to Alin which it just melts my heart.

This an example of how to write a love story. There’s a process of getting to know each other, accepting each other, overcoming the obligatory obstacles (family opposition, love rivals, pride yada yada) and finally getting together. Let me understand their love so that I can sincerely root for them even though they are just fictional characters.

Now for the supporting characters. The villians are ridiculously one-dimensional characters who exist solely for making life difficult for the nang’ek and pra’ek and the overacting from them makes me fastfoward anything with them in it, but I guess romantic comedies do not need strong multi-faceted villians. Kom is delightful as the loyal friend to both Alin and Din and the funniest scenes are of him getting bossed around by Alin. I’m indifferent to Lek and Tha’s story (sorry, Lek is a spineless jerk who lets his wife and daughter get bullied by his overbearing mother) but the girl who acted as their daughter Pupae is such a darling.

I’m not-so-patiently waiting for the more subs of SSH to come … in the meantime, guess I’ll head back to J-dramas! New episode of Liar Game and new season of Code Blue should be coming my way by tomorrow!

check out the teaser for Sood Sanae Ha! ^^