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Ka Kaung Kon ep10-14

31 Mar

Ep 10 of KKK was so lovely and sweet (not just because of the willing. Really. Haa), with Luck, Gluay and Margie enjoying quality time together away from the host of meddlers. They have been going back and forth with the slap/kiss routine for 9 episodes already so it was very much a relief when the entire episode 10 passed without any sudden interruptions. Really, I was half expecting Jen to find the garden house and get into yet another cat fight with Gluay in front of her grandma and giving grandma a heart attack or something.

It was a touching and romantic lead up to the willing and I was really hoping that they can have more faith in their own feelings and each other but after they leave the garden house, they head back to the same ol’ set of problems. Sigh, I know we need conflict to keep the lakorn going but when the same kind of conflict happens over and over again, it’s tiresome for me as a viewer.

The SOP: Gluay keeps things from Luck -> Luck sees Gluay with Jed/Peemarn, jumps to conclusions and goes into a jealous rage -> Luck insults Gluay and insinuates she’s a slut -> Gluay looks at him tearfully AND NOT EXPLAINING THE SITUATION while still clinging on to the other guy or allowing the other guy to cling on to her -> Other Guy joins the argument and/or starts a scuffle with Luck -> Fight breaks up and everyone leaves feeling very pissed off. It works in the same way when Jenjira is involved on Luck’s side.

This happened in episode 2. It’s still happening in episode 14. Doesn’t anybody learn anything between then and now? Only Peemarn is showing some development and he has managed to get back into my good books by growing up a little (I know. Shocking.) KKK will be getting extended due to the high ratings (it’s still a mystery to me why ch7 lakorns always win the ratings game by such a big margin) and while I’m not sure of the exact number of episodes it’ll be getting, some numbers being thrown out on forums indicate that there will be anything from 19 to 22 episodes. Goodness.

Guess I’ll be leaving this aside till the last episode comes!

ETA: according to Anon’s comment on her vid, KKK will end on 8 April with 19 episodes.

back to Ka Kaung Kon

19 Mar

I’m starting on ep 7 I’m getting increasingly exasperated with the show. I want to hit Peemarn, Jed and Jen on the head with a bat so they would quit disturbing Luck and Gluay. Usually there’s only one secondary girl (or ocassionally guy) who is struck with the inability to understand why the main guy/girl does not reciprocate her feelings but we have three, THREE such persons here and they are doing a great job of irritating me.

And I’d like to put on the record that Peemarn is EPIC FAILZ. He wanted to break off his enagagment with Nahtah after learning about that Luck and Gluay were only faking their marriage … guess what he did? He asked Nahtah out and told her ‘oops, sorry, I can’t forget the love of my life so can you make up some reason to announce to the outside world that you want to break off our engagement?’ You my friend, are a coward and loser. He wants things his way, but he doesn’t want to take any responsibility. Ultimately, the person he loves most is himself because when Luck threatened him with Margie, Peemarn would rather enter into a loveless marriage with Nahtah than be a man and own up to the mistakes he made 8 years ago. Margie is your daughter for goodness sake. You would deny her existence so as not to spoil your chances with Gluay?

Not to say there weren’t stuff I liked. The scene where Luck gave his mom’s ring to Gluay was really sweet but I need more such scenes of them understanding each other because everything else is getting on my nerves. I actually went to watch some unsub parts of ‘Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tai’ to put myself in a better mood!

ETA: Gah, I want to slap some sense into Peemarn. Are you even using that head of yours to think? Repeat after me, Gluay is not in love with you. Gluay has no intention of marrying you. Complain all you want about your mom forcing you to marrying someone you don’t love but for the last freaking time, you were not separated from Gluay. You two were not together to begin with! And he continues to be a huge jerk to Nahtah by not bothering to hide his love for Gluay and sings praises of Gluay in front of the girl he just got engaged to! He seemed to have forgotten that Nahtah just saved his ass by agreeing to the engagement despite all the crap he spouted to her previously. acks.

Ka Kaung Kon 5

17 Mar

Earth to Peemarn, earth to Peemarn. Yea, it sucks to have your entire family (servants included)and the girl you like lie to you but you seemed to be a little confused now. Liking somebody doesn’t equate that somebody liking you back (why does this remind me of some rabid IchiHime shippers?). You courted Gluay aggressively but she already told you even before all this mess with your brother that she only treats you as a friend so why are you talking as if you and Gluay are star-crossed lovers forced apart by your mother and brother? I thought Peemarn was a nice chap, if a little weak before his mom, before but by now he’s showing himself to be a spoiled brat who kicks up a fuss when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Then there’s Jed who’s afflicted with the same I-love-Gluay-so-she-must-love-me disease as Peemarn. Buzz off please. Luck on the other hand, needs to realise that he is falling for Gluay and start being an adult about it. His 5 year old pulling pigtails routine is getting a bit tiring. Luck and Gluay are actually really cute together when they are being civil to each other but Luck always spoils it all by flying into a jealous rage over some random stuff. Ah, poor Gluay, the perils of a beautiful woman.

Shall comment more about the plot tomorrow.

Ka Kaung Kon

17 Mar

I’d been marathoning Sign (excellent crime drama btw) since Monday but I thought I’d take a breather after the serial killer case was resolved in mid ep7 and went to check out Ka Kaung Kon (A Person’s Value) . The story is standard romance novel fare which was why I wasn’t keen on it to being with but once I got started, it turned out more addictive than I had counted on.

Story: Luck is a rich businessman who believes anyone, especially women, can be bought for a price. He plays around with women and the only one who has lasted beyond a year is his current squeeze Jen. Luck and our nang’ek Gluay, get off on the wrong foot and he mistakes Gluay for an easy woman that’s involved with many men at the same time, so naturally he objects when he finds out a while later that his half-brother Peemarn is in love with Gluay and wants to marry her. Luck then approaches Glauy and offers her a sum of money to leave Peemarn alone and gets refused by an angry Gluay. Things, of course, don’t end here or we wouldn’t have a lakorn. Gluay’s brother Kai got into a huge debt of 10 million baht with an underground casino and in desperation, Gluay ‘sells’ her dignity by accepting money from Luck and she enters into a fake marriage with Luck to make Peemarn give up on her for good so that he will agree to marriage with a diplomat’s (?) daughter. Hmm, I think we all know how the story goes from here. Haa.

There are so many things I could pick about the plot, like wouldn’t it be much easier to pay Gluay to marry a random guy (her friend Jed whom Luck thought was her ‘customer’ would be a convenient choice)? I would think it would be easier for Peemarn to give up on Gluay if she wasn’t parading around his property everyday and by ‘marrying’ Gluay, Luck’s relationship with Peemarn will be damaged because Peemarn would feel betrayed by the brother he respected. Or how about, if this fake marriage thing is supposed to be a secret, why is it announced to pretty much every character in the show except Peemarn? I’m surprise Peemarn didn’t overhear their conversations earlier given how everyone is always talking about it in the house!

But if you accept all the gaping plot holes as necessary plot devices to get the pra’ek and nang’ek under the same roof, you’ll find KKK a pretty entertaining lakorn. The pace is quick and most of the characters are sane, reasonable people. Well, there’s the stock money-faced secondary girl Jen who stakes claim on Luck just because she’s his sleeping partner and while her attitude is annoying, Gluay gets to show her mettle in their few face-off scenes. Gluay is a fantastic nang’ek. She’s beautiful, kind hearted, good at cooking/housework blah blah blah the usual but I love how she stands up for herself and maintains her dignity in a strong, quiet manner. Feisty nang’eks tend to equate standing up for oneself with arguing, shouting and even occasionally causing bodily harm to others (think Cherrie’s character in ‘Dessert Girl’) but being loud doesn’t mean you’re right and if you’re right, you don’t have to be loud.

I also got started on Rak Mai Mee Wan Tai, the vampire lakorn with Dome and Ploy. From the few subbed parts of ep 1 that are out, it’s actually not as lame as I thought it would be. Dome is hot, the villain vampire cousin is hot, Sing the policeman/Ploy’s childhood friend is also good-looking … what’s not to like? Some people are complaining about Ploy’s voice and how she’s too old to be playing chirpy roles but I’m fine with it. Perhaps my Ploy biasness is coming into play here but I do like her character Plai who’s cheerful and lively.

In other news, CLAMP stabbed me in the heart again with their Rou: Adayume OAD. Thank you for destroying my ship so thoroughly. Gah, I’m swearing off CLAMP stuff from now on.

Right, I shall get started on ep5 of KKK! Thanks jamieguo48 for the rec on this lakorn.