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Hongki & Mina – Ep15 BTS Hearts on sleeves

16 Jul

I thought with the end of ep15 it would be the last I’m writing about HongMina but there was so much gold in the ‘making of’ clips I had to make another post.

This is the last part of ep14’s BTS but the ‘feel’ fits that of ep15. Despite herself Mina can’t stop her tears at the goodbye announcement and Hongki comforts her with a hug after wiping her tears. Even as they leave the place of filming they walked with arms around each other. Continue reading


Hongki & Mina – Me to You

13 Jul

A special post recording their words to each other in the last episode, words that carry the weight of their memories, their thanks, their love.

Mina’s letter to Hongki

Continue reading

Hongki & Mina – Ep15 Goodbye, and Hello

13 Jul


The distance between the head and the heart is too long. Indeed, I know it’s only a show that lasts all of 15 episodes but still my tears flow freely when I see Hongki and Mina pour their heart to each other and for each other till the last minute. Continue reading

Hongki & Mina – Memories ep14

6 Jul

This is an episode where Hongki and Mina makes new memories while they relive old ones, not knowing that this is their last chance to do so as husband and wife on WGM. Sure, they and we all know it will come to an end eventually but when you put your heart into something, on someone, it’s never easy to walk away. This is an episode to be watched and felt and I find myself at a loss for words despite capping tons. So let’s walk with them one last time before they say goodbye next week.

Don’t forget, don’t forget. The audience is fickle and will surely move on in time but don’t forget this person who once came into your life and made a difference. Continue reading

Hongki & Mina – Ep13 The Date

30 Jun

The no-idea-what-they-are doing at home day ends with Hongki painting Mina’s nails and she reciprocating with giving him a shave. Although Hongki seems to be someone who’s very upfront about both his thoughts/feelings and even looks, is it really ok for him as an idol to be on tv looking so haggard, manager-san?? I can’t help but wonder every time I see his make-up-less face!


But Hongki says he was happy when Mina gave him the shave and he had fun so I guess all is good! Continue reading

Hongki & Mina – ep12 The Work

23 Jun


It’s all good to have special times and private times together like Hongki and Mina did with the wedding ceremony and honeymoon but ultimately we come back to a reality where there are other obligations and Mina gets a glimpse of Hongki’s reality in ep12. To be frank, there were entertaining laugh-out-loud moments in ep12 but overall I wasn’t that touched? Might be due to the smog that’s giving me a killer headache or it could be the lack of narrative in the edited version aired by MBC. Their hearts were still plain as day to see but there’s a lack of content in what graced our screens. Continue reading

Hongki & Mina – Ep11 The Honeymoon pt3

15 Jun

Unlike on regular WGM where a couple’s ‘tenor’ is dependent on their popularity and schedules, Global WGM has a fixed run of 15 episodes, which means Hongki and Mina are able to see the finishing line right from the start.  As their feelings for each other grow and they find greater happiness around each other, paradoxically a greater sense of sadness permeates their ‘black room interviews’ as they edge closer and closer to the end.


有玩乐,有欢笑,有争吵,有难过。但在这之中有了理解,所以真的很幸福~ Continue reading