Nang Rai Summer

16 Jul


Had intended to continue on the Cupid Series and maybe it’s the Singapore heat but I found myself wandering back to Nang Rai Summer for a re-watch. I first caught the lakorn almost 3 years ago when P’Fia blogged about it  but somehow my review was never completed. Too lazy or too distracted by other dramas I can’t recall but now I’m finally writing about it after my re-watch! It appears that between my first and second watch, NRS still has not been subbed in English (I watched with Chinese subs) which is a pity because it’s a lakorn that will keep you smiling all the way.

Namfon Patcharin plays twins Ploylada and Praechompoo who were separated at birth when their Aunt Soy took Prae away from their mother through trickery. With twin lakorns you somehow gotta give them disparate personalities whether they grew up together or not (refer to Exhibit (A) Fai Chon Saeng) so Ploy grows up to be a spit-fire who gives as good – or even more – as she gets whereas Prae is thorough lady. Their lives eventually cross and hijinks ensue. I’ll be lazy and point you over to P’Fia’s post for more details on the story. :p

Ploy and Prae’s complete turnaround in temperaments makes for many funny moments but beyond creating laughs, the accidental (and later intentional) swapping of identities also allowed the sisters to understand each other by literally walking in other’s shoes. Besides understanding each other, they also came to understand themselves more through the experience. Because Ploy and Prae have such different ways of dealing with things, they both thought the other messed things up in their lives but it was a good opportunity to consider another perspective and reflect.


I especially enjoy watching their interactions with Tonnam (First Ekkaphong). I don’t think the show specified how long Cho (Alek) knew Prae but it doesn’t seem to have been for long and Cho accepts Ploy as Prae rather quickly after his initial surprise. But Tonnam grew up with Ploy and he knows her, which is why he ends up very confused when ‘Ploy’ suddenly becomes so fragile and sweet. It’s super cute to see Tonnam get flustered when faced with Prae who speaks to him nicely, be angry with him for not helping, who omg cries!! Kudos to Namfon’s excellent performance because even though Prae and Ploy looked exactly the same (obviously), Namfon was able to convey not just their obvious characteristics (one brash one gentle) but the chemistry generated between Ploy/Prae and their respective love interest was different too. Tonnam with Prae gives me all the warm fuzzy feels but once it’s Ploy, you can tell they are bros, so there was never a doubt to the viewers that Tonnam has fallen for Prae and not Ploy. In comparison I wasn’t as invested in Cho/Ploy probably because Cho was rather dull as the nice mommy’s boy and there wasn’t much character depth or development especially when compared to Tonnam. I do appreciate that the show didn’t make Cho’s mom crazy all the way… though the later bit about Cho’s dad being scammed by Nina was entirely fastforward-able without affecting your enjoyment of the story.


Even with the fastfoward option, it’s rare for a lakorn to not have character(s) or some elements that frustrate me, but NRS is such a fun and stress free watch. All in all, a charming lakorn that brings you the sun and cheer of summer.

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  1. couchpotato_md at 3:23 PM #

    sounds like a very interesting lakorn…too bad no eng subs.

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