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[recap] Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk Ep11

1 Sep

~Episode 11~

Lan preps Don on how they are going to shoot the commercial and Garaged walks over, demanding for her change of clothes as the female lead of the commercial. Lan helpfully informs Garaged that though she knows Garaged wants to shoot the commercial with Don soooo much, they have invited Ging to be the lead instead at Don’s request. Before Garaged can explode, Pim reminds her that Ging as Don’s cousin will be able to tell Grandma oh how very nice a person she is. That shuts Garaged up, for a while at least. Garaged asks to see Lan aside and knowing Garaged is bound to make life difficult for Lan, Pim tells Don to go change first while she goes to back Lan up. As expected, Garaged orders Lan to get her a drink but Pim steps in to offer some extra service for a special person like Khun Garaged… by chanting prayers over the drink. Haaa, Pim 1, Garaged 0. Meanwhile, Don overhears Egapon questioning Pra on whether she has really aborted their baby. Continue reading

[Recap] Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk Ep10

23 Aug

~episode 10~
Lan gets reprimanded by her dad for giving up Garaged’s project so easily and she goes crying to Pad. Pad brings Lan to Pim’s apartment and shouts at Pim to help but Pim ain’t budging. Don approaches Pim in her room and tries the soft approach instead.

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[recap] Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk Ep9

10 Aug

~episode 9~
Having escaped from Grandma’s place before dinner time, Don and Pim head over to MK for a steamboat session where Don teases Pim for being so ‘rai’ with Grandma and Garaged. Don notes that Pim likes having steamboat and Pim replies, ‘It’s not just me, my family likes it too. It’s like spending time with people you love.’
‘Everyone likes spending time with those they love.’ Don looks pointedly at Pim while saying this. Awww. Pim does her embarrassed half smile and changes the topic by suggesting they go shopping for household items after eating. Suddenly! Out pops stalker Driwin and he stands in the distance watching on as Don and Pim talk happily over food.

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[Recap] Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk ep8

2 Aug

~episode 8~

After putting away her things, Pim sees Don napping on the sofa and gets him to rest his head on a cushion to make him more comfortable. She feels his warm body heat at contact and is concerned that he might be unwell. When Don offers to makes her some food, Pim insist on taking on the task instead. Pim has heart but no talent when it comes to cooking so the best she can do is prepare a piping hot bowl of cup noodles. Haah. Nevertheless, Don is simply happy that Pim wants to make him something and they share the noodles sweetly. Pad creeps into the apartment and tells Min to put their plan into action tomorrow. Continue reading

[Recap] Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk ep7

26 Jul

~Episode 7~
As Lan and Pim’s teams set up their respective booths for their products, Nen tries to dissuade Pim from risking her career on this competition in the heat of the moment but Pim is insistent. Sucee is just as concerned and Lan admits they only have a 50/50 chance of winning but then, they do have a few tricks up their sleeves. Pad texts Lan a cheesy love message and she is reminded of this other weapon she has on hand. Don manages to give Lan the slip before she approaches Pad and Lan pretends to be friendly with Pad to sound him out on Pim’s secret marriage and enlists Pad’s help in giving Pim a ‘surprise’. Continue reading

[Recap] Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk ep6

18 Jul

~Episode 6~
Lan hears from Pad that Pim has yet to find a location and quickly hangs up when he starts on his mushy talk. She then tells P’Sucee to find out Don’s relationship with Pim. Pad tells Don not to let Pim know that it was him who let slip Pim’s plans to Lan. Don says that Pim would be angrier if she found out by herself and Pad retorts that Don is also keeping the secret from Pim by not letting her know that he’s the one who engaged the PI but Don just shrugs it off. He’s doing purely to help Pim and not to score any points so there’s no need for Pim to know. Continue reading

[Recap] Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk ep5

13 Jul

~Episode 5~
Pim and Lan go to work separately to investigate the source of the complaints and the person leaking Naree’s product information to their competitors. Don calls to tell Pim that he has parked her car nearby the office and that he will wait for her there till she knocks off. She protests and tells him to go home first but he insists and hangs up the phone. Pim shrugs it off and focuses on work in the office well into the night till Mom calls to ask about her and Don. Pim realises that Don really is waiting for her and after a moment’s hesitation of whether to continue on with work, she leaves to look for Don. Pim finds Don sleeping in the car and is touched when he says he waited because he is worried for her safety. Continue reading