Sawan Biang recaps anyone?

22 Feb

*update: you can request for Eng subs for lakorns here!*

Anyone still interested in reading recaps for episodes of Sawan Biang missing eng subs (from mid ep6 I think)? The full lakorn with subs are available for download but seems like some people still have trouble with it and I don’t mind a SB re-watch (again). Do note my recaps will be based on chinese subs.

the heart wants what it wants – Ab Ruk Online ep 1-7

1 Feb


Yes, I’m finally back watching lakorns! I’d been watching ‘Ab Ruk Online’ and I had wanted to compose a nice, well thought out half-time review to kick start this blog again but well, sometimes blogging is about that rush of thought when it hits you. I started watching ARO for Ann obviously and was looking forward to her chemistry with Peter. I wasn’t so big on Mark/Kim though, since no one in the younger batch really interests me and indeed I wanted to smack Pidpraw (Kim) in place with a big office file in the first episode. Since then however, it has been Saya (Ann) that has been difficult to watch with her growing infatuation of Pranon (Mark) and the lies after lies after lies that she tells to keep up her pretense in the office. Pidpraw does have a thing or two to learn about manners, humility and teamwork but with her, everything is out in the open (well, almost everything). She says it like it is (or at least how she sees it) and as tactless and offensive it may be, the arrow comes straight at you and you can certainly shoot one back while fuming.  Continue reading

Forget you

22 Jun

Hello to my readers old and new, thanks for still dropping by occasionally though I have not updated in such a long time. I won’t call my current state a ‘drama slump’ because that’s when I want to watching something but nothing catches my attention. For the past couple of months I simply couldn’t summon the interest in drama watching, instead I spend my time writing endlessly in my private journal trying to write and reason my way out of a RL conundrum. Things are still a bit iffy in RL but I’m getting more of a grip emotionally (I think) and it’s time to get some enjoyment out of drama watching once again. 🙂

I started on ‘Spinsters Vs Casanovas’ a couple of weeks back and it was fab~~~ It had me laughing and crying in the first 2 episodes but somehow I got distracted and decided to pick up ‘Ya Leum Chan’ again. I had been skimming through P’Fia and Darknesslakorns recaps on it and I had a rough idea how the story played out and boy was I glad I dropped it at the beginning of ep4 when Khem started going down the loony slope. Though I didn’t care for the main couple, I really liked Eua and Gaenlong and thought why not zip through YLC for their parts since they get a happy ending? So I started watching from ep8 and continued through to the last episode before giving up at the finishing line again because I really couldn’t be bothered with watching Khem get his happily ever after. My feelings towards the story/4 main characters remained the same as my first impression of this lakorn. Continue reading

Thai pop digest #1

26 Apr

Lakorns OST was my gateway to Thai pop but the language remained a barrier for me to get to know artistes/songs which don’t get the exposure through lakorns. These days when I’m in the mood for some new Thai pop, I surf around youtube, linking from one song to the other and giving random singers a try. But again, if the singer and/or song doesn’t have an English name it can be hard for me to find that song again when I want another listen so I’m doing this Thai pop digest series as a way for me to keep a record of those songs as well as to recommend Thai pop to those who are not familiar with it. Enjoy~

My introduction to New and Jiew was from 2014 Samee Tee Tra’s OST. I initially thought they were solo artists who teamed up for the song but turns out they are a duo. I’ve enjoyed all their ballads so far and some of their songs are subbed on the GMM Grammy International yt channel.  Continue reading

[Impression] Ya Leum Chan ep 1 – 3

19 Apr


The long anticipated partnership of Tik and Ann has pulled me back into drama watching with Ya Leum Chan. Tik is one of the big stars in Thai ent but the only lakorn of his I’ve watched (or rather attempted to) was ‘Wanida’. I lasted 45min maybe? The cast and costumes were so pretty but it all felt too artificial to me, like something out of a magazine shot rather than a story I could connect to. Not much of an impression of Tik there but surely he has his merits to reach his current status in show biz so I was happy to hear of the Tik/Ann pairing. The thing that made me go hmmmmmm was the storyline. It wasn’t really my kinda thing ya know but the BTS that came out made me hopeful that this power pairing could make it work. Continue reading

Ya Leum Chan New Pictures

3 Apr

New pics released by Ch3.

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Liebster Award

24 Feb


Thanks to love_of_tvb for the nomination!

1. Who is your favorite actor/actress? (You can list two maximum if you are having a really hard choice.)
I give my love away too easily so it’s really hard to pick a ‘favourite’ cos I fangirl so many different celebrities for reasons that vary in level of shallow-ness. I’ve been watching mostly lakorns for the past few years, so currently the actress on top of my list is Ann Thongprasom. I didn’t take to Ann’s looks instantly but her acting and strong work ethics slowly grew on me and she’s now an actress I really admire. Continue reading