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i swear they are married. haah

19 Oct

The latest episode of WGM had Ga-in preparing a birthday surprise for Jo Kwon ‘Love Actually’ style and I tear every time I watch it (4 times so far. lol). Love this episode so much that I went and made moooore icons!!
<!–more feel the love

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* Comments are love and credit appreciated.
**the rabbit icon is made from my own photo but I find it fitting for this epi. 🙂
*** previous batch of Adam couple icons

Feel free to use the icons or even the headers I made and I’m not even asking for credit but PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK MY IMAGES!

We Got Married

17 Sep

Introducing the Adam couple!

If you’re into Korean entertainment, you’re probably familiar with them already but me being the K-ent laggard, had just got onto the “We got married” bandwagon. Simply put, WGM is a reality show where celebrities are paired up to be ‘married’ and they are given tasks to complete together.

Icons of the Adam couple over hereeee~~~~

SSH icons

12 Feb

Maybe I’m not looking in the right places but I can’t seem to find any SSH icons around so I went and made some. Nothing fancy or professional (considering I do not own adobe photoshop! *sadface*), I just wanna show my love for Alin and her Kru Cook. If you know where to find nice SSH screencaps, please let me know so I can use them to make more icons!


Sood Sanae Ha icons + graphics