Lhong Ngao Jun

22 Jun


LNJ is an old lakorn I watched and dropped in 2013 (ranted a bit in my 2013 lakorn list), but picked up again a few months later. I ranted (again) in my written journal after I finished it, and whilst flipping through it last weekend, I thought why not re-produce that in full here for fun? Haa, here’s my uncensored self, so fans of LNJ/ch7 might want to look away ‘cos this was definitely a lakorn I hate-watched. I write in a mix of English/Chinese so I’ve left that in too, translations added.

6 Feb 2014

… Moving on to cover lakorns that require less brain cells, 我发神经(I lost my mind) and picked up Stephan/Kob’s ‘Lhong Ngao Jun’! With a few months in between where I left off, my memory of the pek’s stalkerish antics have become hazy enough to allow me to tolerate him after he tada! falls in love with Pim after she cared for him while he was paralyzed. I get why Ae would fall for Pim but Pim falling for him?? Well yes she is feeling guilty at possibly causing his paralysis, yes she would have sympathy for him (Khem 这种妹妹他都能爱啦,女主已经圣母到这个境界 she could even love a sister like Khem, she is this saintly) but actually to love Ae enough to have a willing??! And he like tried to rape her rightttttt before the willing. Pim 有博爱到这种地步吗? 反正Ae是男主就赢了lor, 有理由没理由女主要爱上就对了 (Is Pim that full of love? Anyway Ae wins cos he’s the p’ek, the n’ek has to fall for him with or without reason) Thankfully Stephan and Kob at least works for me visually and I’m already an old hand at ignoring poor character/plot build up. Actually Ae continues to be a stalker in the 2nd half, except he is stalking Pim to repeatedly confess his love instead of trying to ruin her life. In real life Pim needs to get a restraining order against him but in lakorn land I guess I didn’t mind all the back hugs Ae gave to Pim.


Things that annoyed me 1) Incredibly dragged out plot without a purpose. I thought it ends at ep13 so I paid ep10-12 fairly close attention only to have them be one giant circle of repetition. Ae and Pim go back and forth with Ae confessing his love and Pim rejecting him, and Khem continues to throw hissy fits. Ae took forever to decide to break off his engagement with Khem then takes another forever to even tell anyone. A good 3 episodes could be cut! I guess 见好就收 (ending while it’s good) isn’t a consideration at ch7.

2) Crap editing

3)  Characters acting nonsensically. The n’ek leading another guy on to fend off interest from the p’ek is my major peeve. Is Pim blind or something to not notice the doctor’s interest in her? I ff too much of their scenes but surely she knows right??? Then she still went around telling everyone they will get married?? whut. I also don’t get why she keeps forcing Ae to marry Khem. She has all the right in the world to reject Ae but to make him marry Khem while knowing he doesn’t love Khem and in fact blames her for his friend’s death?? With Pim’s dad and stepmom giving such a wonderful example of a loveless marriage, I’m can’t conceive why Pim would even do that. She’s not giving Khem happiness, she’s ensuring a ruined marriage. Then our clever Ae, after like 5 episodes of hassling Pim, decides to go along with Pim’s wishes to marry Khem. Ok fine, you want to be a martyr for love. Then ~ why is he still following Pim around saying he will wait a life time for her? What’s the deal? You’re gonna marry Khem whilst continuing to hold  out hope that Pim will someday reciprocate your feelings? Logic fail.

lol, when I was watching I wasn’t actually that irritated with the pra’nang probably cos I just wanna see what happens next but in retrospect there was a lot of stupid. Khem is a crazy ass bitch who needs a good slap down but she’s the n’rai anyway, we’re supposed to hate her. The lakorn of course ends with Khem coming to her sense, the OTP getting together and everyone is a nice big loving family with sprinkles of sunshine and flowers. This gets 1.5/5 from me.

Well, I hope that wasn’t too harsh! Any of Kob’s classic lakorns to rec? I’ve only watched this and Silamanee, both kinda mehhh on the plot but I enjoyed watching Kob.


One Response to “Lhong Ngao Jun”

  1. Fia July 18, 2016 at 4:08 PM #

    Hi J! Thankfully I did not see (what seems like) this mess of a lakorn. Saved myself some frustration there 🙂 Most of the lakorns of Kob’s that I’ve seen and liked are dated pre-2000 lol. To me she was the sweetheart of Channel 7 and everything she touched really did turn to gold. Some of my favorites are: Luk Mai Klai Ton (you must watch if you like Kob and Andrew G – this lakorn’s remake is currently on air), and some really really old ones that I adore: Dao Prasook, Sai Lohit, Dao Tame Din, Doy Rang Athitarn, Tuddao Bussaya.. you really can’t go wrong if you watched anything before 2000. Hopefully you end up finding something you like 🙂

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