Fun Rak Fun Salai ep 4 – 6

22 Jul

Finally caught their character names: Navin = Pakorn and Bua = On.


Maybe cos lakorn villains tend to be OTT and not very clever, I generally don’t take them seriously and find them more of a mild inconvenience to the main characters. I mean, in Talay Fai the bad guys tried to kill the pra’nang in almost every single episode and manages to fail every time! So it’s been a while since I was this anxious for the well being of a lakorn character.  While I know Meili is obviously not going to die or be repatriated at this point in the lakorn, she feels trapped at every turn and I keep wondering if the triad or the police will catch up with her first and neither option is appealing. Meili was caught by Pakorn at the end of ep3 but managed to escape with the help of Chang.

They get an extremely brief respite and Chang gets a job for Meili at the restaurant he works at. They are so precious together I wish the world could leave them be, just quietly working hard and living their simple life.

But things go south very soon when Pakorn coincidentally spots Meili, and Jiang also finds out where Meili was staying from Chang’s friend so the world ends up back at her heels again. This time Chang wasn’t around to save her and backed up on the roof top with Pakorn blocking the only exit, Meili threatens to kill herself if Pakorn insists on arresting her. Pakorn tries to convince Meili that sending her home is the best option since she will be forced into prostitution or killed if the triad catches her again but Meili tells him that if she had food and a good life back home, why would she waste her life coming here in the first place? To Meili, dying was a better option than being sent home. Moved by Meili, Pakorn hides her and lies to his disbelieving colleagues that she escaped (from the roof top!) and brought her home instead to his bewildered mom.  


Meanwhile poor Chang is worried sick for Meili, not knowing if she got caught by the police or the triad. Gah, I feel soooo bad for him. He sacrificed so much for her without asking for anything in return and I feel like he does not even dare to ask for her affections. He just wants her to be well and now even she is gone from his life. :((( I really hope he gets a happy ending somehow!

Now that Meili is in Pakorn’s care, I expect to see some relationship development in next week episodes. As much as I adore Chang, Pakorn is a nice dude too, it shouldn’t take too much to sell me his pairing with Meili. Apparently he intends to help Meili get to America?? I assume that would all be done illegally… not sure how that works with him supposedly being an upright police captain? Also, Chang and his friends are also illegal immigrants right so why is Pakorn so intent on chasing after Meili only?

Other things I couldn’t catch… the nasty military leader from Meili’s hometown is also looking for her for some reason?? He kills her family and from the teasers I’ve seen, he ends up in Thailand going after her/Chang as well so… what’s the deal?

On had this long convo with her uncle which I think is supposed to explain why she’s so bent on joining the police/Pakorn’s team, something to do with her dad (presumably dead) but I clearly didn’t catch much so she’s still kinda annoying right now. I don’t understand why she keeps fussing about Pakorn not accepting/being nice to her… like stop bothering the guy and let him do his job!

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