Inborn Pair ep 44 – 48

21 Feb

Ep 43 ended on a high with the passionate and sizzling kiss between Yi Jie and Wei Xiang and it appeared that Yi Jie could no longer deny feeling something for Wei Xiang after responding rather enthusiastically to his kiss, in front of an audience no less. So expectations were understandably high for what was to follow but the remainder of their honeymoon turned out lackluster for me. Yes, there were plenty of sweet moments but there were no actual progress in their relationship. Wei Xiang hinting left right centre about his feelings and Yi Jie choosing to ‘act blur’ – haven’t we all been there, done that? Then Wei Xiang got his confession interrupted twice by untimely phone calls and his final attempt failed when he passed out drunk. Uhm, filler much? Fluff without substance was not able to sustain my interest and I was actually not motivated to continue watching after 45.

Thankfully the pace picked up when the OTP returned to ‘real life’ i.e. where Luo Yun and Dong Yang existed. Luo Yun only made an appearance to kindly remind Yi Jie that Wei Xiang belonged to her (well, not her exact words but the implication was clear) and Yi Jie once again binds her feelings by acknowledging her promise to Luo Yun.

Then it was Dong Yang’s turn to come stir the still waters in Yi Jie’s heart. Ah, Dong Yang, I would ship you so bad with Yi Jie if she wasn’t so adorable with Wei Xiang. Chris Wu nailed all his scenes with Annie Chen and I do get a bit teary-eyed every time I see Dong Yang have a mini breakdown once Yi Jie leaves. Dong Yang needs to star in his own little drama where an amazing woman comes heal his broken heart!! *cough* Anyway, as fate the scriptwriters would have it, he inadvertently ended up as Lawyer Qian’s partner and now he is colleagues with Yi Jie. Now that Yi Jie is forced to be around Dong Yang due to work, I hope it’s a catalyst for her to face up to her past with him. Only when Yi Jie has worked out all her lingering feelings/anger at Dong Yang can she really start with Wei Xiang. I’m not too concern about Luo Yun actually because Wei Xiang is the type of guy who would be upfront about his feelings so once he is sure of Yi Jie’s place in his heart, I believe he would not hesitate to tell Luo Yun.

Moving on to lil’ bro Wei Cheng … I never understood why Li’er liked Wei Cheng so much to the point where she was willing to ‘force herself’ on Wei Cheng even when he expressed his distaste for her and later, I didn’t understand how Wei Cheng had somehow fallen in love with this tyrannical girl who made his life hell. But now that they are together, I do enjoy their light fluffy love which is a nice distraction from the other complicated relationships. Wei Cheng is always funny so I seldom fastfoward his scenes and even Li’er is kinda growing on me! A bit of angst just got thrown in the mix after Li Tian’s triad boss identity was exposed and now Wei Cheng is forbidden from mixing with Li’er as her dad’s background might adversely affect Wei Hai Group’s image. But no worries, true love will prevail! I only hope Wei Cheng’s snarkiness will be intact even when he’s being emo because I love his snarky self.

Let me end this post by dedicating this song to Dong Yang ~

说天气 没重点
说昨天 太狂野
我们最好还是别再 再见

3 Responses to “Inborn Pair ep 44 – 48”

  1. Anonymous February 21, 2012 at 4:32 PM #

    Yay you blogged about IP again! 😀

    “Dong Yang needs to star in his own little drama where an amazing woman comes heal his broken heart!!”

    Though, one of the forum goers called Dong Yang a 高级酱油, his role is to be the catalyst for Yi Jie’s whole letting go journey, and the push between the OTP. That’s it. Sigh. But because it’s Chris Wu, no complains. Watching his performance is worth all the angst.

    Though, those mini angst scenes… Well, it comes to a point where I have this to say: 编剧,够了!I get that he’s all regretful and pained that he chose to leave Yi Jie and now she’s in the arms of another man. I think I have totally gotten the message but the drama just had to keep showing those angst scenes. Or maybe my heart can’t bear watching him angst. But it seems apparent that we are gonna see more of this sort of angst for the next few episodes. Sigh, I totally can’t wait till Yi Jie knows about his condition and they both can have a good cry, a good talk, a good hug and a proper closure. Totally HIGH TIME Yi Jie works out whatever she needs to regarding Dong Yang. But surely it takes time. So… patience, woman, patience.

    Yup you are right about Wei Xiang. He is totally manning up more. But we just don’t know how Luo Yun will react later. Will she become more evil or will she choose to let go? Anyway… will let the story unfold later.

    Hmm, I don’t think Yi Jie has binded her feelings towards Wei Xiang again though Luo Yun confronted her again and again regarding the promising. In fact she remains honest and open towards Wei Xiang.

    You know, after watching E44 where my heart was crushed into a million pieces, I stopped expecting any more progress between those two. 可能还要等多一个大爆点吧! So I will just take what the drama offers for now and just enjoy the 细水长流-ness that the drama is probably aiming at for these two.

    And today’s episode (ep 50. Oh my! we are on the 50th episode now!) is pretty fun – not for the OTP – but for the performance between the two dads, both of whom are veteran actors. Superbly entertaining!

    Thanks for taking the time to write! 🙂 Catch you around! 🙂


    • J February 22, 2012 at 4:03 AM #

      高级酱油: 哈哈,这个酱油质量很好噢。
      Like you said, the character exist to act as a hurdle that Yi Jie needs to cross before our OTP can get together and with so many characters in the show, it’s highly unlikely that Dong Yang will get to develop his own loveline post-Yi Jie.

      30 more episodes to go! I wonder how many more episodes it will take before 翔翔来个大暴走,然后大胆向奕捷示爱。翔翔我看好你哦~ 看得出我比较爱他吗? 哈哈

      Thanks for dropping by! ^^

  2. Glen February 23, 2021 at 11:11 AM #

    I can not really agree with you in regards to Dong Yang. I think he is despicable. But then I am not American and/or do not live in a nation like Taiwan with an American sensibility in regards to heathcare. I am lucky I guess I do not need to scam or ask for charity to get healthcare. He talks a good game but Dongyang actions suggest he is a manipulative scammer.

    And anyone who used the Illness Noble Idiocy option, then turns around later after they are cured to reveal it to the person they abandoned, is just using their illness to manipulate & guilt trip

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