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Silver Diamond vol 11 & 12

2 Dec

I’m really trying to like SD because I loved Koori so much but 12 volumes on, SD is still not engaging enough for me. The drawing style has improved visibly from Koori’s time and I do appreciate the beautiful artwork but story-wise, it doesn’t make me look forward to the next chapter.

It’s too wordy for me … sometimes the speech bubbles take up more than half the page! The story has been going round in circles and I need something more. I need to start feeling something, anything! for the characters.

“Fortunately” in volumes 11 and 12, the blond pervert and his ayame prince was around to spice things up a bit.

Who is the fool?!

Silver Diamond

3 Apr

I’m finally done with all 10 volumes of “Silver Diamond”! I wouldn’t call the following a review … more like a record of my haphazard thoughts.

Thoughts on Silver Diamond