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Ken/Ploy BTS

24 Feb

P’Fia ka, can I trouble you to give a summary of the BTS??

Fitting of Qi Pao

12 Dec

Fitting of Ann’s new lakorn ‘Qi Pao’ is out! If I’m not wrong, Qi Pao is one of the novel in the same series as ‘Roy Mai’ and this time it deals with Chinese fabrics as the title indicates. We’ll be getting a ghost a la E Mei in RM but this time Ann will be that scary ghost! Am I the only who’s absolutely tickled by Ann wanting to go home with her ghost makeup and giving Khun Ae (her long time boyfriend) a ‘surprise’? The fitting and opening ceremony gives you an idea of the story, which actually reminds me of an old Singapore drama ‘Unbroken Cycle’. Too bad there doesn’t appear to be a English subbed version online because I thought it combined the romance and horror elements pretty well. For those interested, you can check out the synopsis and the unsubbed videos.

upcoming lakorn: Mook Liam Petch

5 Oct

Rome teams up with Susie in ‘Mook Liam Petch’ and I have no idea what’s the story about except that it’s an action lakorn. Heck, I don’t even know what the title means. Rome’s past couple of lakorns hadn’t worked for me (I won’t count Mia Taeng since I only read the recaps) but maybe third time’s the charm. Though ‘Plerng See Roong’ was wrong on so many levels, I did come out liking Susie even though her acting can be over-the-top at times so I am looking forward to seeing her with Rome. Plus Vicky and Tah will be the secondary couple here! Vicky seems to have been relegated to playing supporting characters … was her last lakorn as n’ek ‘Fai Rak Arsoon’ in 2009?? I don’t know how Thai ent industry works but if you start getting sidelined for n’ek roles, does that mean you can start prepping yourself to play the rai already? Ploy is the only actress I know that moved from supporting/n’rai to n’ek and I don’t know if n’eks who have gone down to supporting can work their way back to the top of the game. I know Chompoo did a bitch role recently but she was still the main character I believe.

The members on asianfuse forum don’t seem to fancy Tah/Vicky pair but I think they look cute together.

Most importantly, there’s this to look forward to:

*credits to asianfuse forum*

No idea how this fits in the story but I’m not complaining! I found the guy on the far right very familiar and I racked my brains for quite a while to recall where I had seen him before. Turns out he’s the muscleman in ‘Tard Rak’ that I was ogling at in this post.