Kammathep Ork Suek (Battle of Love)

9 Jul


Wow, after my very long lakorn drought I finished Kammathep Ork Suek in a day and half! This is part 2 of the Cupid Series and I actually started off watching Sorn Ruk Kammethep after reading P’Fia’s review but another character Hom caught my eye with her cheerful and slightly ditzy personality plus she looked really familiar though I couldn’t place her right off the bat. Ended up googling for her part in the series and turns out she’s Cris Horwang from Bangkok Traffic Love Story. It’s funny to see her and Ken T reunite on screen after all these years though this time as boss/staff instead of a couple. 

Peem (Ken T) is the boss of Cupid Hut, a match making agency and has offered THB1 million as reward for his group of female staff if they get themselves a boyfriend as he theories that they can be better match makers if they have actually experienced love themselves. Hunsa (Toey) is the first one of the lot to snag herself a boyfriend, a very rich one at that in form of hotel owner Tim (Boy Pakorn) which causes Hom (Cris Horwang) even more stress/motivation to find one of similar caliber. Unfortunately… the only constant male presence in her life is her taxi driver Pee (Punjan Kawin) who has been driving her to and from work since he saved her 3 years ago. Hom had gotten drunk at her university gathering and her university crush had brought her to his house and tried to be funny before she regain consciousness and escaped in panic with only her belongings and a towel to preserve her modesty. Pee’s taxi happened to be parked at the condo and saved her from the nasty guy. In the course of their escape and subsequent interaction, they realise they are both big movie fans and have their own ‘language’ in the form of movie quotes. There begins their driver/passenger relationship which has evolved into an easy friendship over the years. 

But of course per lakorn rule #142, the p’ek could not possibly be just a taxi driver. Pee is in fact the heir to a multi-million transport company and also an accomplished director in New York (don’t ask me how they find that many rich, hot and talented guys in lakorn land). He secretly came back to Thailand after getting dumped by his longtime girlfriend and started driving a taxi at the co-op owned by his parents without their knowledge. He decides to embark on a project to film his passengers to search for the meaning of ‘truth and love’ and to make a movie out of it, and well, guess who has been starring in those recordings for most of the 3 years of Pee’s taxi driving? And no, Hom doesn’t know she’s being recorded. For those of you going wtf right now, I’m with you, will get back to this later.

Anyhow, back to the present. In an effort to get attached asap, Hom secretly signs herself up on Cupid Hut’s dating app under the pseudonym ‘Lomdao’ even though that is prohibited under company policy. She soon gets matched with a guy who is rich, loves movies, and is a director. Hmmm, does that profile sound awfully familiar? When Hom first got the match I wondered if Pee is doing an Ab Ruk Online and trying to date Hom with his alternate identity but turns out it’s someone else. Pee is flabbergasted when Hom starts declaring this stranger as her soulmate and the jealousy that this ignites in him makes Pee realise he has fallen for her. Pee asks Hom out for dinner and was going to show up in his fancy clothes and car to prove his status to win her over but at the last minute, he decides to woo her as the taxi driver she knows him as, wondering if she can truly love him without money or status.

Would you pick something with a nice and fancy packaging or a packaging that’s plain or even dirty? Pee wants to prove that it’s what inside that matters, not only to himself but also to Hom who is insecure about her looks. This theme running through the lakorn provided lots of food for thought as I watched it. To prove to Hom that she is beautiful to him, Pee invites her to the co-op for a party and secretly takes her photos while she’s enjoying herself. He prints the photos and hangs them up before inviting her over to view it.


What follows is a heartfelt confession and an emotionally charged conversation which showed their perspectives. Pee tries to let Hom understand her charms lies in who she is, the Hom that he sees day in and out and not the ‘Facebook Hom’ who poses at 45 deg with a half smile but Hom retorts that she doesn’t want to endure teasing about her looks any longer and she wants to be the princess not the clown. It really is a wonderful exchange with many meaningful points raise.

1-6We all know the ‘model answer’ is that a person’s nature/character is more important than appearances but the reality is, appearances (looks/status/social standing) do matter. It’s a lie that many are happy to accept as truth, and that includes Hom. Pee’s confession is totally swoon worthy to a romantic like me but Hom flatly rejects him and walks away, though I imagine it must have hurt her to hurt him this way. Even if you don’t feel inclined watch the lakorn cos it’s not your type of story, I think this exchange in ep2 is still worth checking out.  This part was a little angsty but the lakorn is generally quite light-hearted with Pee and Hom taking digs at each other the way only people who are completely at ease with each other could and that’s what I enjoy about watching them together.

There are also funny moments in the lakorn with hidden truths like when Hom had to work late and Pee bought her basil fried pork rice and she said it was ‘desperate food’ and got him to buy carbonara from a new fancy restaurant. The carbonara ended up giving Hom food poisoning the next day when she was due to host an event. Of course Pee swooped in to save the day but he could not resist using the incident to insinuate that her so-called soulmate from the dating was like the carbonara. Turns out he was right cos the guy is a scammer.


Also girls, take the advice from Uncle Ben and just ask a guy straight up if you have any questions instead of overthinking everything XD


It’s really sweet watching Pee woo Hom with his sincerity and simply being there for her whenever she needs him, and extending that care to her parents when they visit. Hom clearly cares for Pee too but she cannot get past the mental barrier of how people will view her with a taxi driver for a boyfriend. Again the model answer is ‘true love wins all’ but does it really? To be frank I’m not sure what my choice will be if faced with such a situation in real life. I think it’s realistic that Hom will struggle with accepting Pee and even after they got together, she was still hesitant about letting her friends and colleagues know. I think it’s a deliberate choice to have this part after Hunsa’s story because looking at Tim makes Pee’s low social standing even more obvious. The irony is Tim and Pee are friends and both hella rich! But being a lakorn filled with hopes and dreams, Hom conquers this last barrier and fully accepts Pee for who is he by uploading their picture onto Facebook and announcing to her social world that they are an item. Though… that’s not quite who Pee really is. Of course she finds out that she’s the one of lower social standing compared to him, big fight, angst blah blah blah, here we now go into standard lakorn territory I’m sure you have it figured out with your eyes closed. Oh, there’s an ex-girlfriend involved too but nothing crazy goes down.

In the final episode, we finally get to the part which I really take issue with for this lakorn. Remember the recording stalker shit that Pee has been pulling for the past 3 years (!!!) on the pretext of making a movie? He finally cut it into a short film and saved it on his computer, wanting to show Hom and get her consent to the film. Like you finally remembered the word consent?? Tim even outright told him in earlier episodes that filming in secret was illegal! But ok, at least he wasn’t intending to broadcast it blindly like I half thought he would, though the short film still ended up being published when the ex-gf who has access to his files submitted it for a competition without his knowledge. But I still can’t get over the fact that he filmed her secretly for 3 years! Plus some of the clips that showed up in the short film were taken in Hom’s apartment!!! The level of invasion of privacy is mind boggling and the worst part is, the show’s focus seems to more of whether the film puts Hom in a good or bad light, and Pee can be forgiven because he was trying to show Hom’s goodness through the film. Err, that’s not quite the point? I wish so much that the scriptwriters had taken plot point out because it adds nothing to Pee/Hom’s relationship progression or their characters other than a big WTF. I find there’s a big disconnect between the character Pee when he’s the taxi driver around Hom (swoon marry me now) , and Pee when he’s the rich heir/director (you need to get your head checked). I really cannot with him every time he talks to Tim about his ‘movie project’. I don’t know if the show is trying to be clever by using the making of this movie as some kind of parallel/analogy to his love life seeing that Pee is a director and all ya know, but it backfired big time and Pee ends up sounding like a jerk who is using Hom to Prove A Point.

This had the potential to be a lakorn I really like but it’s a shame it was let down by that nonsensical set up for the ending. Still I would rate the first 6 episodes highly and say it’s worth a watch. It would’ve been interesting if the p’ek was indeed a taxi driver but is that too much to ask of a lakorn? Haaa. Please rec me some lakorns without any filthy rich people!


4 Responses to “Kammathep Ork Suek (Battle of Love)”

  1. thelakornmommy at 8:40 AM #

    I remember our conversation about this, the recording is some serious creepy shit! Aside from that, I’m a sucker for a hero who loves a heroine for who she is. It does sound like a Sood Saneha-ish story arc. But would have been great if the hero is just a driver. It’s not every day we get a regular Joe as a hero, and even if he’s a career man, he’s still considered poor because he’s not a gazillionaire, a hotelier or heir to something or other. For example Nadech in Rang Prathana, he’s not rich, but has a stable job, yet in the heroine’s eyes, he’s not at her level.
    Great article J! I still have to venture back to this story after Ken’s part ends.

  2. couchpotato_md at 8:29 PM #

    hovering from lovefia’s blog. This part is my second fave among the series… with Kammathep Sorn Ruk as my most fave… i hope you would check that out. I too like Cris Horwang from Bangkok Taffic Love story. I think the cupid series’ strength is when it is being comedic and away from the action related storyline.
    Congratulations on writing about lakorn again. I’m glad that some lakorn blogs are being updated somewhat again because to be honest there are really a few out there.

    • J at 11:07 PM #

      hey there, I need to continue on Sorn Ruk Kammethep. I started watching that then got distracted by this one. Haaa, tho I suspect this might still be my fav (Ken/Chompoo’s part notwithstanding) cos Hom’s character is more appealing to me than Oi’s but who knows!
      Yea, there are not many lakorn blogs who does recaps/reviews actively like LoveFia, hopefully now that I’m back watching lakorns I can contribute a few more posts. XD

      • couchpotato_md at 11:44 PM #

        to be honest, i didn’t find the actress who played Oy as pretty as compared to all the cupids and it actually took me a while to warm up to her. I guess I got swept with Khun Att’s character and find him such a gentleman. Toey who played Khun Att was swoony and played the part well. I loved that Sorn Ruk kammathep was romantic and also showed respect for the elders. I actually loved the last episode more than how I liked it at the start. ( which is the opposite of what I think of Kammathep Sorn Kol)

        Cant wait for Ken/ Chompoos part to be subbed. Cheers to more post from you on your blog.

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