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Thai pop digest #1

26 Apr

Lakorns OST was my gateway to Thai pop but the language remained a barrier for me to get to know artistes/songs which don’t get the exposure through lakorns. These days when I’m in the mood for some new Thai pop, I surf around youtube, linking from one song to the other and giving random singers a try. But again, if the singer and/or song doesn’t have an English name it can be hard for me to find that song again when I want another listen so I’m doing this Thai pop digest series as a way for me to keep a record of those songs as well as to recommend Thai pop to those who are not familiar with it. Enjoy~

My introduction to New and Jiew was from 2014 Samee Tee Tra’s OST. I initially thought they were solo artists who teamed up for the song but turns out they are a duo. I’ve enjoyed all their ballads so far and some of their songs are subbed on the GMM Grammy International yt channel.  Continue reading