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On Call 36 Hours II ep4

10 Nov

yes, I’m alive, just that life has been taken over by work. I’m following 4 dramas concurrently *pls refer to sidebar* and all are decently entertaining but none has made me want to write about it. Even the highly anticipated sequel to On Call 36 Hours took a while for me to warm up to, with the bunch of new characters and screechy patients running about but golly, Yat Kin and Yu Zai continue to be the heart and soul of this drama. Ep 1 was busy explaining missing characters and introducing new ones, but once Yat Kin and Yu Zai showed up, my anchor to this show was back. I love the  Love Actually thing Yat Kin did for Yu Zai to cheer her up while she was under quarantine and how in tune they were in wishing for the same thing (that both mother and child are fine). But there wouldn’t be much to watch if their lives were henceforth smooth-sailing so poor Yu Zai suffers a cancer relapse in ep 4 and has to abort her baby before she can start her treatment. Continue reading

On Call 36 Hours II

2 Apr

All these recent talk of ‘On Call 36 Hours’ is making want to re-watch the show and it’s also getting me real excited for the sequel which is in the works. I’ve translated a recent interview of Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung where they talk about the sequel but if you don’t want to spoil yourself, have a Yat Kin Tau/Yu Zai centric MV and turn away for now!

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Drama status: a mixed bag

17 Feb


~ On Call 36 Hours [25][HK drama]
It doesn’t bring anything new to the plate as far as plot points are concerned – if you’re a tvb regular you’d have seen them one time or another – but’On Call’ brings it all together seamlessly with the briskness and humour I have come to expect of hk dramas. It also has lots of heart and I was moved to tears at quite a few scenes from the beautiful relationships between family members, friends, lovers.
Unlike previous hk police procedurals which hurt my brain with some less than logical cases, this one’s a medical one and I gladly bought into all the foreign medical jargon and cases thrown at me. Plus there were many meaningful lessons taught through the life and death situations encountered by the doctors at the hospital and gives the viewers food for thought on life and hope. The slow burning romance between Yat Kin Tau and Yu Zai was also the highlight of the drama and I love how their relationship is based on their mutual admiration and understanding of each other’s strengths and flaws. Once I start writing on ‘On Call’, I feel like there’s so many things I want to say about the individual characters but I’ll leave that for another post. For now, I highly recommend everyone check it out here with english subs
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