Dok Soke: An unfulfilled love

24 Aug

It was a good idea to pick out the pra’nang bits in DS to watch cos I found my eyes glazing over even when reading about the family drama and our resident nang rai’s antics. Despite me not caring about the plot and the ridiculous ending which I shall rant on later, I still think the OTP parts are worth a watch and it’s testament to Pong’s charms when he managed to make me swoon over his Asunai loving and caring for Dok Soke simply based on the selected scenes.


This is the OTP’s confession scene and even though they share no more than a few chaste cheek kisses, I find myself blushing from Pong’s intense gaze. Asunai and Dok Soke had just made up after an argument and when she continues to reassure him in the car, Asunai is overcome by his feelings for Dok Soke and kisses her cheek. He pulls back hastily when he realises that he has overstepped the line for someone who’s supposedly looking after Dok Soke like an elder would a younger person and starts to apologise but she takes his hand and puts it to her cheek, silently confirming her love for him. Cue more kissing and hugging from the delighted Asunai and more squee-ing from this fangirl in front of the PC screen.

I find myself oddly drawn to Pong’s arms/hands maybe cos he is always stroking Dok Soke’s face or patting her head. XD I simply adore how honest and open Asunai is with his feelings for Dok Soke once he realises she reciprocates it and it was frustrating how our gullible n’ek always chose to believe the crazy ex. Frustration with the n’ek culminates in the WTH ending (which btw should be blamed on the novel) where she decides the one way to show that Asunai is her first and last love is to marry him THEN LEAVE HIM IMMEDIATELY TO BECOME A NUN. Yes, it’s shocking to find out that your boyfriend’s crazy ex is your biological mother who dumped you as a baby and still hates you after finding out your identity. I would expect Dok Soke to take some time to take it all in but I really don’t see why she feels compelled to leave Asunai because of this especially when her mom leaves behind the crazy by the end and gives them her blessing at the wedding. Hey, at least you’re luckier than Kdrama heroines who are actually related to their bf!


I can take sad endings where the OTP doesn’t end up together for logical reasons but this is just plain stupid. If you wanna leave him, just leave him. Why bother giving Asunai this short-lived happiness then proceed to crush his heart by leaving? Aish, I’ve only spent 4 hours max on this lakorn and I already find myself fuming over the lame-ass ending, I can’t imagine how those who slogged through all 37 episodes must have felt!

I wonder if there’s any chance of Pong doing a Ch 3 lakorn. DS is Ch 5 and ‘A Person’s Value’ from Ch 7, so I presume he is signed on to an agency instead of tied to a particular channel? I really like Pong and would love to actually finish watching at least one of his dramas but Ch5/7 ain’t quite working for me. As for our newbie Charebelle, her acting’s a bit raw but visually she works for me and I wouldn’t mind her pairing up with Pong again.

10 Responses to “Dok Soke: An unfulfilled love”

  1. Anonymous August 24, 2012 at 4:04 PM #

    Hi dearie. Thanks for the yummy photos, I’m not planning on watching DS but this article just helps me spazz despite the horrid ending. I love Pong, there’s something about the way he looks at the nang’eks and not to mention his manly forearms! At any rate, if you’re looking for another must see Pong lakorn, I would rec “Tomorrow I’ll Still Love You” (Proong Nee Gor Rak Ter) The romance between Pong and Aom has inspired some serious fangirling- not from me (yet) because I haven’t picked it up, it was aired during the time I took a break from lakorns- but everyone has been telling me to watch this. From the looks of it, it’s pretty antsy but hopefully, justified, otherwise people would probably throw the remote at their tv’s, or in this case, laptops. I heard it was aired in China too, so maybe you can find a Chinese dub/sub? It is also subbed in Eng too. Here’s a link:
    According to inw, I think his new lakorn is going to air soon too, I’ll def tune in to that! xoxo Fia

    • J August 25, 2012 at 6:21 AM #

      yes, his arms are so manly! Glad I’m not the only one noticing them. lol. I really enjoyed the OTP scenes and I think they are worth checking out if only to drool at Pong. Pong’s pretty big in China and he even won an award there recently. Sigh, when will Sg tv stations start airing some lakorns? I still haven’t had any success converting any of my friends to lakorn watching. D: ‘Tomorrow I’ll Still Love You’ is on my to-watch-someday list but haven’t had the urge so far. haa, perhaps I will do so soon since I’m obsessing over Pong now.

  2. qofdramaland August 25, 2012 at 2:08 PM #

    I’m not much of a Pong’s fan. I do not recommend Leh Pummareh. I cannot brush away his character in here. And this was the start of me avoiding Pong unless I hear many people raving about it lol well I started disliking his character in Leh Ratree. Not just that, I have given him so many chances to redeem himself but I have not found one. Maybe it might be his next lakorn? Is it possible to turn a negative first impression into something positive for Pong?

    • J August 26, 2012 at 6:53 AM #

      The first impression made by a dara in a lakorn can be pretty far reaching. I seriously hated Kaew Tah Pee even though it’s one of the more popular lakorns and for the longest time afterwards I couldn’t watch anything lakorn with Tik or Cherry. I’m now a fan of Cherry but Tik is still not working for me so I think it’s ok not to fancy Pong, just go check out whatever lakorn that catches your interest and perhaps one day you’ll meet one that changes your opinion. If not … there are still tons of daras out there to drool over. heeh.

  3. Anonymous September 12, 2012 at 7:13 PM #

    I finally got myself to watch dok soke. Ues i agree te ending is silly. She didnt need to marry him to prove that his her first and last love. Obviously as a nun she wont be romantically involved with anyone in the future….so by just telloling him she loves him…is enough..he will technically be her last.

    Its pathetic coz whats he suppose to do if he wants to remarry? File for a divorce? What a hassle. Or does she expect him to be single for life? Might as well tell him to settle for her mum in the first place or tell him to become a monk.

    Gosh im critising the author or script writer…if theres more insight to her decision that justifys it, shouldve explained it more in the lakorn.

    • J September 13, 2012 at 1:24 PM #

      Yea, exactly. The ending was nonsensical and pointless. If the author’s intention was to make the ending a memorable one, she sure managed to do that, albeit for the wrong reason.

  4. picadrama January 1, 2014 at 4:59 AM #

    Ughhhhhh that ending was a HOT MESS! I don’t know what the script writer was thinking about…

  5. AnoD_Chobling January 12, 2014 at 1:54 PM #

    I wasn’t interested in DS when I heard about it and had only decided to check it out due to some very, very mild curiosity. By the 6th episode, I was sold enough on the OTP to continue it, but at 37 episodes, I decided I’d wait and marathon it at the end. Luckily I did because the ending was so horrible. Usually I don’t skip to the end, but the uproar was so deafening, I skipped from 6 to 37 just to see how bad it was. I couldn’t believe it ended like that. I already knew, based on what people said about the novel and the previous versions of DS that Dok Soke and Asanai wouldn’t get each other, but Exact’s version of the ending was worse than any ending I could have imagined. It was so bad I was curious enough to find out the reasons behind it, and although I didn’t quite get an answer, the one I did get didn’t cut it for me. Exact executives said in an interview that they had always planned for DS to end the way it did, but they kept it a secret from everyone, including their own cast. As far as the cast or media was aware, DS was supposed to end with the wedding scene, and it was only in the final scene that the actors/actresses were told of the true state of affairs, and only the actors/actresses in that final scene were told of it and no one else because they wanted to surprise viewers. Well they got that in spades. To this day, I haven’t gone back to watch DS, even for the leads.

    • J January 12, 2014 at 3:13 PM #

      Yea, now DS is remembered/known for its crap ending!
      Even without the ending I don’t care for the general plot in DS either but the OTP works great for me and even now I occasionally re-watch bits of DS for them.
      If you like the OTP enough to want to give it another shot, perhaps you can try what I did, just skim through and concentrate on the OTP scenes. I ff so much of DS I’m still not sure how everyone relates to each other in DS’ family but that doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the couple. heehee. Just scrub that ending from your mind and pretend it doesn’t exist!

      • AnoD_Chobling January 12, 2014 at 4:09 PM #

        Yeah, I keep going back and forth on whether I should just watch for them because sometimes the journey is just as important as the end result, if not more, but when I think of how nonsensical and out of character that ending was, I just can’t muster enough energy to actually do it, especially since knowing how I am, I’ll have to occasionally watch some “other” scenes just to understand what’s going on. But who knows? If I ever find myself with time on my hands and suffering through a lakorn/drama drought, I’ll probably end up tuning in.

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