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Impressions: Qi Pao ep 1&2

10 Nov

2 episodes into ‘Qi Pao’, we finally meet most of the players in this game of whodunnit and there are things I want to compliment the lakorn on but first allow me to get this off my chest.

Somebody please fire the person in charge of the music.

The OST and music effects may not seem like something significant in a drama but when used well, they are the perfect icing on the cake and help to create the right mood for special moments. On the other hand, when overdone, it can get extremely distracting and that’s my one big complain for QP thus far. There’s constantly some kind of background music or sound effects being played like a reminder in flashing neon signs of ‘THIS IS A TENSE MOMENT’, ‘THIS IS A SAD MOMENT’, ‘THIS IS A CUTE MOMENT’, ‘THIS IS A SCARY MOMENT’ and to make matters worse, the different types of music do not flow naturally into each other so a happy tune would jump abruptly into a tense one then 10 seconds later turn into a melancholic one. I was trying desperately to block them out mentally but I found myself getting even more acutely aware of the annoying music and omg, it drove me mad the whole of episode 2. Let’s hope things improve in subsequent episodes or I may have to resort to watching QP without sound. :\

Now for the good stuff. In ep 1, I liked the vibe of our main characters, be it the stern Ming Tian, lively Paeka or gentle Maylee but it was only in ep 2 that I got a better feel of their personalities and want to know more about their stories. I never doubted Ann’s ability to play two different characters in the same drama (which she already did 10 years ago in Rang Ngao) and she managed to project the different auras of Paeka and Maylee perfectly. The real surprise here for me is both Mart and Ming Tian. Mart’s not known for his acting chops – even Ann comments that he’s robotic in the BTS so hey, guess it’s an open ent secret? Lol – which was why my mind was concerned about him being casted in QP though he had already won my heart in a few other lakorns. I wouldn’t say he became an amazing actor but I do see improvements in how he emotes and he was able to convey Ming Tian’s internal turmoil with subtle shifts in his expression when he is with Paeka. As for Ming Tian, ep 1 seemed to confirm my assumption of him being the standard cold, aloof p’ek but turns out he has a playful and mischevious side! The ‘cold’ type p’eks are often cold to everyone and only likes teasing the n’ek cos duh, she’s special but that’s not very convincing so I really liked how Ming Tian was a playful person in the past who enjoyed teasing and pranking his siblings. He became sombre after Maylee’s death but his playful persona is led out again by Paeka and it was funny to see him trick Paeka into thinking a bug was on her clothes. Looking back at ep 1, it doesn’t seem too OOC for him to tease Paeka at the hotel.

Unlike in Roy Mai where Suriyawong/Rerin are modern reincarnations of Siriwong/Maneerin, Paeka and Maylee are two separate individuals who happen to look alike but I actually love Ming Tian with both of them! Haaa. Ming Tian/Paeka are obviously the end game pair here and I love the fun and spice of their relationship but Ming Tian/Maylee’s sweet, sad fauxcest love is also one of my favourite drama tropes, so yea, I get to enjoy twice the romance.

For now I think I’m slightly more fond of the Mteam, Ming Tian and Maylee. Sigh, aren’t they so sweet and beautiful together?

Romance is not the be all and end all for this lakorn though and I find the politicking within the Jao family interesting to watch too. As the Chinese saying goes, a mountain cannot have two tigers and when a house has two mistresses, life will definitely not be peaceful. Thankfully (?) both wives are the intelligent sort who crosses verbals swords and engage in proxy battles through other members of the family instead of going for the straightout petty cat fights. Well, Jao Wern Yeuy probably finds that just as irritating to deal with but as a viewer, I appreciate it (suddenly thinks of the lame tricks played by Bua Ngern in RM. I sure hope the second wife continues to be a clever villian!).

All in all, a great start by ‘Qi Pao’ but lay off the music, kthxbye.

*both sigs credit to baidu lakorn forum*

Fitting of Qi Pao

12 Dec

Fitting of Ann’s new lakorn ‘Qi Pao’ is out! If I’m not wrong, Qi Pao is one of the novel in the same series as ‘Roy Mai’ and this time it deals with Chinese fabrics as the title indicates. We’ll be getting a ghost a la E Mei in RM but this time Ann will be that scary ghost! Am I the only who’s absolutely tickled by Ann wanting to go home with her ghost makeup and giving Khun Ae (her long time boyfriend) a ‘surprise’? The fitting and opening ceremony gives you an idea of the story, which actually reminds me of an old Singapore drama ‘Unbroken Cycle’. Too bad there doesn’t appear to be a English subbed version online because I thought it combined the romance and horror elements pretty well. For those interested, you can check out the synopsis and the unsubbed videos.

[review] Tard Rak (Slave of Love)

22 Oct


Synopsis and cast information by wishboniko

What I liked:
* Fairytale romance. What? Didn’t I just say I don’t do fairytale endings in my last post? Well, it has to do with expectations really. I know I’m getting a fairytale here so bring it on. Betrothed at birth? Check. Separated by circumstances? Check. Meet without knowing real identities? Check. Bound by destiny at every turn? Check check check. Prince Darb is the role that made me like Mart despite his limited acting capabilities because he was the only who loved without any hidden agenda. He thought he had fallen for a prostitute and while he often struggled with this fact, ultimately he chose to give up not just money but also his pride as a prince for the woman he loved. A fair warning though, he does act childishly sometimes but I still wanna squish him. :p Now for the other person in this relationship, Princess Aeyawade. In the first episode, I thought for sure she’d be the character I’d hate the most because I have low tolerance for sweet, naïve and saintly types but turns out, I kinda like her! She is a borderline saint who repays evil with kindness but she does fight back when pushed too far. Cherry was superb as Aeyawade, bringing both commanding royal presence as well as vulnerability to the character. Their romance is fluffy Disney stuff, nothing epic that burns your heart but sufficient to make me smile and go awwwww [I watched Tard Rak and Mae Ka Khanom Wan back to back so I was awww-ing over the Mart/Cherry pair for quite some time. They are now my third favourite koo kwan after KA and Ateam.]

* One of my biggest lakorn peeve is the one dimensional third party(ies) that we get in 8 out of 10 lakorns. Not that we don’t get scheming exes in dramas from other countries but most of the n’rais in lakorns exist solely to be the bitch-that-ruins-everything so it was refreshing to get a ‘third party’ in TR who has her own life and own story. I guess Ward is technically one of the lead characters but I still appreciate the fact that her motivations for getting in between the royal OTP is well-developed and understandable for her character. Out of the 4 main characters, Ward goes through the most changes and is the most well written character to me. She’s so human in her struggles and failings that I can’t hate her even when she uses dirty tricks to get Prince Darb.

*The side-kick. Again, another standard character in lakorns used primarily to provide comic relief but more often than not just end up annoying me with their over the top antics. Yet when used right – like Kom in Sood Sanaeha – they are icing on the cake. Prince Darb’s servant Kharn is hilarious with his deadpan replies and not only is he a faithful servant, he is an intelligent one and I enjoyed all his scenes. The Queen’s servant Nim can be occasionally grating but she gets some pretty funny lines too.

Kinda iffy bits

*The overall plot is on the weak side because Aeyawade’s many poor decisions are used as the main driving force for the plot instead of other more believable circumstances. Also, Aeyawade is one hellavu lucky princess, getting incredible breaks no matter how bleak the situation looks. It’s no wonder Ward complains that some people get all the luck!

* The ‘civilian OTP’ of Aong Din and Ward had the potential to have more depth to their relationship but in the end it fell flat. I felt Aong Din’s change of affections from Aeyawade to Ward was too sudden and not explained properly and Aong Din ended up a confused character for me.

I rate this: 3.5/5
Lame plot devices aside, the pacing is fairly brisk and things are continually happening which made me want to watch the next episode to find out what happens next and the interaction between the 4 main characters are well-written. If you’re still not feeling this show by the third episode though, it might not be the lakorn for you.

Mae Ka Khanom Wan (The Dessert Girl) review

12 Oct

Synopsis by Wishboniko

What worked:

– The OTP. Seeing how antagonistic Pai was towards Wat, I was afraid I’d have to wait till the last 15 minutes to see any sweet scenes at all but thankfully that wasn’t the case. Wat confessed around mid way through the lakorn and though Pai is too ‘thin-skinned’ to express her own feelings, she cared for him in her own way and there were plenty of cute scenes between them around the last 5 episodes. Mart’s not the world’s greatest actor but I think he was sufficient as the mobster with a heart and I can’t help but want to squish him when Wat goes begging Pai for food with that poor puppy dog look. Yea, Wat the big bad mafia boss can only eat food made by his mom (sorry, she died) and Pai. XD The OTP made me teary eyed on a few occasions which is a sure sign they’ve got my heart.

– No third parties. Sometimes you need a bitchy rai or guy best friend waiting in the shadows to introduce conflict but usually they are such blatant plot devices in lakorns that they end up annoying me so I’m always happy when they don’t show up. Pai has a guy best friend Mark who actually is just her best friend whereas Wat made it clear from the beginning that he only wanted to make use of his fiancee’s family name to whitewash his triad past. Ooh, and this might be the only time where I see the families of both n’ek and p’ek trying to fix them up!

– The supporting cast. When there are too many side characters, a drama may end up wasting too much time on them instead of properly developing the OTP (looking at you Kehas See Daeng) but fortunately they are a plus in this case. Pai’s uncles and aunts are a hoot together and they make watching this lakorn so much fun. I wasn’t into Uncle Nat and Aunt Kaew’s side story though but that’s what the ff button is there for right? Haah. Watching Mark woo Fon (Wat’s sister) was also a lot of fun and his scenes with Wat are always hilarious.

– Cherry. She’s such a fabulous actress and was spot on as the brash Pai. I’ve seen her in sweet/gentle roles which she totally nailed as well so I was doubly impressed by her portrayal of Pai.

– Thai desserts. As Pai owns a Thai dessert shop, you get to see pretty desserts on the show. Not only that, a Thai dessert is introduced in a short segment at the end of each episode which I find very interesting and informative.

What didn’t:

– Overly aggressive n’ek. I dropped this around ep5 the first time I watched it because I found Pai being unnecessarily aggressive towards Wat. I’m all for women standing up for themselves but I thought Pai took things too far and she clung on to her prejudices against Wat far too long than necessary.

– The attempted rape scene. Someone needs to check the scriptwriters head because it was soooo random and unnecessary and this isn’t even a slap/kiss lakorn. Did you really have to stick it in there? At least this time the guy isn’t let off lightly. Pai actually shot Wat in the arm after he backed off. LOL

– The Tong Ake fiasco. Cherry was pretty convincing as a guy but by the end I was losing track of why she was pretending to be Tong Ake. One moment she was persuading Pan to leave Wat because he was only making use of her then when Pan started to be interested in ‘Tong Ake’, she wanted Pan to get back with Wat? Meh, maybe I wasn’t concentrating hard enough but after a while I couldn’t be bothered with that thread and started to ff the Tong Ake bits. It was also unrealistic that Wat took so long to realise that Tong Ake = Pai when he was able to observe both of them up close on so many occasions.

– The villians. I know this lakorn is a rom com and we don’t usually take the bad guys seriously but they were still sad caricatures of the mafia.

I rate this: 3.5/5
If you’re like me and don’t fancy seeing the main couple bickering on and on and on, I’d suggest you zip through the first few episodes. Persevere on and you will be rewarded with an OTP who’s as sweet as the desserts and they come packaged with families who will tickle your funny bone.

Plus it has a great OST!

final entry on Plerng See Roong

30 Sep

I did it. I actually finished ‘Plerng See Roong’ and it blew me away … with its incredible plot holes and character inconsistencies which were so bad I wonder if the scriptwriters wrote this in their sleep.

After a while I just pretended Mai and Ros were the main couple because their story was the only part that made any sense at all. They are so warm, kind and strong that I’m glad they got together early in the show and continued supporting each other throughout.

No idea who’s the actress that played Ros but she’s really pretty.

I also liked Kat’s maid Salapi. I don’t know how she manages to be hilariously sarcastic to Kat all these time without being fired and despite all her snide remarks, she does care for Kat.

Ok, there ends everything positive I have to say about PSR. I’d probably end up with a 1000 word essay if I were to comment on the illogical bits and it’s not worth the time or effort. The story may be rubbish but oddly it managed to hold my interest and made me want to continue watching to see what happens next so I guess nonsense>boring?

why am I doing this to myself?

28 Sep

oh gawd, I want to stab Tin and Kat in the face so much. I take back what I said earlier on wanting Jomkhuan to win Tin’s heart. Jomkhuan needs to stay far away from these two hypocritical jerks, find herself a nice man and live happily with Mai, Ros and Sinuan.

I don’t care if Tin is in love with his stepmom. If you love her so much, feel free to chase after your ‘true love’ now that your dad has passed on. But nooooo. He cares so much about how society will view him that he got himself a fiance, ties said fiance to him for 10 over years just to keep up the pretense while treating his stepmom like his girlfriend. Tin still had the nerve to ask Ros to keep a distance from Mai because people will talk and it makes him uncomfortable. Hey sir, you might want to direct that same sentence to yourself and Kat. Ros should have given him a few more slaps.

I don’t think I’ve ever hated on a main character this much before. Grrr.

Plerng See Roong ep 2-3

28 Sep

Where did I get the idea that PSR would be a less insane SB? It’s turning out to be crazier and dumbed down version of SB. Though Kawee and Leela’s actions were extreme, at least I understand the emotions driving their actions but with PSR, characterization is all over the place and logic is severely lacking.

The most badly written character is the p’ek Tin. When Jomkhuan said she was pregnant with Khuat’s child, Tin simply took her word for it. Later when Kat asks if Jomkhuan is really pregnant, Tin was like, of course she is! Khuat says she is his girlfriend and they’ve been cohabiting for months … unless… ZOMG, KHUAT IS GAY?? I don’t know whether to laugh or throw something at the screen over the stupid. Well, Khuat is gay but even if he wasn’t and was sleeping with Jomkhuan, it doesn’t necessarily mean she will get pregnant. Ever heard of contraceptives my dear? To cover up the fact that her son is actually gay, Kat quickly says that Jomkhuan is indeed pregnant and Tin took it as the absolute truth. What happened to pregnancy test kits and hospital check-ups huh? Considering how Tin keeps accusing Jomkhuan of being a slut and liar, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to doubt her?

Ok fine, Tin believes that Jomkhuan is pregnant with his nephew. Then why is he manhandling her just about every time they meet? Tin gets really physical with Jomkhuan, grabbing, shoving, slapping and even throwing her on the bed. The worst was when he caught her drinking wine and in his rage, he pinned her head down on the table and emptied the remaining bottle of wine over her face. Like seriously?? You’d treat a woman this way, a pregnant one no less? I haven’t even gotten to the thing that’s going on between him and his stepmom. Apparently Kat finally succeeds in seducing Tin in the next episode. Excuse me while I go barf.

The main reason why I’m still watching is to see how Jomkhuan wins Tin’s heart and spits it in Kat’s face. Gawd, I want to strangle that phony woman every time she shows up. And because Mart looks hot in suits, even if his character is dumb and even if he can’t act.

Someone save me quick, I think my standards just hit a new low.

I wouldn’t recommend this lakorn to anyone but if somehow the above sounds like your type of thing, you’re welcome to join me in the crazy.

Oh, I want to see Mai and Ros get their happy ending which they actually deserve.

Plerng See Roong ep 1

25 Sep

PSR is turning out to be the child of ‘Jam Leoy Ruk’ and ‘Sawan Biang’. As mentioned in my previous post, we have step-mom Kat pining after step-son Tin and doing her best to seduce Tin once her husband dies. Kat’s son Khuat commits suicide soon after because Kat could not accept that Khuat was gay and threatened to disown him. Tin is devastated by Khuat’s death and unaware of Khuat’s sexual orientation, believes Kat when she said Khuat killed himself because his girlfriend Jomkhuan was sleeping around. So now we have Tin swearing to kill Jomkhuan to revenge Khuat. Hmmm, sounds familiar?

Ep 1 was only setting up the stage for the conflict between the main couple but because there was so much background to pack in and so many things needed to happen, it all felt very rushed. I believe the pacing should even out by ep 2 since we will be starting on the story proper.

I like Mart and all, but my previous comment about him having the acting range of a tree trunk still stands. This is the 4th lakorn I’ve seen him in and I just feel like I’m watching Mart the actor in all of them unlike Ken or Aum who becomes the character they are playing. I’m pleasantly surprised by Susie though. I’m liking her portrayal of Jomkhuan with all her sass and spunk. And Louis Scott! He finally got rid of the long hair and is he leaner here or something? I’m actually finding him a wee bit attractive. Nampueng as Kat makes me feel like I’m watching Leela but she does make a good bitchy step-mom

other currently watching lakorns

25 Sep

I’m totally in love with the Mart/Cherry pairing after ‘Tard Rak’ and ‘Mae Ka Khanom Wan’ so I decided to give ‘Pla Lai Pai Daeng’ a chance even though the story doesn’t attract me.

Short summary: The men in Pei’s (Cherry) family are all playboys and the women are constantly battling to keep their husbands in line so Pei is put off by flirty men. One day, Parit (Mart)- a straight laced religious man- becomes the consultant for her family’s lingere company and Pei falls for this boring but naive guy. Trouble starts after they got married as the men in Pei’s family wants to get Parit on their side and tries to make him a playboy too.

I watched the first episode yesterday and while the OTP is very pretty and very cute, I find it unconvincing that all the men from grandpa to grandsons have such little regard for their wives and would not hesitate to cheat at any opportunity. Won’t the grandpa feel sorry for his daughters or the sons feel sorry for their moms? I suppose it’s just a lakorn exaggeration to turn the husband/wife battle into something funny but it’s not working for me because the men’s philandering ways are too ridiculous. I’ll try to hang on for a few more episodes for Cherry’s gorgeousness and Mart’s hotness but I’m not having high hopes for this.

Another lakorn that I’ll be taking up is Plerng See Roong (Rainbow Flame) by Mart and Susie. I’ve watched some clips previously but I can’t remember much. It’s a slap/kiss lakorn that sounds like Sawan Biang (detailed synopsis) what with the stepmom (played by the same actress who played Leela in SB) trying to get the stepson but minus the rape and insanity. ookkkk… I apparently need to do more research before posting because there actually is a R scene and lots of insanity.

An unrelated OST of ‘Fai Rak Arsoon’. I love this song and had always been curious about the lakorn but it hasn’t been subbed in eng or chinese. I don’t think I’m missing out much though since I’ve read that it was only a so-so lakorn. Anyone has actually watched it?

I’m not just watching lakorns though! I’ve been catching ‘Material Queen’ faithfully every week and will start on ‘In Time With You’ after a few more episode airs. I’m also intending to marathon ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ live action after it’s complete and new seasons of my favourite American procedurals are also starting soon!

Mart Krissada

21 Sep

I never thought the day would come when I would want to watch Mart Krissada. I first saw him in Mae Ka Khanom Wan with Cherry but I dropped it half way. Later I tried watching Likit Gamathep (with Ann) and Plerng See Roong (with Susie) but neither sustained my interest beyond the first couple of episodes. While I thought Mart had the looks and built of a pra’ek, he had all the acting range of a tree which was why I immediately discounted Tard Rak when I knew he was one of the 4 main leads and I was aghast to hear that he would likely be the male lead in Qi Pao with Ann.

Well, how about eating some crow now.

Not that I suddenly think Mart is Oscar leading man material but after watching him in Tard Rak, I’m actually starting to fangirl him a little and I blame Prince Darb for it. Up until the last episode, Darb thought that the woman he loved was a slave prostitute and though he struggled with this issue for a while, ultimately he chose to give up money, his reputation as a prince and his marriage to a princess to have this woman as his only wife. Now, who wouldn’t love a man like that? Of course, things turned out dandy for our Prince because his ‘prostitute wife’ was actually the princess he was betrothed to all along!

I loved Mart/Cherry so much in Tard Ruk that after I finished marathon-ing it, I picked up Mae Ka Khanom Wan again and I’m all teeheehee at the OTP’s scenes when I felt zilch the first time I watched them together. Now I’m considering checking out more of Mart’s stuff. Any recommendations?

As for his possible collaboration with Ann in ‘Qi Pao’, I’m not that oppose to it now but I’m still hoping that a better actor Ken can be casted instead because Ann is such a strong actress.

I might do a review of Tard Ruk and Mae Ka Khanom Wan eventually but I think I’ll be spending my time on more lakorn watching and related fangirling. *__*