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Qi Pao BTS

29 Apr

Phew, the past week has been a whirlwind of activity. Work got even busier, got incapacitated by stomach flu for a couple of day, Laruku’s concert and of course all the last minute crazy packing and planning.

Now it’s hours to go before my flight and I’m finally set and ready, twiddling my thumbs and trying to think if I left out anything important. It will be drama-less 2 weeks for me but I will return to ‘Khun Seuk’!

17 Dec

It’s been a ridiculously tough week at work and I had been hoping to unwind with some drama watching and blogging over the weekend but guess what, my pc died and now my only line left to the Internet is my iPhone. Sigh. Ah well, perhaps it’s a sign for me to go read a book, pack my room, go out and smell the flowers or something instead of spending even more time in front of the computer screen.

back from Land of Smiles

5 Oct

Back from Krabi! It rained 2 out of the 3 full days I was there and while I was disappointed on the first day, I did enjoy myself in the end and I miss Krabi terribly now. D:

I stayed at Phu Pi Maan Resort & Spa and I highly recommend this resort to anyone who’s planing a trip to Krabi. It’s located slightly off the main road at Ao Nang beach but it’s still within walking distance and even if walking is not your thing (like yours truly), the resort provides free shuttle service to and from Ao Nang beach area till 10pm. I love the tranquility of the surroundings and the comfortable and spacious suite but most of all, it was the impeccable service provided by the resort staff that made my stay there so pleasant. My friends and I made use of the shuttle service quite a bit (yes, we are a lazy bunch) and I really enjoyed interacting with the drivers during the short ride because they made me feel that it’s genuinely their pleasure to drive us and they aren’t ‘just doing a job’. There was once when we called for the shuttle service from Ao Nang at around 9ish and it still hadn’t come by 9.30 so after we got the restaurant staff to help us call again, we stood by the roadside to make sure the driver wouldn’t miss us. Suddenly a guy on a bike drove over and asked if we were going back to Phu Pi Maan. For a moment I thought he was driver soliciting for business (there are many tuk tuks and taxis for hire around) before I realised he was one of the resort drivers! He had already knocked off and was on his way home when he saw us and he actually took the trouble to stop and call the resort for us again. It’s always the human touch that makes the difference. =) The only minus thing I can say about the place is the limited selection at their breakfast buffet but I don’t know if there will be more variety during peak season. Anyway they have enough to fill my tummy so no biggie for me.

As the weather was unpredictable, we didn’t book any island tours in advance and only dropped by Railay Beach on the only sunny day we got. We had a nice time relaxing by the beach and the sun always came back quickly even though there were interim showers. The return trip to Ao Nang by the longtail boat was a killer though. The sea had gotten rougher due to the winds and as we were sitting at the front of the boat, we were getting splashed by sea water every other minute and were thoroughly soaked by the time we made it back to Ao Nang. There were no life vests provided and we were all holding on for dear life during that very long 15 minutes where the longtail boat was practically flying on the sea bt I live to tell the tale so it probably wasn’t as bad as it felt. heeh.

The rest of our time were spent on eating, massages, playing cards and sipping coffee. I didn’t do as much as I had hoped but I’m still thankful I got the chance to have a holiday in Krabi! ok, that’s all for real life events … I need to catch up on ‘Roy Mai’ and perhaps get started on tw dramas ‘Ring Ring Bell’ and ‘Office Girls’. Also hoping to review ‘Tard Rak’ and ‘Mae Kha Khanom Wan’ by this week!

in Krabi

1 Oct

Was raining on and off the entire day so didn’t do much. 😦 Probably wasn’t that great an idea to visit krabi this time of the year.
Watching ‘Roy Marn’ on tv now. Haah.

taking a short break from life and drama watching …

30 Sep

My beach holiday is finally here! It’s been a year since I last went on a holiday so I’m pretty excited for this one. Hopefully the weather will be good though I did opt to risk going during the monsoon season to avoid the crowds.

See ya’ll next week!